9th EMS Annual Meeting
9th European Conference on Applications of Meteorology (ECAM)

28 September – 02 October 2009
Toulouse, France

The latest Information

Dates and Location

The conference will take place 28 September – 02 October 2009 at the Centre International de Conférence de Météo France, 42 Av. G. Coriolis, F-31057 Toulouse Cedex 1, France. The conference centre hosts an amphitheatre and two lecture rooms; The Area Chapiteau will provide space for the exhibition and the poster and catering area.

The conference will take place on the premises of Météo France. To gain access to the premises on the first day, you will need to show your identity card or passport. Please allow for some time for this procedure in your travel planning. After registration your conference name badge will serve as access permit.

Located between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic coast, Toulouse is a vibrant city of students, a centre of cutting-edge European technology and a place to enjoy the good life. Famed for its redbrick architecture, fine food, Belle Epoque cafés and the Canal du Midi, the historic Ville Rose of South-Western France is attracting a growing number of new inhabitants and visitors alike.

Programme and Science Committee

Pierre Baüer (SMF, France)
Rasmus Benestad (NMF, Norway)
Horst Böttger (EMS)
Tanja Cegnar (EARS, Slovenia)
Jean-Pierre Chalon (Météo France)
Dominique Lapeyre de Chavardès (Météo France)
Ben Dieterink (HMEI)
Sylvain Joffre (FMI, Finland)
Martina Junge (EMS)
Haleh Kootval (WMO)
Ewen McCallum (MetOffice, United Kingdom)
Robert Mureau (The Netherlands)
Evangelina Oriol-Pibernat (ESA)
Manuel Palomares (AEMet, Spain)
Claude Pastre (SMF, France)
Hans Richner (SGM, Switzerland)
Pirkko Saarikivi (PRIMET)
Gerhard Steinhorst (DWD, Germany)
Heleen ter Pelkwijk (NVBM, The Netherlands)
Aryan van Engelen (ECSN)
Walter Zwieflhofer (ECMWF)

Local Organization

The conference will be organized jointly by Météo France, the Societé Météorologique de France and the European Meteorological Society.

Conference Organisation

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37081 Göttingen

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