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  List of Accepted Contributions - AS1.06 Variability and predictability of the coupled stratosphere-troposphere system (co-listed in CL)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Li, Q.; Graf, H.; Giorgetta, M.
Climatological analysis of planetary wave propagation in Northern Hemisphere winter

Christiansen, B.
On the use of stratospheric information in extended range forecasts of the near surface weather

Scott, R.K.; Polvani, L.M.
Is stratospheric variability completely determined by tropospheric forcing? (withdrawn)

Wu, D. L.; Read, W. G.; Jimenes, C.; Filipiak, M. J.; Froidevaux, L.; Harwood, R. S.; Livesey, N. J.; Pumphrey, H. C.; Waters, J. W.
Poleward spread of water vapor at 100 hPa: An effect of the extratropical pump?

Ichimaru, T.; Hirooka, T.; Mukougawa, H.
Predictability of stratospheric sudden warming in the Northern Hemisphere: A case study for 2003/04 Winter

Br÷nnimann, S.; Griesser, T.; Grant, A.; Ewen, T.; Labitzke, K.
Interannual to decadal variability of the arctic stratosphere since 1922

Wittman, M; Polvani, L; Charlton, A
Stratospheric Influence on Baroclinic Development

Kindem, I.K.T; Orsolini, Y. ; Kvamst°, N.-G.
Seasonal hindcasts of the North Atlantic Oscillation with a troposphere- stratosphere model

Schmidt, T.; Beyerle, G.; Heise, S.; Wickert, J.; Rothacher, M.
A climatology of multiple tropopauses from GPS radio occultation data

Lopez-Bustins, J. A.; Esteban, P.; Labitzke, K.; Langematz, U.
Major Mid-Winter Warmings and Iberian Peninsula Rainfall

Gallego, D.; Ribera, P.; Gimeno, L.; Pe˝a, C.; Garcia-Herrera, R.; Nieto, R.
Objective analysis of the stratospheric polar vortex

dell'Aquila, A.; Petitta, M.
Statistics of the global tropopause from NCEP-NCAR reanalysis

Grytsai, A.; Agapitov, O.; Evtushevsky, O.; Milinevsky, G.
Quasi-stationary planetary wave in total ozone over Antarctica and continent boundary effect in the wave extreme positions

Ambaum, M
The Direct stratosphere-troposphere connection

Liberato, M.; Castanheira, J.; DaCamara, C.; Gimeno, L. ; Torre, L.
Energetics of planetary waves associated with the variability of the northern polar vortex

Khan, V.; Tischenko, V.; Vilfand, R.
Multimodel approach to long-range statistical forecast of surface air temperature over territory of Russia (withdrawn)

Kew, S.; Sprenger, M.; Davies, H.
Dynamics and climatology of a distinctive feature of the extra-tropical lowermost stratosphere

Omrani, N.; Latif, M.; Giorgetta, M. A.
Troposphere-stratosphere coupling during strong stratospheric Northern Annular Mode

Kunz, T; Fraedrich, K; Franzke, C; Lunkeit, F
Response of baroclinic wave lifecycles to stratospheric flow conditions

Kuroda, Y.; Shibata, K.
On the influence of the ultraviolet radiation and ozone on the stratosphere-troposphere coupling -simulation with a chemistry-climate model-

Siegmund, P.
Possibilities for extended-range forecasting based on stratospheric predictors

Gillett, N
The tropospheric response to Antarctic stratospheric ozone depletion

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