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  List of Accepted Contributions - NH5.03 Volcanic Hazards and Risks

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Doyle, E. E.; Sparks, S. J.; Mader, H. M.; Hogg, A. J.
A numerical model of the formation and growth of a basal granular avalanche from a hot ash cloud. The first stage in the development of a two layer pyroclastic flow model.

bertolino, S.; cigolini, C.; coppola, D.
A new way to estimate viscosity of natural silicate melts, on the base of a non-Arrhenian model.

Gvishiani , A.; Agayan , S.; Bogoutdinov , Sh. ; Graeva , E. ; Le Mouel , J-L. ; Zlotniki , J. ; Rodkin, M.
Automatic fuzzy-logic recognition of anomalies of different morphology in long data rows: Application to volcanic activity monitoring data

Selva, J.; Marzocchi, W.; Lombardi, A.M.
Exploring the evolution of volcanic seismic swarms

Marzocchi, W.; Selva, J.; Sandri, L.
BET-VH: A probabilistic tool for long- and short-term volcanic hazard assessment

Cordoba, G; Mader, HM; Sparks, RSJ
Testing a continuum approach for the modeling of pyroclastic flows

Mattia, M.; Aloisi, M.; Ferrari, F.; Di Grazia, G.
Geophysical evidences of the plumbing system of Stromboli volcano (Aeolian Islands, Italy)

Carniel, R.; Tárraga, M.; Jaquet, O.; García, A.
On the memory of seismic noise recorded at Teide – Pico Viejo volcanic complex, Tenerife, Spain

Hensch, M.; Riedel, C.; Reinhardt, J.; The NICE Group
Hypocenter migration of fluid-induced earthquake swarms in the Tjörnes Fracture Zone (North Iceland)

Behncke, B.; Neri, M.; Nagay, A.
Lava flow hazard at Mount Etna (Italy)

Sanchez, N.; Garcia, A.; Marsal, S.; Tarraga, M.
Teide Volcanomagnetic network-VOLMAGTEGETEIDE

Geyer, A.; Folch, A.; Martí, J.
Relationship between caldera collapse and magma chamber withdrawal: An experimental approach

Folch, A.; Costa, A.; Macedonio, G.
An integrated procedure to predict volcanic ash fallout

Gudmundsson, A.
Volcanic hazards, magma chambers, local stresses, and eruptions

Calvari, S.
Evaluation of hazard from lava flow invasion through monitoring with thermal cameras

Gottsmann, J.; Wooller, L.; Marti, J.; Fernández, J.; Camacho, A.; Gonzalez, P.; Perez, N.; Rymer, H.
Eruption precursor or business as usual? Evaluating volcanic unrest on Tenerife, Canary Islands, via ground deformation and gravimetric studies

Belien, I.; Kervyn, M.; del Marmol, M.-A.; Ernst, G.
SRTM systematic study of the morphology of flow-dominated volcanoes: defining, quantifying and understanding end-member volcanoes

Harris, A.
Heat loss at active lava channels and tubes and controls on core cooling and flow length

Folch, A.; Martí, J.
Time-dependent vent conditions during explosive caldera-forming eruptions

Lube, G.; Cronin, S. ; Freundt, A.; Platz, T.; Procter, J. ; Sheridan, M.
Flow and deposition of pyroclastic granular flows of the 1975 Ngauruhoe eruption, New Zealand

Martí, J.; Geyer, A.; Felpeto, A.
Susceptibility analysisof phonolitic eruptions at Teide volcano (Canary Islands)

Novikova, T.; Papadopoulos, G.A.; McCoy, F.
The late Bronze Age eruption in Thera, South Aegean, and simulation of the associated large tsunami

Berrocoso, M.; Ramírez, M. E.; Fernández, A.
Horizontal deformation models in Deception Island Volcano from GPS surveying

Jessop, D.
Flows of aerated particles down slopes

Pimentel, A.; Pacheco, J.M.; Felpeto, A.
Influence of wind patterns on the dispersal of volcanic plumes in the Azores region: test study of the 1630 eruption of Furnas Volcano (S. Miguel, Azores)

Fernandez, J.; Prieto, J.F.; Gonzalez, P.; Tenerife Research Group, and; Tenerife Research Group
Geodetic observation in Tenerife Island for volcano monitoring 2000-2006. Results and interpretation.

Harangi, Sz.; Szakács, A.; Lenkey, L. ; Vinkler, A.P.; Ntaflos, T.
Genesis of the Miocene to Pleistocene volcanism in the Carpathian-Pannonian Region - Is there any volcanic hazard?

