General Information


The Storm Surges Congress 2010 is held at the University of Hamburg, Germany, from  13 – 17 September 2010. The congress is open to all participants interested in all aspects of risk and management of current and future storm surges, namely scientists and representatives from universities, the private sector, government and international agencies, and educational organizations.


Official Language

The official language of the Storm Surges Congress 2010 is English. Simultaneous interpretation is not provided. It is therefore expected that authors are able to present their research more or less fluently in the English language.


Rules of Conduct

  • Smoking is prohibited in the entire congress centre except in the areas designated for smokers.
  • It is prohibited to copy any presentation from the desktops in the lecture rooms.
  • Please switch off any mobile phones in the lecture rooms.
  • It is prohibited to take photos of any scientific material at the conference.


General Contact

General Information, 
Pre-Registration &
Submission of Abstracts

Copernicus Meetings

Bahnhofsallee 1e
37081 Göttingen

Congress Manager

Marcus Lange
GKSS Research Center GmbH
LOICZ IPO (International Project Office)
Max-Planck-Straße 1
21502 Geesthacht




The organizers cannot accept liability for personal accident, loss or damage to private property, which may be incurred as a result of the participation in the Storm Surges Congress 2010. Participants are, therefore, advised to arrange appropriate insurance cover. This should extend not only to travel but also to cancellation costs.