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  List of Accepted Contributions - HS34/54 Water resource assessment, characterisation and trends: physical, chemical, biological, and isotopic tools (co-listed in BG, CL & SSS)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Köhne, J.M.; Júnior, J.A.; Köhne, S.; Lennartz, B.
Double-ring and tension infiltrometer measurements of saturated hydraulic conductivity and dye tracer movement

Chen, C.S.; Lan, T.G.; Li, G.L.
Field applicatiion of a constant head circulation flow test and parameter estimation (withdrawn)

Michel, R; Aggarwal, P; Kurttas, T; Araguas Araguas, L; Kulkarni, K
The use of tritium in river base flow to understand long-term changes in water quality

Pourcelot, L.; Stille, P.; Aubert, D. ; Solovitch-Vella, N.; Gauthier-Lafaye, F.
Comparative study of the behaviour of radiostrontium and atmospheric common strontium in soils (Vosges mountains, France)

Stumpp, C.; Maloszewski, P.; Stichler, W.; Trimborn, P.
Quantification of the heterogeneity in water transport through the unsaturated zone of sandy soils using environmental isotopes

Szûcs, P.; Madarász, T.; Nyári, Zs.; Neducza, B.; Scholtz, P.; Halmóczki, Sz.
Improvement of Hydrogeophysical Methods to Detect Special Subsurface Contaminants

Gooddy, DC; Darling, W G; Shand, P; Peach, DW
Characterising groundwater movement and residence time in a lowland chalk catchment in southern England

Schwientek, M.; Einsiedl, F.; Maloszewski, P.; Stichler, W.
Assessing the origin and age of groundwater: a link to an understanding of denitrification in a heterogeneous porous aquifer

Douez, O.; Franceschi, M.; Condom, T.; Dupuy, A.; Atteia, O.
Isotopic approach to understand long-term trends of the behaviour of a multilayered deep aquifer system

Kim, J.H.; Kim, R.H.; Lee, J.; Ryu, J.S.; Koh, D.C.; Chang, H.W.
The characteristics of groundwater salinization in the western coastal area of Korea

Yang, Y.; Ligouis , B. ; Pies , C. ; Achten , C. ; Hofmann, T.
Slow and very slow desorption of PAHs from river floodplain soils: coal and coal-derived particles

Pies, C.; Yang, Y.; Hoffmann, B.; Petrowsky, J.; Hummel, D.; Ternes, T.; Hofmann, T.
PAH source identification of bank and alluvial soils

Gerke, H.H.; Dusek, J.; Vogel , T.; Köhne, J. M.
2D dual-permeability analyses of bromide field tracer experiment

Althaus, R.; Klump, S.; Onnis, G. A.; Kipfer, R. ; Purtschert, R. ; Stauffer, F.; Kinzelbach, W.
Estimations of subsurface recharge from a karstic formation into a contaminated aquifer system

Klump, S.; Cirpka, O. A.; Brennwald, M. S.; Hug, S. J.; Kipfer, R.
Is arsenic contamination of groundwater in Bangladesh the result of groundwater pumping? Environmental tracers provide an answer.

Myre, A.; Hélie, J-F.; Hillaire-Marcel, C.
Isotopic monitoring of the St. Lawrence and Ottawa rivers, Eastern Canada – Linkage with seasonal and interanual hydroclimatic variability

Aeschbach-Hertig, W.; El-Gamal, H.; Dahab, K.; Kipfer, R.; Hajdas, I.; Bonani, G.
Using environmental tracers to assess groundwater resources in reclamation areas of Egypt

Chau, P. C.; Hinz, C.; Grice, K.; Fisher, S. J.
Carbon isotope fractionation of a s-triazine herbicide (simazine) by in vitro aerobic degradation in sandy soils

Burg, A; Gavrieli, I; Guttman, Y
The role of the transition from confined to roofed aquifer in the development of anoxic conditions; the Mountain Aquifer, Israel

Vitvar, T.; Aggarwal, P.; Herczeg, A.
Towards a global network for monitoring isotopes in rivers

Arlai, P.; Koch, M.; Koontanakulvong, S.
Modeling Flow and Transport for Sustainable Yield Estimation of groundwater resources in the Bangkok aquifer system

Schneider, C; Attinger, S
Beyond Thiem - a new method for interpreting pumping tests in heterogeneous aquifers

Suckow, A.; Struckmeyer, K.; Grube, A.; Rogge, A.; Babinka, S.
Numerical groundwater models calibrated with isotope hydrological ages: a way around legal cases?

Cencur Curk, B.; Jamnik, B.; Bracic Zeleznik, B.; Kus, J.; Auersperger, P.
Transport Parameter Estimation by Tracer Experiment in the Porous Aquifer in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Osenbrück, K.; Fiedler, S.; Knöller, K.; Weise, S.M.; Sültenfuss, J.; Oster, H.; Strauch, G.
Residence time and age distribution of nitrate polluted groundwater from a drinking-water catchment in Saxonia, Germany

de Dreuzy, J.R.; Davy, Ph.
Well-test flow responses of highly heterogeneous porous and fractured media

Ulbrich, C.; Wollschläger, U.; Roth, K.
Field-Scale Tracer Experiment: Monitoring -- Sampling -- Analysis

Onnis, A.; Althaus, B.; Klump, C.; Hendricks Franssen, D.; Kipfer, E.; Purtschert, F.; Stauffer, G.; Kinzelbach, H.
Use of Environmental Tracer Data for Groundwater Modelling

Lemarchand, D.; Chabaux, F.; Cividini, D.; Jacobson, A.J.
Tracing water/rock interactions in groundwaters by B isotopes

Ghergut, I.; Seiler, K.-P.; Maloszewski, P.
Groundwater age and environmental radioisotope response to deep water abstractions: the possibility of early warning, and the scope of process-oriented control

Jêdrysek, M.O.; Kurasiewicz, M.; Trojanowska, A.; Szynkiewicz, A.; Lewicka, D.; Omilanowska, A.; Ka³u¿ny, A.; Izydorczyk, K.; Drzewicki, W.; Zalewski, M.
Diurnal variations in carbon isotope composition of dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) in a freshwater dam reservoir

Zechner, E.
Groundwater residence times using radon-222 isotopes: a review (withdrawn)

Schlosser, P.; Stute, M.
Transient tracers as tools for studies of aquifer vulnerability

Wiegand, B.A.
Ca isotope fractionation in a shallow groundwater system in NW Germany

Prado, B.; Duwig, C.; Delmas, P.; Müller, K.; Li, J.; Esteves, M.
Combining Image Processing and Displacement Experiments to study Solute Transport in an Andosol

Aravena, R.; Hunkeler, D.; Gargini, A.; Pasini, M.; Shoukar, S.; Abe, Y.
Origin and fate of vinyl chloride in a groundwater plume

Behrens, H.; Ghergut, I.; Licha, T.; Lodemann, M.; Orzol, J.; Sauter, M.
Reactive behaviour of uranine (fluorescein) in a deep geothermal-reservoir tracer test

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