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  List of Accepted Contributions - OS12/G2 Time Variable Gravity and its Syntheses with Altimetery, Hydrography, Modeling, Crustal deforamtion and Gravity Measurements (co-organized by G) (co-listed in HS)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Oja, T.; Sildvee, H.
Postglacial rebound and temporal gravity variations in Estonia

Walter, C.; Dobslaw, H.
Operational simulations of continental water masses and possible applications for GRACE processing

Fazilova, D.; Ramillien, G.; Perozans, F.; Cretaux, J.F.; Melachroinos, S.
Time-variable vertical deformations determined from GRACE and in-situ GPS data

Zahran, K.H; Abdel-monem, S.M
Modelling of gravity variation and crustal deformation due to the variable load in vicinity of the Lake Nasser, Aswan, Egypt

Olivik, S.; Kocandrlova, M.; Kostelecky, J.; Klokocnik, J.
Position of Reflecting Points in Bistatic Altimetry: Theoretical Solutions for Ellipsoid

Limpach, P.; Geiger, A.; Kahle, H.G.
JASON-1 radar altimeter data in the Eastern Mediterranean : Main sea surface topography features and comparison with airborne laser altimetry and GPS buoy measurements

Lombard, A.; Garcia, D.; Ramillien, G.; Cazenaev, A.
Determination of thermal expansion from combined GRACE and satellite altimetry data

Niedzielski, T.; Kosek, W.
A minimum time span of TOPEX/Poseidon and Jason-1 global sea level anomalies data required for trend determination and the multivariate autoregressive forecast of these data

Chambers, D.
Combining Jason-1 altimetry and GRACE time-variable gravity to study steric sea level

Kapochkin, B.B. ; Kucherenko, N.V.; Kapochkina, A.B.
The general tendencies of change the level of ocean and angular speed of rotation of the Earth.

Ballu, V.; de Viron, O.; Bouin, M.N.; Jan, G.; Diament, M.; Calmant, S.; Bore, J.M.; Bergeot, N.
Determining vertical deformations in underwater areas

Knudsen, P.; Andersen, O.; Andersson, T.
Optimal filtering of mean dynamic topography models obtained using GRACE geoid models.

Knudsen, P.
The GOCINA Mean Dynamic Topography Models and Impact on Ocean Circulation Modelling.

Daillet, S.
Crustal vertical motion in Antartica using GPS and DORIS : preliminary results concerning variabilities

Wouters, B.; Schrama, E.
Ocean mass and heat changes recovery from GRACE and altimetry data

Tamisiea, M. E.; Hill, E. M.; Ponte, R. M.; Davis, J. L.
The hydrological cycle and sea level variations

Mendes Cerveira, P.J.; Weber, R.; Schuh, H.
Contribution of lateral geometric displacements to equivalent load height column coefficients

Schrama, E.; Visser, P.
Accuracy Assessment of the Monthly Geoid Variation based upon a GRACE Simulation

Chao, B. F.; Vigo, I.; García, D.
Looking for oceanic oscillations in time-variable gravity signal (withdrawn)

Macrander, A.; Kanzow, T.; Flechtner, F.; Schmidt, R.; Boebel, O.; Schröter, J.; Karstensen, J.
Oceanic Mass Variability Observed by Bottom Pressure Sensors and GRACE Satellites

Rangelova, E.; van der Wal, W.; Braun, A.; Sideris, M. G.; Wu, P.
Analysis of GRACE time-variable gravity signals over North America by means of principal component analysis

Lysaker, D. I.
Mean dynamic topography from integration of gravimetry and mean sea surface heights

Barbosa, S.; Fernandes, M.; Silva, M.
Low-frequency sea level variability in the North Atlantic from TOPEX altimetry

Kiryan, D.G.; Kiryan, G.V.
Movement of the Core of the Earth

Lucchesi, D.M.; Peron, R.
On a new approach to the estimation of the low–degree zonal harmonics secular variations

kuo, C.Y.; shum, C.K.; han, S.C.; Benjamin, J.J.
Mediterranean Circulation and Sea Level Using Satellite Altimetry and GRACE

Han, G.
Labrador Current from satellite altimetry and hydrography under different geoid models

Andersen, O.; Berry, P.; Freeman, J.; Lemoine, F. G.; Lutcke, S. B.; Butts, M.; Jakobsen, F.
Investigating GRACE gravimetry and satellite altimetry for studies of large scale hydrological signal and flooding in Bangladesh

Andersen, O.; Berry, P.; Freeman, J.; Lemoine, F.G.; Lutcke, S.B.
Monthly to Annual water storage change in the Amazon basin from GRACE and satellite altimetry

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