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  List of Accepted Contributions - CL039 Marine and terrestrial paleoclimate records - recent advances in IODP and ICDP

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Anselmetti, F S; Hodell, D A; Ariztegui, D; Brenner, M; Mueller, A D
A long history of paleoenvironmental change in the Lowland Neotropics: Initial results from the Lake Petén Itzá Scientific Drilling Project, Guatemala

Weigelt, E.; Uenzelmann-Neben, G.
Orbital forced cyclicity in the depositional environment in the Cape Basin?

Knies, J.; Matthiessen, J. ; Nam, S.I.; Frederichs, T.; Mackensen, A.; Stein, R.; Vogt, C.
Maximum Style Glaciations and Freshwater Perturbations of Thermohaline Overturning Circulation in the Atlantic/Arctic Gateway over the past 0.8 Mio Years

Baker, P; Fritz, S; Seltzer, G; Ekdahl, E
Late Quaternary climate of tropical South America from drilling of Lake Titicaca

Romero, O.E.
Detrital carbonate (Heinrich-type) Layers during Glacial Stages of the Bruhnes Chromozone at IODP Site 1302/03 (North Atlantic, off Newfoundland)

Litt, T.; Krastel, S.; Sturm, M.; Dalfes, N.; Örcen, S.; Heumann, G.; Demirel-Schlüter, F.; Niessen, F.
Lake Van Drilling Project, Turkey - a new ICDP initiative

Westerhold, T.; Roehl, U.; Laskar, J.; Raffi, I.; Bowles, J.; Lourens, L.J.; Zachos, J.C.
First absolute ages for early Eocene warming events: Implications and suggestions for future IODP / ICDP projects

Melles, M.; Brigham-Grette, J.; Minyuk, P.; Koeberl, C.; Elgygytgyn Scientific Party, and
Lake El´gygytgyn, NE Siberia: deep drilling in 2007/08 for the first continuous 3.6 Mio year paleoclimate record in the terrestrial Arctic

Grützner, J.; Higgins, S.M.; IODP Expedition 306 Scientists
Late Neogene age model and sedimentation history at the southern Gardar Drift (IODP Site U1314) derived from non-destructive core logging measurements

Vogt, C.M. ; Matthiessen, J.; Knies, J.; Stein, R.; Fischer, R.X.
Pleistocene Bulk and Clay Mineralogy of (I)ODP sites in the Arctic Ocean

Lückge, A.; Zachariasse, W.-J.; von Rad, U.; Lourens, L.; Reichart, G.-J.; Rühlemann, C.; Schulz, H.
Monsoon variability and oxygen minimum zone intensity in the northern Arabian Sea:

Matthiessen, J.; Backman, J.; Moran, K.; Leg 302 Science Party, ..
Neogene and Pleistocene Paleoenvironmental History of the Arctic Ocean

Tiedemann, R.; Mix, A.; Holbourne, A.; Lamy, F.; Leg 202 shipboard party, and
Highlights from ODP-Leg 202 studies (Southeast Pacific Paleoceanographic Transects)

Bailey, I; Wilson, P; Schiebel, R
Pliocene Intensification of Northern Hemisphere Glaciation

Groeneveld, J.; Steph, S.; Tiedemann, R.; Nuernberg, D.
Indications for a permanent El Nino-like Climate State during the Pliocene from the east Pacific

Bartoli, G.; Sarnthein, M.; Weinelt, M.
Late Pliocene millennial-scale climate variability in the northern North Atlantic prior and after the onset of northern hemisphere glaciation

Jimenez-Espejo, F.J.; Martinez-Ruiz, F.; Sakamoto, T.; Ijima, K.; Harada, N.; Romero, O.; Gallego-Torres, D.
Last glacial cycle paleoenvironments in the Balearic basin: linking western and eastern climate responses in the Mediterranean

McManus, J.; Oppo, D.; Cullen, J.; Thompson, W.
North Atlantic ice-rafting throughout the last large climatic cycle (0-140 kyr)

Blumberg, S.; Lamy, F.; Haug, G.; Oncken, O.; Tiedemann, R.
ODP Site 1232 off Southern Chile - An Archive of Late Quaternary Climate and Tectonics

Beld, M.J.; Brinkhuis, H.; Pinckaers, J.; Schellenberg, S.A.; Sluijs, A.; Zachos, J.C. ; Willems, H.
Oligocene- Miocene dinoflagellate cyst stratigraphy and paleoceanography of Western Tasmania, ODP Site 1168

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