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  List of Accepted Contributions - HS19 Remote sensing in hydrology: space observations and field experiments (co-listed in AS & CL)

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Loew, A.; Mauser, W.
Improved characterization of land surface processes by means of synergistically coupled land surface and microwave backscattering models

Loew, A.; Appel, F.; Ludwig, R.; Bach, H.; Schulz, W.; Mauser, W.
Derivation of hydrological parameters from remote sensing data at regional scale: Results from the InFerno+ project

Calmant, S.; Seyler, F.; Leon, J-G; Frappart, F.
Hydrological parameters of the Branco river (Amazon basin) from GPS-derived surface slopes and ADCP flow velocity transects

Zakharova, E.A.; Kouraev, A.V.; Mognard, N.M.; Cazenave, A.; Legresy, B.; Remy, F.
Ice regime of the Ob' river from multi-satellite active/passive microwave measurements

Kern, A.; Bartholy, J.; Pongracz, R.; Dezso, Zs.; Barcza, Z.; Torma, Cs.
Hydrological consequences of annual- and decadal-scale change of vegetation cover using remotely sensed data

Tedesco, M.; Pampaloni, P.
Evaluation and development of techniques for the retrieval of snow properties from microwave remotely sensed data

Wagner, W.; Hollaus, M.; Ducic, V.
Airborne laser scanning in support of hydrologic applications

Frappart, F.; Ramillien, R.; Cazenave, C.
Mapping global time-variations of the evapotranspiration rate from GRACE gravimetry satellite

Hasager, C.B.; Kustas, W.P.; Li, F.; Jensen, N.O.
Impact of local and effective roughness on heat flux computations in Midwestern croplands

Baret, F.; Weiss, M.; Pavageau, K.; Béal, D.
Validation and intercomparison of medium resolution LAI and fAPAR products derived from MODIS, MERIS and VEGETATION

Prigent, C. ; Aires, F. ; Papa, F. ; Rossow, W.; Matthews, E.
Analysis of the wetland extend and seasonal cycle at a global scale using satellite observations from the visible to the microwave

Brunner, P.; Kinzelbach, W.; Li, W.P.
Groundwater modelling in a remote Chinese Basin - How can models be improved in areas where data are scarce?

Rivalland, V.; Demarty, J.; Olioso, A.; Weiss, M.; Rossello, P.; Jacob, F.; Inoue, Y.; Baret, F.
Evapotranspiration Monitoring Using Remote Sensing Measurements Assimilated in a SVAT Model

Schmugge, T.; Ritchie, J.; Hsu, A.; Rango, A.; French, A.N.
Validation of surface temperature determination with ASTER thermal infrared data

Maltese, A.; Cox, E.; Ciraolo, G. ; La Loggia, G.
The use of the Specht distributed hydrologic balance model for an analysis of vegetation state

Corbane, C.; Andrieux, P.; Robbez-Masson, JM.; Asseline, J.; Albergel, J.
Object-oriented multitemporal analysis of soil surface features using aerial photographs acquired by a small drone Pixy©: the case of an experimental vine plot

Valeo, C.; McAllister, D.M.; Quiñonez-Piñón, M.R.
Scaling forest parameters using remote sensing and the implications for hydrological model error

Lakshmi, V; Narayan, U
A Simple method for Spatial Disaggregation of Radiometer Derived Soil Moisture Using Higher Resolution Radar Observations (withdrawn)

Gennero, M-C.; Crétaux, J-F.; Maheu, C.; Do Minh, K.; Calmant, S.; Cazenave, A.
Surface waters monitoring by satellite altimetry

Matzl, M.; Schneebeli, M.
Near-infrared photography to measure the specific surface area of snow: a new tool for the validation of remote sensing measurements

Loukas, A.; Vasiliades, L.
Runoff simulation using satellite derived actual evapotranspiration for ungauged forested watersheds

Ritchie, J; Schmugge, T; Rango, A
Jornada Experimental Range and Sevilleta LTER: Unique arid rangelands for experiments to validate satellite systems

Samani, Z.; Bleiweiss, M.; Skaggs, R.; Sanderson, R.
Regional ET Estimation from Satellites

Kolesnikova, O.; Jackson, T.; Zeiliguer, A.
Analysis of soil moisture received from aircraft and satellite acquisitions from SMEX03 and comparison with in-situ measurements.

Dedieu, G.; Coret, L.; Maisongrande , P.; Boone, A.; Gouaux, P.; Ducrot, D.
Coupling satellite data and simple models to estimate crop water balance and irrigation requirements at regional scale

Coll, C.; Sánchez, J. M.; Caselles, V.; Valor, E.; Niclòs, R.; Galve, J. M.
Validation of ASTER derived surface temperatures and emissivities with ground measurements (withdrawn)

Somma, G.
Combining water and energy balance modeling approaches to improve the reliability of evapotranspiration estimates (withdrawn)

Hauschildt, H.; Macke, A.; Schulz, J.
Remote Sensing of Water Vapour under All Sky Conditions

Ghilain, N.; Arboleda, A.; Gellens-Meulenberghs, F.
Assessment of the evapotranspiration and surface fluxes in the framework of the LSA-SAF: methodology and first results

Feurer, D.; Puech, C.; Le Coarer, Y.; Bailly, J.S.; Carrel, G.; Dumont, B.
Toward the use of aerial remote sensing for instream flow and fish habitat modeling

Lollino , G. ; Allasia , P. ; Baldo , M. ; Giordan , D.
Test of innovative methodologies to monitor the morphological changes of river reaches: the case of the Orco river (Piedmont, Italy).

Smith, D.; Gasiewski, A.; Jackson, D.; Wick, G.
Spatial Scales of Tropical Precipitation inferred from TRMM Microwave Imager Data

Kosuth, P.; Bercher, N.; Bruniquel, J.; Seyler, F.
Satellite radar altimetry measurement of river water levels : quantifying the accuracy and sampling efficiency

Toll, D.; Arsenault, K.; Pinheiro, A.; Houser, P.; Peters-Lidard, C.; Kumar, S.
Using NASA Land Information System to integrate Earth science data for water cycle applications

Jia, L.; Menenti, M.
Estimate of sensible heat flux by using bi-angular brightness temperature measurements

Radar altimetry for continental water monitoring : The CASH project

Berger, F.H.; Beyrich, F.; Lorenz, A. ; Schwiebus, A.
Diurnal variability of validated surface energy flux densities inferred from meteorological satellite data

Mohamed, Y.A.; Bastiaanssen, W.G.M; Savenije, H.H.G; van den Hurk, B.J.J
New lessons on the Sudd hydrology learned from remote sensing and climate modeling

Ma, Y.; Yao, T.; Koike, T.; Ishikawa, H.; Su, Z.
Combining satellite remote sensing and field observation for Land surface heat fluxes on the Tibetan Plateau

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