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  List of Accepted Contributions - TS1.6 The architecture, evolution and mechanical behaviour of fault systems in strike-slip and extensional settings

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Kirkpatrick, J; Shipton, Z
Fault rocks from the seismogenic zone: pseudotachylytes from the Sierra Nevada, California (withdrawn)

Shipton, Z K; Lunn, R J; Bright, A M
How can we collect information on fault zone architecture to improve estimates of bulk fault zone properties?

Cocco, M.; Chiaraluce, L.
Fault reactivation in an extensional tectonic setting in central Apennines: evidence from the 1997 Umbria-Marche seismic sequence

Henrys, S.A. ; Hall, J.M.; Wilson, T.J.
Fault Architecture Within the Eastern Terror Rift, Western Ross Sea, Antarctica

Agosta, F.; Aydin, A.
Evolution and architecture of a large, basin-bounding normal fault zone in Mesozoic platform carbonates of central Italy

Zoback, M.; Hickman, S.; Ellsworth, W.
Structure and properties of the San Andreas fault in central California: Preliminary results from the SAFOD experiment

Lunina, O.
Late Cenozoic faulting pattern and stress fields of the Barguzin rift (Baikal region)

Balsamo, F.; Storti, F.; Silva, A.; Lima, C.; Salvini, F.
Fabric evolution and permeability characterisation of extensional fault zones developed in the poorly lithified sandstones of the Barreiras Formation, Icapui area (NE Brazil)

Storti, F.; Balsamo, F.; Salvini, F.
Particle shape and size data from natural granular wear material support non self-similar cataclasis in carbonate fault rocks

Wiersberg, T.; Erzinger, J.
Helium isotope studies on mud gas samples from the SAFOD Main Hole

Bergerat, F.; Angelier, J.; Andréasson, P.G.
Paleostress field and brittle deformation of the Tornquist Zone in Scania (Sweden) during Permo-Mesozoic times.

Miller, S.A.
Omori Law and fluid-driven aftershocks: A non-linear diffusion process

Antolín-Tomás, B.; Casas, A.M.; Gil-Peña, I.
Geometry of fracturing linked to extensional processes and basin formation: example from the Maestrat basin (Eastern Iberian Chain, Spain)

Gladkov, A.S.
Architecture and kinematics of kimberlite-controlling fault zones of the Yakutsk diamond-bearing province (Siberian platform)

Bell, R.; McNeill, L.; Bull, J.; Henstock, T.
Active tectonics of the offshore western Gulf of Corinth, Greece

Collettini, C.; Holdsworth, R.E.; Spiers, C.J.
Weakening processes and character of slip along low-angle normal faults

Mirabella, F.; Barchi, M.R.
Growth and interaction of active normal fault segments in the Umbria-Marche Apennines of Central Italy

Ciaccio, M.G.; Pondrelli, S.
Relationships between seismogenic structures and seismicity patterns in the Umbria region, northern Apennines, Italy

Tondi, E.; Alessandroni, M.; Cello, G.
Faulting in porous carbonate grainstones

Tondi, E.; Antonellini, M.; Aydin, A.; Cello, G.
Interactions between deformation bands, stylolites and sheared stylolites in fault development in carbonate grainstones: a case study from the Maiella mountain, central Italy

Kurz, W.; Rabitsch, R.; Brosch, F.J.
Formation of cataclastic shear zones during layer-parallel shear in carbonates

Carena, S.; Yue, L.
Imaging faults in 3D from earthquakes: the Crafton Hills Fault Zone and the Geometry of the San Andreas Fault near San Bernardino, southern California.

Wright, T; Turner, J
Characterization of 3D fault curvature

De Paola, N; Holdsworth, R.E.; Collettini, C.; McCaffrey, K.J.; Barchi, M.R.
The structural and seismological evolution of dilational step-overs in regional transtension zones

De Paola, N.; Collettini, C.; Barchi, M.R.; Minelli, G.
A mechanical model for complex fault patterns induced by evaporites flowage: a regional case study from the Umbria-Marche Apennines, Italy

Tembe, S.; Lockner, D.; Solum, J.; Morrow, C.; Wong, T.-f.; Moore, D.
Implications for strength of the San Andreas Fault Zone from SAFOD cuttings and core

Ryoo, C.-R.
Tectonic evolution of fault system in the southeastern Korea

Jefferies, S.P.; Imber, J.; Holdsworth, R.E.; Wibberley, C.A.J
Porosity and permeability of a reactivated crustal-scale fault zone: inferences from structural and geochemical observations, Median Tectonic Line, SW Japan

