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  List of Accepted Contributions - HS15 Integrating methods for water resources management

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Mukherjee, S
Water resource management by remote sensing and geophysical techniques

Yutsis, V.V.; de Leˇn , H.; Masuch , D.; Izaguirre, F.M.
Preliminary results of geological-geophysical study of Cerro Prieto valley, NE Mexico

Schumann, A.H.; Dietrich, J.
Integrative planning tools for implementation of the EU- Water Framework Directive

Mcculloch, C.S.
Integrating research for water management: synergy or dystopia?

Larroque, F.; Andre, L.; Franceschi, M.; Dupuy, A.
Chemical clogging of confined aquifer induced by dewatering well: a quantitative assessment for exploitation management

Mylopoulos, N.
Integrated water resources management in the hydrological basin of Volos, Greece: incorporating social and economic aspects of the water supply policy

Barthel, R.
Integrated water resources assessment: an approach for information exchange between natural science and socioeconomic models

Blazkova for the CZECH ELBE Team, S.; CZECH ELBE TEAM
The Czech Elbe project - the Elbe River and its tributaries

Jain, R.C.; Mukherjee, S
Hydrological framework of over exploited multiaquifer system of a part of Gujarat India for sustainability

Nossent, J.
Application of SWAT for the analysis of the water quality of the river Grote Nete

Krause, S.; Heathwaite, A.L.
A GIS and fuzzy rules based framework for risk assessment of groundwater controlled wetlands in the UK and Ireland

Barthel , R.; Janisch, S.; Trifkovic, A.; Nickel, D.
Identification of critical states of water resources on the regional scale under conditions of global climate change using a multi-actor based water supply model

van Griensven, A.; Flindt-J°rgensen, L.; Vandenberghe, V.; Sonnenborg, A.; Vanrolleghem, P. A.
Joint use of modelling and monitoring for implementing the Water Framework Directive

White, S.M.
Water in the environment: why integrated management matters

Bhatnagar , M ; Mukherjee , S
Revival of hauz khas lake of Delhi India ľAn approach to water resource management in urban environment.

Chabaux, F.; Pierret, M.C.; Prunier, J.; Riotte, J.; Ambroise, B.; Elsass, Ph.
Use of 238U-234U activity ratio as an hydrological tracer: clues from the study of Upper Rhine watersheds

Salvetti, G.; Sciortino, M.; Minacapilli, M.; Casu, G.; Malaspina, F.; Foti, F.; Vuerich, E.
An open - sky laboratory: when atmosphere and soil meet. (withdrawn)

Rapti-Caputo, D.; Vaccaro, C.
Environmental conditions and management of the underground resources in the western sector of Tagliamento River (northern Italy)

Giordano, R.; Uricchio, V.F.; Vurro, M.
A Community-based Monitoring System to support Adaptive Water Management

Prestor, J.; Janza, M.; Sinigoj, J.
Estimation of the Impacts on the Quality of Groundwater Bodies in Slovenia

Ruf, W.; Perona, P.; Molnar, P.; Burlando, P.
Coupling of a Groundwater and Surface Water Model for integrated Floodplain Water Management

Schuol, J.; Diez Herrera, M.; Bauwens, W.
A. van Griensve

Mukherjee, S; Pant, M; Shashstri, S; Singh , C K; Singh, S; Singh Rajput, S; Gupta, M; Avtar , R
Water resource management in Delhi and Punjab by landuse studies by GIS technique

Cernesson, F. ; Borderelle, A.L. ; Barret, O.
Phylou : a first experiment of co-design model with local stakeholders of water management

Sofini, A. ; van Griensven, A.
Adaptive landuse management using hydrological modelling and Bayesian networks

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