Kueppers, U.; Perugini, D.; Dingwell, D.B.
Fractal Distribution of Experimentally Generated Pyroclasts

Bazanova, L.; Dirksen, O.
Eruptive history of Zhupanovsky volcano as a base for hazard evaluation

Pérez, W.; Freundt, A.; Schmincke, H.-U.; Kutterolf, S.
Highly explosive eruptions from Masaya Caldera Complex, central Nicaragua, during the past 6,000 years: Stratigraphy, geochemistry and hazard aspects

Alberico, I.; Lirer, L.; Petrosino, P.; Quaglino, M.; Scandone, R.
Volcanic hazard assessment at Ischia island

Vezzoli, L.; Uttini, A.; Apuani, T.
Volcanic debris avalanche and debris flow hazard assessment: contributions from geological and geotechnical characterization of the Cotopaxi Volcano deposits, (Ecuador)

Coppola, D.; Staudacher, T.; Cigolini, C.
Roofing over a lava channel: applications of thermal imaging

Cubellis, E.; Marturano, A.
Analysis of historical and present earthquakes at Vesuvius for seismic hazard evaluation

Troise, C.; De Natale, G.; Pingue, F.; Pappalardo, L.; Mastrolorenzo, G.
The Somma-Vesuvius Volcano (Southern Italy): Structure, Dynamics and Hazard Evaluation

Del Negro, C.; Herault, A.; Vicari, A.
Simulations of lava flows at Mt Etna for hazard assessment

Isaia, R.; Nave, R.; Barclay, J.; Haynes, K.; Macedonio, G. ; Vilardo, G.
Re-assessing volcanic hazard maps for improving volcanic risk communication: two different italian active volcanic systems, Campi Flegrei and Stromboli (Italy).

Proietti, C.; Hidaka, M.; Goto, A.; Umino, S.; Fujita, E.; Coltelli, M.; Marsella, M.
Simulation of a lava flow emitted during the 2001 Etna eruption by means of LavaSIM code

Proietti, C; Coltelli, M.; Marsella, M.
Multitemporal mapping of effusive eruptions for simulation code validation: the 2001 Etna eruption

de Vita, S.; Marotta, E.; Orsi, G.; Sansivero, F.
Assessing volcanic and related hazards on islands: the Ischia (Italy) case study

Esposti Ongaro, T.; Neri, A.; Clarke, A.; Voight, B.; Widiwijayanti, C.
3D numerical simulations of the multiphase flow dynamics and hazard of laterally directed blasts on Montserrat (December 1997)

De Benedetti, A.A.; Diano, G.; Funiciello, R.; Giordano, G.; Porreca, M.; Scenna, A.
The recent activity of the Albano maar (Colli Albani volcano, Roma): a stratigraphy review by new exposed sections

Krueger, A.; Krotkov, N.; Carn, S.; Schaefer, S.; Serafino, G.; Stephens, G.
Near real-time EOS satellite volcanic cloud data for mitigating aviation hazards

Baldi, P.; Branca, S.; Costa, A.; Coltelli, M.; D’Auria, L.; Marsella , M.; Proietti, C.
Mapping of 2002-2003 lava flow eruption of Stromboli and simulation of the post- 15 February 2003 eruptive phase

Smith, A.L.; Roobol, M.J.; Mattioli, G.S.; Fryxell, J.E.
Distribution, stratigraphy and grain size characteristics of pyroclastic sequences from the Lesser Antilles

Galindo, I; Gavilanes, JC; Tene, T; Bricio, E; Zuazo, N
Real-time remote sensing monitoring of lava flows of Volcan de Colima (Mexico), 1996-2005

Thordarson, T
Emplacement of mafic lava flows: role of insulated transport and inflation

Zuccaro, G.; Petrazzuoli, S.M.; Cacace, F.
Buildings vulnerabilty curves to combined actions: earthquakes, pyroclastic flow, ash fall

Zuccaro, G.; Cacace, F.; Petrazzuoli, S.M.
A computerized model for the evaluation of cumulative structures damage in the vesuvian area under the action of a subplinian I eruption.

Galindo, I.; Gavilanes, J.C.; Tene, T.; Bricio, E.; Zuazo, N.
Real-Time remote sensing monitoring of the major explosive events of Volcan de Colima (Mexico) since 1913

Berrocoso, M; Garcia, A; Garcia, S; Jimenez, Y; Paez, R; Sanchez-Alzola, A
Using ASTER-TIR space image for the monitoring of the volcanic activity in Tenerife Island (Spain)

Hadisantono, R.D.; Siagian, Y.O.P; Abdurachman, E.K.
A phreato-magmatic eruption as future hazard in densely populated area around Ceremai volcano, West Java, Indonesia

Palacios , P.; Córdoba , G.; Troncoso, L.
Potential use of volcano-tectonic events to forecast and predict eruptions

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