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  List of Accepted Contributions - NH3.1 Volcanic Hazard Assessment and Risk Quantification (co-listed in GMPV)

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Carmona, J; Romero, C; Dóniz, J; García, A
Montaña Escachada tuff ring hydromagmatic deposits characterization: stratigraphy and geological evolution

Vicari, A.; Ciraudo, A. ; Del Negro, C.; Herault, A.
Computer Simulations for Hazard Evaluation of Lava Flows at Mt Etna

Caniaux, G.
Statistical analysis of the volcanic eruption frequency in the Azores islands: a contribution to risk assessment

Tarraga, M; Ortiz, R; De la Cruz-Reyna , S; Martinez-Bringas , A
Earthquake-induced tectonic stress triggering an eruption. Case studies of a viscoelastic shell delay response at Tungurahua, Villarrica and Popocatépetl volcanoes.

Barsotti, S.; Andronico, D.; Baxter, P. J.; Del Carlo, P.; Hincks, T. K.; Neri, A.; Aspinall, W.
Assessing volcanic ash hazard for human health and infrastructures: the case of Mt. Etna (Italy)

Behncke, B.
Hazards from pyroclastic density currents at Mt. Etna (Italy)

Mattia, M.; Bonaccorso, A.; Guglielmino, F.
Ground deformations in Pantelleria Island (Italy): insights into the dynamic of the current inter-eruptive period

Avolio, M.V.; Behncke, B.; Crisci, G.M; D'Ambrosio, D.; Di Gregorio, S.; Lupiano, V.; Neri, M.; Rongo, R.; Spataro, W.
Lava flows hazard zonation of large area using Cellular Automata

Basualto, D.; Delgado, C.; Gallegos, C.; Moreno, H.; Muñoz, J.; Naranjo, J. A.; Peña, P; Ortiz, R
A dynamical analysis of the seismic activity of Llaima volcano (Chile) during 2007-2008 eruption

Martí, J.; Ortiz, R.; Gottsmann, J.; García, A.; De La Cruz-Reina, S.
Defining unrest, assessing hazards and mitigating risks during the reawakening of the central volcanic complex on Tenerife, Canary Islands (2004-2007)

Bonaccorso, A
Recent eruptions at Mt. Etna : lesson for precursors and hazard evaluation

Kilburn, C; Woo, J; De Natale, G; Troise, C; McGuire, W
The potential for forecasting eruptions at Campi Flegrei, southern Italy.

Kilburn, C; Bell, A; Robertson, R
Deformation and seismic precursors to eruptions after long repose.

Marrero, JM; Rodríguez, JA; Ortiz, R
Evacuation management GIS tools volcanic crisis: application to the north side of Tenerife

Sobradelo, R.; Geyer, A.; Martí, J.
Statistical analysis of the CCDB (Collapse Caldera Database): An example of the CCDB applicability and a tool for studying and understanding caldera processes.

Sosio, R. S.; Crosta, G.B.C; Hungr, O. H.; Pola, A. P.
Numerical modeling of sector collapses of volcanic edifices

Folch, A.; Costa, A.; Macedonio, G.
APOLLO: An automatic procedure to forecast transport and deposition of tephra

Saccorotti, G.; Vassalli, M.; Papale, P.; Longo, A.
Geophysical signature of shallow magma chamber replenishment.

Ricciardi, G.P.; Costa, A.; Di Vito, M.A.; Folch, A.; Macedonio, G.; Siniscalchi, V.
Reconstruction and analysis of the fallout deposit from the 1906 Vesuvius eruption: hazard implication for a violent Strombolian scenario

Langer, H.; Falsaperla, S.; Masotti, M.; Campanini, R.; Spampinato, S. ; Messina, A.
A comprehensive study on automatic classification techniques applied to volcanic tremor data recorded at Mt Etna during the July-August 2001 eruption.

Pappalardo, L; Mastrolorenzo, G
Short-term warning in Campi Flegrei active caldera inferred from magma chamber evolution and opening processes.

Passarelli, L.; Bonazzi, A.; Sandri, L.; Marzocchi, W.
Bayesian Hierarchical Model for eruption occurrence.

Partington, E.; Winson, A.; Gottsmann, J.; Kinvig, H.; Geyer, A.
NVEWS analysis of volcanic threat of Nisyros caldera, Greece

Neri, A.; The EXPLORIS Vesuvius Team
Developing an Event Tree for probabilistic hazard and risk assessment at Vesuvius

Panepinto, S.; Greco, F.; van Ruymbeke , M.; Luzio, D.
Tidal modulation of thermometric signals acquired at Mt. Etna (Italy)

Felpeto, A.; Martí, J.; Meletlidis, S.; López, C.
Characterization of Teide-Pico Viejo’s explosive activity required for hazard, risk and monitoring analyses

Tizzani, P.; Battaglia, M.; Zeni, G.; Atzori, S.; Berardino, P.; Casu, F.; Manzo, M; Lanari, R.
Long Valley caldera (California) deformation source analysis by using SBAS-DInSAR, two colors EDM and gravity measurements

Martelli, K. M.; Thouret, J-C.; Vargas Franco , R.
Physical vulnerability of the city of Arequipa - exposed to volcanic flows and flash floods

Trigila, R; Battaglia, M; De Natale, G; Troise, C
Volcanic eruptions from near-solidus magma chambers and their relevance for the volcanic hazard at densely inhabited areas

Pfanz, H.; Saßmannshausen, F.
Geogenic CO2-Exhalations and Vegetation: Its possible use to predict volcanic eruptions

Mastrolorenzo, G.; Pappalardo, L.; De Natale, G.; Troise, C.; Rossano, S.; Panizza, A.
Eruptive scenarios for next eruptions in Neapolitan area: an integrated volcanological-probabilistic approach

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