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IS65 - ST11/PS6.3/AS4.05: First science results from the International Heliophysical Year (co-organized by ST, PS & AS) (including Hannes Alfvén Medal Lecture)
Abstract Status Scheduled Contributions (Author(s), Title) Name and Email of Contact
EGU2008-A-06290 oral solicited (15 min) - Harrison, R
Coordinated Investigation Programme 1: What is IHY doing for us?
Richard Harrison,
EGU2008-A-12261 oral solicited (15 min) - Landini, F.; Poletto, G.; Suess, S.T.
Soho-Sun-Ulysses quadrature studies
ST10: First results from STEREO
Abstract Status Scheduled Contributions (Author(s), Title) Name and Email of Contact
EGU2008-A-06278 oral (15 min) - Harrison, R
A year of observations with the STEREO/HI instruments
Richard Harrison,
EGU2008-A-11723 oral (15 min) - Vourlidas, A.; Stenborg, G.; Sheeley Jr, N.; Rouillard, A.
Multipoint Imaging of a Corotating Interaction Region Impacting the Earth from STEREO/SECCHI
Angelos Vourlidas,
ST12: Processes at the magnetopause, cusp and boundary layers: Cluster and DoubleStar together with first results from THEMIS
Abstract Status Scheduled Contributions (Author(s), Title) Name and Email of Contact
EGU2008-A-01305 oral solicited (15 min) - Lui, ATY; Sibeck, DG; Phan, T; Angelopoulos, V; McFadden, J; Carlson, C; Larson, D; Bonnell, J; Glassmeier, KH; Frey, S
Reconstruction of FTE observations from THEMIS
Anthony Lui,
EGU2008-A-01377 oral solicited (15 min) - Vaivads, A.; Khotyaintsev, Y.; Lindstedt, T.; Retinò, A; Rosenqvist, L.; Hasegawa, H.; André, M.; Fujimoto, M.
Non-MHD scale physics at the magnetopause. Cluster observations.
Andris Vaivads,
EGU2008-A-08252 oral solicited (15 min) - GLASSMEIER, K.-H.
The magnetopause and boundary layers viewed by THEMIS
Ferdinand Plaschke,
ST3: Open session on the ionosphere and thermosphere including connections to regions above and below
Abstract Status Scheduled Contributions (Author(s), Title) Name and Email of Contact
EGU2008-A-06464 oral solicited (15 min) - Tsagouri, I.; Koutroumbas, K.; Belehaki, A.
Solar wind driven autoregression model for short term ionospheric forecast
Ioanna Tsagouri,
EGU2008-A-06709 oral solicited (30 min) - Amm, O.; Aruliah, A.; Buchert, S.C.; Fujii, R.; Gjerloev, J.W.; Ieda, A.; Matsuo, T.; Stolle, C.; Vanhamäki, H.; Yoshikawa, A.
Understanding the electrodynamics of the 3-dimensional high-latitude ionosphere: present and future
Olaf Amm,
ST6: Waves, wave-particle and wave-wave interactions
Abstract Status Scheduled Contributions (Author(s), Title) Name and Email of Contact
EGU2008-A-00101 oral (15 min) - Nocera, L.
Electron and ion kinetics in electrostatic tripolar regions
Luigi Nocera,
EGU2008-A-01340 oral (15 min) - Kellogg, P.J.; Goetz, K.; Monson, S.J.; Bale, S.D.; Maksimovic, M
Density and Electric Field Measurements with STEREO-SWaves.
Paul J. Kellogg,
EGU2008-A-01559 oral (15 min) - Tsurutani, B.T.; Verkhoglyadova, O.P.; Lakhina, G.S.; Yagitani, S.; Omura, Y.
A loss mechanism for relativistic magnetospheric electrons: dayside outer zone (DOZ) chorus
Bruce Tsurutani,
EGU2008-A-01883 oral (15 min) - Kallenrode, M.-B.; Lampa, F.; Jahns, K.
Perpendicular transport in the inner heliosphere: A quick and dirty approach
Florian Lampa,
EGU2008-A-04936 oral solicited (30 min) - Chaston, C C. ; Bonnell, J. W.; McFadden, J. P.; Carlson, C. W.; Le Contel, O. ; Roux, A. ; Ergun, R.; Cully, C.; Glassmeier, K. H.; Angelopoulos, V.
Electromagnetic waves and particle acceleration at the magnetopause from THEMIS
Christopher Chaston,
EGU2008-A-05916 oral (15 min) - Bale, S. D.; Kasper, J. C.
Magnetic fluctuation power and compressibility near proton anisotropy instability thresholds in the solar wind
Stuart Bale,
EGU2008-A-06737 oral solicited (30 min) - GLASSMEIER, K.-H.; Plaschke, F.
Search for field-line resonances: first THEMIS results
Ferdinand Plaschke,
EGU2008-A-07352 poster - Petkaki, P. ; Freeman, M. P.; Walsh, A. P.
Cluster observations of broadband electromagnetic waves in and around a reconnection region in the Earth's magnetotail current sheet
Panagiota Petkaki,
EGU2008-A-08356 poster - Krupar, V.; Santolik, O.; Maksimovic, M.; Cornilleau-Wehrlin, N.; Pickett, J.S.; Gurnett, D.A.
Lion roar emissions observed by Cluster spacecraft
Vratislav Krupar,
EGU2008-A-08899 poster - Alexandrova, O.; Lacombe, C. E.; Mangeney, A.; Cornilleau-Wehrlin, N.; Lucek, E. A.
Spectral shape and anisotropy of solar wind magnetic fluctuations at electron scales
Olga Alexandrova,
EGU2008-A-09881 oral (15 min) - Soucek, J.; Santolik, O.; Dudok de Wit, T.; Krasnoselskikh, V.; Pickett, J.
Multi-spacecraft measurement of spatial scales of foreshock Langmuir waves
Jan Soucek,
EGU2008-A-10278 poster - Hobara, Y. ; Balikhin, M.; Walker, S.; Krasnoselskikh, V.; Hayakawa, M.; Dunlop, M.
Spatial scales in the quasi-perpendicular collisionless shocks observed by Cluster
Yasuhide Hobara,
EGU2008-A-11589 oral (15 min) - Ng, C.-S.; Bhattacharjee, A.
BGK Waves: Nonlinear Saturated Waves in Space Plasmas?
Amitava Bhattacharjee,
ST7: Solar, heliospheric and atmospheric coupling with near-Earth space
Abstract Status Scheduled Contributions (Author(s), Title) Name and Email of Contact
EGU2008-A-00597 oral (15 min) - Usoskin, I.G.; Braun, I.; Gladysheva, O.; Hoerandel, J.; Jamsen, T.; Kovaltsov, G.A.; Starodubtsev, S.
Forbush decreases of cosmic rays: Does the recovery phase depend on energy?
Ilya Usoskin,
EGU2008-A-02867 oral (15 min) - Shumilov, O.I.; Kasatkina, E.A.; Masloboev, V.A.; Chramov, A.V.
Seasonal patterns of suicides, cardiovascular deaths and seismic activity at high latitudes and their coupling with the seasonal variation of the geomagnetic activity
Oleg Shumilov,
EGU2008-A-05288 poster - Steigies, C.; Klein, K.-L.; The NMDB team
NMDB: real-time database for high resolution neutron monitor measurements
Karl-Ludwig Klein,

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