Objectives of the Conference

Contributions from all fields of the Geosciences are welcome. In particular the conference will focus on:

  1. Ocean acidification and the marine ecosystem
    • Seawater chemistry: paleoreconstructions, present observations, future projections;
    • Impact on calcifying organisms (plankton, corals, commercial shellfish, etc.);
    • Animal performance characters and species interactions (including ecosystem response);
    • Microbial processes and interactions;
    • Biogeochemical cycles and climate feedbacks.

  2. Ocean acidification and society and politics
    • Valuing economic impacts of ocean acidification;
    • Governing the oceans;
    • Communicating ocean issues to the public at large.

  3. Ocean acidification and climate engineering
    • Ocean Iron Fertilization (OIF);
    • Enhanced weathering of silicates (olivine);
    • Liming the ocean.

  4. Outreach
    • Generating awareness to the public;
    • Novel approach to awareness and outreach on ocean acidification;
    • Outreach issues and approaches in the developing world;
    • Translating governmental commitments to effective and timely outreach programs.