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  List of Accepted Contributions - NH10.2 Tree-ring reconstructions in natural hazards research

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Lopez Saez, J.; Corona, C.; Berger, F.
Use of resistograph for dendrogeomorphological analysis of avalanche impacts (Massif de l'Oisans, France)

Bollschweiler, M.; Stoffel, M. ; Schneuwly, D.M.; Bourqui, K.
Tangential rows of traumatic resin ducts in Larix decidua trees impacted by debris flows

Stoffel, M; Bollschweiler, M
Tree-ring based lahar reconstruction on the slopes of Volcán Popocatépetl (México)

Kázmér, M.; Kóródy, G.; Székely, B.
Rates of sheet erosion and gully head retreat compared - a study on growth rings in deciduous tree roots in tectonically active areas

Schneuwly, D. M.; Stoffel, M.
Spatial analysis of rockfall activity, bounce heights and geomorphic changes over the last 50 years

Ballesteros, J.A.; Stoffel, M.; Bollschweiler, M.; Hitz, O.; Díez-Herrero, A.; Bodoque, J.M.; Dendro-Avenidas Team
Wood anatomy of debris-flood scars in broadleaved tree species of central Spain

Díez-Herrero, A.; Ballesteros, J.A.; Llorente, M.; Bodoque, J.M.; Stoffel, M.; Dendro-Avenidas Team
Towards a classification of dendrogeomorphological evidences and their utility in flood hazard analysis

Génova, M.; García-Calvo, D.; Maldonado, F.J.; Rubiales, J.M.
Tree rings and fire in an Iberian stand of Pinus nigra subsp. salzmannii

Simard, J; Filion, L
Impact of forest fire on slope dynamics in eastern boreal Canada (Anticosti Island, Québec)

Stoffel, M.; Bollschweiler, M.; Hitz, O. M.; Arbellay, E.; Schlaeppy, R.
Growth reactions in different deciduous trees after debris-flow and snow avalanche activity

Moya, J.; Corominas, J.; Perez Arcas, J.
Dendrogeomorphological determination of the frequency of rockfalls at Solŕ d’Andorra (Andorra Principality): sampling strategies and completeness of the record

Pavlova, I.; Solomina, O.; Curtis, A.; Jacoby, G. ; Ponomareva, V.; Pevzner, M.
Constraining recent Shiveluch volcano eruptions (Kamchatka, Russia) by means of dendrochronology

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