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  List of Accepted Contributions - OS4 Operational Oceanography and Data assimilation

Please, click Abstract Number to find the corresponding abstract as PDF file; if necessary, download Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 first to open the file. Any abstract may be freely reproduced for non-commercial, scientific purposes; however, the moral right of the author(s) to be identified as the author(s) of such abstracts is asserted.

Badewien, T.; Luebben, A.; Gemein, N.; Stanev, E.; Reuter, R.
Material and volume transport through a tidal inlet in the East Frisian Wadden Sea (German Bight)

Ferreira-Coelho, E.; Rixen, M.
Operational surface drift uncertainty analysis using a multi-model ensemble training methodology

Harding, J; Bub, F; Rigney, J
Operational ocean prediction at the U.S. Naval Oceanographic Office, Current capabilities, Future plans

Vandenbulcke, L.; Barth, A.; Ben Bouallegue, Z.; Beckers, JM.
Data assimilation as a tool for upscaling

Preller, R.; Blain, C. A.; Ko, D. S.; Massey, C. ; Teague, W. ; Wang, D.
Recent advancements in coastal ocean prediction at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

Pinardi, N.; Coppini, G.; and MFSTEP partners, .
MFSTEP: the results

Raicich, F.
Sampling strategy assessment for temperature and salinity observations in the Mediterranean Forecasting System

Axell, L.
Implementation and Testing of Ice Ridging Equations in an Operational Ocean Model for the Baltic Sea

Lamouroux, J.; De Mey, P.; Lyard, F.; Jeansou, E.
Control of a free-surface barotropic model of the Bay of Biscay by assimilation of sea-level data in presence of atmospheric forcing errors

Slabakov, H.; Palazov, A.; Korotaev, G.; Bilashvili, K.; Postnov, A.; Myroshnychenko, V.; Valchev, N.
The ARENA project: main achievements and further challenges

Knight, P.J.; Howarth, M.J.; Proctor, R.; Lane, A.
The POL Coastal Observatory: into the fourth year

Dobricic, S.; Pinardi, N.; Tonani, M.; Fratianni, C.; Adani, M.; Bonazzi, A.; Fernandez, V.
Daily oceanographic analyses in the Mediterranean Sea

Slabakov, H.; Palazov, A.; Valchev, N.
A supporting programme for capacity building in the Black Sea region towards operational status of oceanographic services

Egset, C. N.
Sea surface wave and current data from C-band microwave radar

Le Hénaff, M.; De Mey, P.; Mourre, B.; Le Traon, P.Y.; Lyard, F.
Description of barotropic shelf model errors due to bathymetry – Performance of a Wide Swath Altimeter in controlling these errors.

Ferrer, M. I.; IMEDEA
Sub-basin scale operational system in the Balearic Sea

Counillon, F; Bertino, L
Evaluation of eddy and front predictability in the Gulf of Mexico with the use of ensemble runs.

Hong, X.; Bishop, C.
A comparison between ocean ensemble forecasts with and without atmospheric forcing ensemble over Monterey Bay

Dombrowsky, E.; Bahurel, P.
Recent progress made in the MERCATOR global ocean monitoring and forecasting system

Bye, B.L.; Plag, H-P.; Rickards, L.; Bingley, R.; Knudsen, P.; Rosen, D.
European Sea Level Service Research Infrastructure

Bertino, L; Lisaeter, K A ; Hansen, C
The TOPAZ monitoring and prediction system

Bell, M J ; Hines, A; Holt, M; Donlon, C; McCulloch, M E
The UK’s National Centre for Ocean Forecasting

Conley, D C; Trangeled, A; Zappa, G; Gualdesi, L; Guerrini, P
Autonomous System for Remote Comprehensive Monitoring of the Nearshore

Pennucci , G.; Grasso, G.; Zanasca, P.
Optical properties and water clarity, a comparison between in-situ measurements and satellite derived products in the Adriatic Sea.

Giannecchini, S. ; Fabiani, A.; Spina, F.
A Comparison between in-situ measurements and Satellite Remote Sensing of Absorption, Beam Attenuation and Horizontal Diver Visibility

Grandi, V.; Gualdesi, L.; Carta, A.; Fioravanti, S.; de Strobel, F.; Ferreira Coelho, E.; Povero, P.
A Shallow water Environmental Profiler (SEPTR) for marine coastal sea monitoring

Funkquist, L.; Pemberton, P.
Assimilation of SST, sea ice parameters and T/S profiles in an operational Baltic Sea model

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