Roberts, G.; Papanikolaou, I.; Cowie, P.; Michetti, A.
Slip-rates, normal fault evolution and seismic hazards, central Italy

Baietto, A.; Cadoppi, P.; Martinotti, G.; Perello, P.; Vuataz, F.-D.; Perrochet, P.
Assessment of hydrothermal circulation through faults: the Valdieri case (Argentera Massif, Maritime Alps, northwestern Italy)

Faulkner, D.R.
The Structure and Mechanics of Large Strike-Slip Faults from Field Observations

Becken, M.; Ritter, O.; Park, S.; Bedrosian, P.; Weckmann, U.; Weber, M.
The electrical resistivity structure across the San Andreas Fault zone near the SAFOD site – a regional magnetotelluric study

Place, J; Geraud, y; Diraison, M; Warr, L
North-south relay structures in the Xylocastro area (Corinth Gulf, Greece).

Géraud, Y; Souque, C; Diraison, M; gauthier lafaye, F; Stille, P
Characterization of a normal fault zone by ASM, physical and geochemical properties (Corinth Rift, Greece)

Amicucci, L.; Barchi, M. R.; Montone, P.; Rubiliani, N.; Pierdominici, S.
The tectonic evolution of the Vallo di Diano Quaternary basin (Southern Apennines, Italy): an integrated geological and geophysical study

Ciaccio, M.G.; Barchi, M.R.
The geometry of the Alto Tiberino Basin

Kiechl, E.; Kurz, W.; Brosch, F.J.; Zojer, H.; Winkler, G.
The hydrogeological activity of fault zones: the example of the Talhof-fault-system (Eastern Alps, Austria)

Müller, M.; Edwards, M. A.; Voit, K.; Grasemann, B.; Zamolyi, A.
Seismogenesis and permeability conditions in polyphase cataclastic fault zones (Western Cyclades, Greece)

Philipp, S.L.; Thaeter, D.; Gudmundsson, A.
Fault zones in layered rocks: fault displacement, damage zone thickness, and hydrofracture injection

Davy, P.; Darcel, C.; Bour, O.; Munier, R.; de Dreuzy, J.R.
Reconstructing the 3D fracture distribution model from core –10 cm– to lineament –10 km– scales

Chiaraluce, L.; Piccinini, D.; Collettini, C.; Chiarabba, C.
Microseismic activity on a low angle normal fault (northern Apennines, Italy)

Pucci, S.; Pantosti, D.; Barchi, M. R.; Palyvos, N.
Evolution and complexity of the seismogenic Düzce Fault Zone (Turkey) depicted by coseismic ruptures, Plio-Quaternary structural pattern and geomorphology

Pelz, K.; Rohrmoser, I.; Seyfried, H.
Trishear fault propagation folding and faulting of growth strata in an extensional setting: Clues to the geometry of a listric oblique-slip fault

Anderson, M.W.; Peacock, D.C.P
Scaling of steps between strike-slip faults

Brichau, S.; Stockli, D.F.; Dewane, T.J.; Schroeder, J.; Hager, C.; Totee, C.
Low-temperature thermochronometric constraints on the timing and rate of unroofing of the Whipple Mountains metamorphic core complex, southern Basin and Range Province

Fracassi, U.; Perniola, B.
The catastrophic 1456 multiple earthquake: CFF test of interaction among deep oblique strike-slip faults in southern Italy

Angelier, J.; Bellou, M.; Bergerat, F.; Diament, M.
Earthquake magnitude indicated by push-up structures along active strike-slip faults of the South Iceland Seismic Zone

Hager, C.; Stockli, D. F.; Lee, J.; Dewane, T. J.; Ding, L.
Active tectonics in the Xainza rift (S-Tibet) expressed by multiple generations of fault scarps in Quaternary sediments.

Dewane, T.J.; Hager, C.; Stockli, D.F.; Lee, J.; Ding, L.
Structure, kinematics, and timing of rifting in Tangra Yum Co rift, south-central Tibet

Pérez-Peña, J. V.; González-Lodeiro, F.; Galíndo-Zaldivar, J.
Strike-slip transfer faults in an extensional system (Granada Depression, Betic Cordillera)

Jones, RR; Kokkalas, S; McCaffrey, KJW; Imber, J; Clegg, P; Healy, D; Wright, TD; Turner, JP
Quantification of fault-plane curvature and surface heterogeneity using terrestrial laser-scanning

Putz, M; Sanderson, D
Extensional strain in the upper crust – sampling deformation over 7 orders of magnitude

Mitchell, T.M.; Faulkner, D.R.
On the Nature and Distribution of Damage Surrounding Large Strike-Slip Fault-Zones

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