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  List of Accepted Contributions - HS5 Low flow and drought – estimation, propagation in the hydrologic cycle and forecasting (co-listed in AS & CL)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Szilagyi, J.
Accounting for stream-aquifer interactions in flow predictions

Yu, P. S.; Kuo, C. C.; Lu, C. J.; Yang, T. C.
Trend analysis of drought in southern Taiwan

Chiew, F.H.S
Modelling hydroclimatic variability for water resources management

Polemio, M.; Petrucci, O.
Characterisation of drought effect on groundwater of a coastal plain (Southern Italy)

Stravs, L.; Brilly, M.
Development of the low flow forecasting models for the Sava River’s tributaries

Samaniego, L.; Bárdossy, A.
Simulation of the impacts of land use/cover and climatic changes on low flow characteristics at the mesoscale

Andersen, F.H.; Jensen, K.H.; Sandholt, I.; Jorreto, S.; Pulido-Bosch, A.
Determination of recharge in a semi-arid Andarax River Basin by hydrological modeling

Vasiliades, L.; Loukas, A.
Hydrological drought evaluation with the use of meteorological drought indices

Ferraresi, M.; Zaccarini, A.
Statistical analysis of low flow records in Po River basin (Northern Italy)

Young, A.R.
Low flow estimation in the United Kingdom: from statistics to time series

Casarano, D.; Dragone, V.; Polemio, M.
Drought spatial and temporal variability in Southern Italy (1821-2004): analysis of temperature and rainfall monthly data

Koutsoyiannis, D.; Yao, H; Georgakakos , A
Multiyear behaviour and monthly simulation and forecasting of the Nile River flow

Mika, J.; Pandi, G.
Asynchronities of monthly runoff and precipitation extremes in the Transylvanian Basin of the Carpathians

Mote, P; Wood, A
Two flavors of drought

van Lanen, H.
Forecasting: discrepancy between meteorological and hydrological droughts

Laaha, G.; Blöschl, G.
A national low flow estimation procedure for Austria

Lang, C; Freyermuth, A; Gille, E; Francois, D
PRESAGES : a tool for low flow forecasting

Blaskovicova, L.; Danacova, Z.; Demeterova, B.; Gapelova, V.; Liova, S.; Magulova, R.; Podolinska, J.; Sicova, B.; Sipikalova, H.; Skoda, P.
Comparison of low flow discharges for reference periods 1931 – 1980 and 1961 – 2000 in selected profiles on Slovak streams

Madsen, H.
Regional frequency analysis of streamflow drought duration and deficit volume

Mazurkewitz, E.; Bülow, K.; Kotlarski, S.; Jacob, D.
Long-term shifts of low flow periods in the Rhine basin

Dakova, Dr
Assessing vulnerability to hydrological drought within climate change impact and human activities

Bartholy, J.; Pongracz, R.; Barcza, Z.; Kern, A.
Annual- and decadal-scale analysis of NDVI for characterizing the water conditions of different land-use types

Laguardia, G.; Niemeyer, S.; van der Knijff, J.; Franchello, G.; de Roo, A.
Modelling soil moisture at the European scale for drought detection and forecasting

Hunyady, A.; Mika, J.; Pongrácz, R.; Zsuffa, I.
Modeling low-level extremes in case of climate change for an oxbow lake of the river Tisza

Sheffield, J.; Luo, L.; Wood, E. F.
High Resolution Drought Monitoring and Seasonal Forecasting for the USA

Kasparek, L.; Pelakova, M.; Novicky, O.
Initial Study of Hydrological Impacts of Regional Climate Change Scenarios (withdrawn)

de Jong, C.
The inter- and intraannual variability of droughts and low flows in one of the world’s most arid basins - the Oued Drâa, Morocco

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