Conference Themes

High resolution climatology – towards climate change services

The underpinning theme of the ECAC, organised under the auspices of the EUMETNET – European Climate Support Network (ECSN), is the adaptation to climate change and the information services that need to be provided to the users and stakeholders on a local scale to enable them to act on the challenges.

There is a growing awareness that climate and climate change have and will have a strong impact on society´s safety, environment, health and economy. Liable services based on a better monitoring, understanding and improved prediction of weather and climate on the short, medium and long term  is vital to adapt to present weather and climate and to develop adaptation strategies for future weather and climate. At the third WMO World Climate Conference it was on agreed on a high governmental level  to establish a Global Framework for Climate Services to strengthen the production, availability, delivery and application of science based climate prediction and services. The European Union and its member states were leading signatories of this agreement.

The framework will have four major components:

  1. Observation and Monitoring;
  2. Research, Modelling and Prediction;
  3. Climate Services Information System;
  4. a User Interface Programme.

Accordingly the ECAC Session Programme is composed of the following building blocks:

  1. Monitoring (MC);
  2. Understanding (UC);
  3. Services (SE) on past to future climate;
  4. Plenary discussion on communication and adaptation strategies.

The EMS Annual Meeting includes the following Programme Groups: