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  List of Accepted Contributions - AS3.13 Quantification of primary particle emissions and secondary aerosol precursors

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Pisoni, E.; Carnevale, C.; Castell, N.; Mantilla, E.
A pm emission inventory for a multi-phase modelling exercise over south-west of spain

Halmer, M.M.
An overview: 30 years of estimating volcanic gas emissions into the atmosphere

Denier van der Gon, H.; Matthijssen, J.; Schaap, M.; van Jaarsveld, H.; Hoogerbrugge, R.
The contribution of sea salt aerosol to PM10 in the Netherlands and a methodology to correct the annual PM10 concentration and number of PM10 exceedance days for sea salt aerosol.

Oliveira, C. S.; Evtyugina, M. G.; Gonçalves, V. F.; Santos, P. M.; Pio, C. A.; Nunes, T. V.; Silvestre, A. D.; Harrad, S.; Palmgreen, F.; Kukkonen, J.
Fatty acids and tracer oxygenated related species present in the atmosphere of four large European cities

Bouet, C.; Lasserre, F.; Cautenet, G.; Laurent, B.; Marticorena, B.; Bergametti, G.
Sensitivity of desert dust modeling to spatial scales: a numerical study

Aerosols from wood combustion versus traffic in Alpine valleys (AEROWOOD project)

Jimenez, J.L.; Zhang, Q.; Alfarra, M.R.; Worsnop, D.R.; Allan, J.D.; Coe, H. ; Canagaratna, M.R.
Characterization of Hydrocarbon-like and Oxygenated Organic Aerosols Based on Aerosol Mass Spectrometry—Method Development and Application to the Pittsburgh Dataset (withdrawn)

Arnold, F.; Pirjola, L.; Aufmhoff, H.; Schuck, T.; Lähde, T.; Hämeri, K.
First gaseous sulfuric acid detection in automobile exhaust: implications for volatile nano-particle formation and health risk

Winiwarter, W.; Bauer, H.
Quantifying emissions of Primary Biological Aerosol Particles (PBAP’s)

Borrás, E.; Tortajada, L.A; Wirtz, K.
Characterisation of PAH’s compounds in Diesel Exhaust Emissions for Different Types of Diesel and Different Motor Regimens.

Schörner, Dr.; Schönstein, DI; Fister, Dr.; Braito, Mag.
Transnational Air Quality Improvement – integrated air pollution measures evaluation model

Gebetsroither, E.; Winiwarter, W.
Quantifying CH4 and NH3 emissions from wild-living animals

Gaeggeler, K.; Dommen, J.; Prevot, A.S.H; Baltensperger, U.
Online IC-MS measurements of organic acids in aerosols and gas phase during ambient and wood stove fire studies (withdrawn)

Whittaker, A.; Healy, D.; Moriarty, J.; Wenger, J.; Sodeau, J.
The chemical composition of particulate matter in Cork city centre (withdrawn)

Theloke, J.; Winiwarter, W.; Friedrich, R.; NatAir Team
Emissions of primary particles and secondary aerosol precursors from natural and biogenic sources - Overview of the NATAIR Project -

Imhof, D.; Weingartner , E.; Prévôt, A.; Ordóñez , C.; Kurtenbach , R.; Wiesen , P.; Rodler , J.; Sturm , P.; McCrae , I.; Sjödin , Å.; THE ARTEMIS TEAM
Aerosol and NOx emission factors and submicron particle number size distributions in two road tunnels with different traffic regimes

Pregger, T.; Friedrich, R.
Quantification and analysis of primary anthropogenic fine particle emissions and abatement potentials in Germany

Friedrich, R; Reis, S; Nitter, S
Identification of cost-effective abatement strategies for primary and secondary aerosol precursors to reduce ambient PM10 and PM2.5 levels in Europe - application and results of the MERLIN project

Luhana (1), L ; Mao (1), H; Sokhi (1), R ; Boulter (2), P; McCrae (2), I; Osborn (3), D; Wright (3), J; Wienburg (3), C
Source apportionment of traffic-derived PM10 and derivation of PM10 emission factors for exhaust and non-exhaust road transport sources based on measurements in the Hatfield road tunnel

Kummer, U.; Pregger, T.; Pfeiffer, H.; Friedrich, R.
Primary particle emissions and secondary aerosol precursors from road transport on regional scale

Ketzel, M.; Wåhlin, P.; Glasius, M.; Mønster, J.; Berkowicz, R.; Palmgreen, F.
Particle emissions from traffic and biomass burning - Results of several studies in Denmark

Badalamenti, F.; Capasso, G.; De Lauretis, R.; Di Figlia, M.G.; Gaudioso, D.; Napolitani, G.; Romano, D.
Current approaches in the quantification of emissions from volcanoes

Smiatek, G.; Butterbach-Bahl, K.; Kesik, M.; Kunstmann, H.; Steinbrecher, R.; Werner, C.
Quantification of selected biogenic precursor compounds for particles in the atmosphere of Germany

Klimont, Z.; Cofala, J.; Kupiainen, K.; Amann, M.
Anthropogenic emissions of primary particulate matter in Europe and their future trends

Sturman, J.; Dore, C.; Grice, S.; Woodfield, M.
A proposed methododology for estimating sea salt aerosol and dimethylsulphide emissions for emission inventory purposes (withdrawn)

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