Outstanding Poster Award at 9th EMS / 9th ECAM

Outstanding Poster Award to Maud Martet (left) and
Helen Dacre (right)

Maud Martet, Poster 111: MOCAGE-accident: From research to operational applications

Citation: The contribution presents a comprehensive modelling study integrating various applications with a dedicated user-friendly interface for operational use. The poster is fit-to-purpose, and concentrates on the core message.

Helen Dacre, Poster 37: The spatial distribution and evolution characteristics of North Atlantic cyclones

Citation: The contribution presents the use of innovative methodologies for classifying cyclone features and underpinning dynamics. The poster is well balanced, with clear statements and well summarized conclusions.

The Programme and Science Committee (PSC)  has decided to present an Outstanding Poster Award at the 9th EMS / 9th ECAM Conference in Toulouse (28 September – 2 October 2009).

A Select Committee has been established; members are:

  • Prof. Hans Richner (Vice chair): Swiss Federal Institute of Technology,
  • Jean Pierre Chalon, MétéoFrance,
  • Prof. Anna Rutgerrsson Owenius: University of Uppsala,
  • Sylvain Joffre (Chair): Finnish Meteorological Institute.


The selection criteria for the award are based on both SCIENCE (quality and innovativeness) and COMMUNICATION skills (visual aspect, attractiveness and message fluency).

Convenors have been asked to nominate high quality abstracts from the poster programme of   their session based on the following 3 generic criteria:

  • Scientific quality;
  • Innovativeness of the approach;
  • Potential impacts of the results.


One contribution from each session, in exceptional cases up to three, may be nominated.

During the Conference in Toulouse, the Committee will view all nominated posters that are on display and evaluate them according to the following criteria:

  • Visual aspect, attractiveness;
  • Clarity/fluency to have the message through to the readers.


Additional posters may be taken into account by the Committee or convenors based on ad-hoc decisions when viewing the posters during the first two days of the conference; this  however will be the exception.

The selected poster will be announced on Thursday 1 October 2009 at the start of the poster session (16:00). The author will receive a certificate and the  poster will be highlighted on the EMS website as example of Best Practice.