Abstract Processing Charge

During recent EGU General Assemblies, there have been 10-25% "no-shows", people who submit abstracts but then do not present their poster or oral presentation. The reasons vary, but in participant's feedback, people frequently complain about the no-shows. Therefore, for the EGU General Assembly 2011, after a large amount of consultation amongst a broad range of the EGU community, we hope to reduce the number of no-shows by introducing an Abstract Processing Charge (APC) of €40 per abstract. Registration fees will be reduced to take into account one abstract processing charge, so that the total cost for registration + APC for someone submitting one abstract during the EGU2011 will be the same as the registration fees for the former assemblies in 2010 and 2009. Please also read the EGU statement on APCs. Please note that APCs are not refundable in case of abstract withdrawals or rejections.