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  List of Accepted Contributions - G8 Earth's gravity field: instruments and applications - in memoriam of Peter Schwintzer

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Benahmed daho, S. A.; Kahlouche, S.; Merry, C. L.
Quality study of the African Geoid model in Algeria

Erol, B.; Sideris, M. G.; Celik, R. N.
The Contribution of Data from Recent Satellite Missions to Local Geoid Modelling in Turkey

Arabelos, D.N.; Forsberg, R.; Tscherning, C.C.
On the a-priori estimation of error covariance functions. A feasibility study

Featherstone, W.E.
The pitfalls of using GPS and levelling data to test gravity field models

Kiamehr, R.
The impact of the lateral density variation model in determination of the precise gravimetric geoid in mountainous areas: A case study of Iran

Bettadpur, S; CSR-L2 Team
Status of Re-Processed GRACE Gravity Field Data Products

Kostelecky, J.; Klokocnik, J.; Wagner, C. A.; Scharroo, R.; Gruber, Ch.; Bezdek, A.; Doornbos, E.; Novak, P.
Degradation in accuracy of CHAMP/GRACE-only Earth Gravity Field models,

Wagner, C. A.; Klokocnik, J.; McAdoo, D.; Kostelecky, J.; Bezdek, A.
Degradation of geopotential recovery of GRACE monthly solutions due to orbit resonances

Ramillien, G.; Lombard, A.; Cazenave, A.
Land waters contribution from GRACE to annual mean sea level

Flechtner, F; Schmidt, R; Meyer, U
Alternative methodology to derive GRACE de-aliasing products

Virtanen, H.; Tervo, M.; Bilker-Koivula, M.; Vehviläinen, B.; Huttunen, M.; Mäkinen, R.
Comparison of gravity recovery from superconducting gravimeter with hydrological models of various spatial extents

Abbasi, M.; Barriot, J.P.
Simultaneous filtering and crossover adjustment of airborne gravimetry data

Abbasi, M.; Barriot, J.P.; Verdun, J.; Duquenne, H.
A new medium-wavelength gravity map over the Alps based on airborne gravimetry data

Ditmar, P.; Liu, X.
New functional model for computing the Earth's gravity field on the basis of KBR data from the GRACE satellite mission

Tziavos, I.N.; Vergos, G.S.
Validation of CHAMP and GRACE derived EGMs and some notes on the combined adjustment of heterogeneous height systems

Ullrich, Ch; Ruess, D
High precise gravity monitoring in Austria - examples and accuracy assessment

Foerste, Ch.; Flechtner, F.; Schmidt, R.; Koenig, R.; Meyer, Ul.; Stubenvoll, R.; Rothacher, M.; Barthelmes, F.; Neumayer, H.; Biancale, R.; The GRGS Team
A mean global gravity field model from the combination of satellite mission and altimetry/gravimetry surface data

Kuroishi, Y.; Rowlands, D.D.; Lemoine, F.G.R
Regional gravity field modeling from GRACE data - test case for the vicinity of Japan

Reguzzoni, M.; Tselfes, N.
Filtering of the GOCE mission observations

Marchenko, D; Barthelmes, F
Computation of high-degree spherical harmonic models based on series of radial multipole potentials

Soltanpour, A.; Nahavandchi, H.
A new high-resolution geoid for Iran with emphasise on different modification procedures and new GRACE geopotential model

Barthelmes, F.; Köhler, W.
The International Centre for Global Earth Models (ICGEM)

Soltanpour, A.; Nahavandchi, H. ; Ghazavi, K.
Recovery of marine gravity anomaly from ERS2 and ENVISAT data and its contribution to the geoid of Norway

Neumeyer, J; Bartelmes, F; Petrovic, S
Gravity field variations from Superconducting Gravimeter recordings

Soltanpour, A.; Nahavandchi, H.; Featherstone, W.E.
Geoid-type surface determination using wavelet-based combination of gravimetric quasi/geoid and GPS-levelling data

Swatschina, P.; Weber, R.
LEO Orbit Determination and Parameter Estimation

Simons, F. J.; Dahlen, F. A.
A localization approach to measuring potential fields from noisy, incomplete data taken at an altitude

Weigelt, M.; Sideris, M.G.; Sneeuw, N.
High-latitude local gravity field recovery from CHAMP with least-squares collocation

Biancale, R.; Lemoine, J.-M.; Loyer, S.; Bruinsma, S.; Perosanz, F.; Marty, J.-C.; Sarrailh, M.; Vales, N.; Balmino, G.
Monitoring Variations of the Geoid Every 10 Days From GRACE and LAGEOS Satellite Missions

Baur, O.; Sneeuw, N.
Methodology and use of tensor invariants for satellite gravity gradiometry

Flechtner, F.; König, R.; Meyer, Ul.; Neumayer, K.-H.; Rothacher, M.; Schmidt, R.
Determination of the Earth's gravity field from CHAMP, GRACE and LAGEOS at GFZ Potsdam

Petrovic, S.; Wünsch, J.; Schmidt, R.; Barthelmes, F.; Güntner, A.; Rothacher, M.
How to detect characteristic features of hydrology?

Perosanz, F.; Lemoine, J.M.; Bruinsma, S. ; Melachroinos, S. ; Biancale, R.; Loyer, S.
Grace accelerometers calibration

Horwath, M.; Dietrich, R.
Error structures of GRACE monthly solutions and their propagation into inferred regional mass variations

Pajot, G.; Mikhailov, V.; LeQuentrec-Lalancette, M.F.; Diament, M.
Gravity gradiometry: enhanced methods for enhanced data.

Koop, R.; Gruber, Th.; Rummel, R.
High-level Data Processing Facility for ESA’s GOCE Gravity Mission

Pail, R.; Schuh, W.-D.; Wermuth, M.
Time-wise GOCE gravity field analysis: software architecture and processing strategies

Loecher, A.
A scheme of integrals of motion for gravity field determination based on precisely observed low Earth satellites

Abrikosov, O.; Foerste, Ch.; Rothacher, M.; Bruinsma, S.; Marty, J.-C.; Balmino, G.
Gravity field recovery with simulated GOCE observations

Schmidt, M.; Kusche, J.; Han, S.; Shum, C.
Multi-resolution representation of the gravity field from satellite and terrestrial data

Lemoine, F; Luthcke, S; Rowlands, D; Klosko, S; Chinn, D; Boy, JP
Mascons, GRACE, and time-variable gravity

Abrikosov, O.
Recovery of the Earth gravity field on the basis of accelerations derived from the GOCE positions

Makhloof, A. A.; Ilk, K. H.
Band-limited topography effects in airborne gravimetry using space localizing base functions

Seliem, Egypt; Mrlina, Czech; Issawy, Egypt; Radwan, Egypt
The contribution of gravity variations in the geodynamical studies in Aswan region,Egypt

Jaeggi, A.; Beutler, G.; Hugentobler, U.
Kinematic versus highly reduced-dynamic LEO orbits for global gravity field recovery

Nerem, R. S.; Bender, P.; Loomis, B.; Watkins, M.; Folkner, W.; Stephens, M.; Craig, R.; Leitch, J.; Pierce, R.
Development of an Interferometric Laser Ranging System for a Follow-On Gravity Mission to GRACE

Watkins, M.; Yuan, D.
Beyond Harmonics: Recent Mascon Solutions from GRACE

El-Habiby, M.M.; Sideris, M.G.
Geoid determination using a combined FFT-Wavelet Solution

Crossley, D.; Hinderer, J.; de Linage, C.; Boy, J.-P.
Estimation of hydrology in Europe using GRACE and GGP data

Reigber, Ch.
Peter Schwintzer and his contribution to space gravity and solid Earth research

Tapley, B.
The GRACE mission: status and recent results

Shum, C.K.; Han, S.-C.; Jekeli, C.
Mass fluxes of the Earth from GRACE

Werth, S.; Horwath, M.; Dietrich, R.
Methods for separation of geophysical mass variations from monthly GRACE solutions

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