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  List of Accepted Contributions - NH5.1 Seismic hazard evaluation, precursory phenomena and reliability of prediction (co-listed in SM & TS)

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Korepanov, V.; Lizunov, G.
Seismoionospheric coupling and earthquakes forecast probability

Moldovan, I.A.; Placinta, A.O.; Popescu, E.; Moldoveanu, T.
Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Assessment in Romania used for dam’s rating in seismic risk classes

Popescu, E.; Placinta, A.O.; Moldovan, I.A.; Cioflan, C.O.; Radulian, M.
Attenuation model for the seismic ground motion induced by Vrancea intermediate-depth earthquakes

Dumitrascu, S.; Armas, I.
The historical center of the Bucharest Municipality – spatial modeling in urban disasters

Sengor, T.
The electromagnetic device optimization modeling of seismo-electromagnetic processes for Marmara Sea earthquakes

Mavrodiev, S.Cht; Pekevski, L.; Melikadze, G.; Rusov, V.D.; Pavlovich, V.N.; Vachtenko, V.N.
On the complex researching the possibility for when, where and how earthquake prediction as well as for reliable estimation of some natural risks

Purghel, L.; Georgescu, M.; Gheorghiu, D.; Diaconescu, M.; Moldovan, I.A. ; Placinta, A.O.; Popescu, E.
Measurement of radon emanation along three surface faults from Dobrogea (Eastern Romania)

Contadakis, M.E. ; Arabelos, D.N. ; Asteriadis, G. ; Spatalas, S.D. ; Pikridas , Ch.
TEC variations over the Mediterranean during the seismic activity period of the last quarter of 2005 in the area of Greece.

Bala, A.; Balan, St. ; Ritter, J.R.R; Hannich, D.; Rohn, J.
Linear modelling of seismic site effects in Bucharest City, Romania

Rundle, J; Turcotte, D; Holliday, J; Van Aalsburg, J
A Stress Dependent BASS Model for Earthquakes, Damage and Fracture

Van Aalsburg, J; Rundle, J; Rundle, P; Turcotte, D; Morein, G; Donnellan, A
Computing Earthquake Forecast Probabilities Using Numerical Simulations of the Physics of Realistic Fault Systems (Virtual California)

Rundle, J; Holliday, J; Tiampo, K; Knox, L; Gaggioli, W
A pattern-recognition approach to fully dynamic space-time earthquake forecasting

Imoto, M.
Seismicity models for moderate earthquakes in Kanto, central Japan, based on three parameters

Apostol, B. F.; Balan, S. F.; Cioflan, C. O.
Short-term seismic activity. Next earthquake time-magnitude distributions. Application to Vrancea, Romania

Liperovskaya, E.V.; Bogdanov, V.V.; Biagi, P.-F.; Meister, C.-V.; Liperovsky, V.A.; Rodkin, M.V.
Day-time variations of foF2 connected to strong earthquakes

Liperovskaya, E.V.; Biagi, P.-F.; Meister, C.-V.; Rodkin, M.V.
foF2 seismo-ionospheric effect analysis: actual data and numerical simulation

Constantin, A.; Pantea, A.; Stoica, R.
New data about historical earthquakes occurred on the romanian territory

Fujimaki, H.; Ohtsuki, K.; Matsu-ura, K.; Kashima, K.
Temporal changes of radon concentrations in waters from deep boreholes and their possible relation to seismic activities, northeast Japan

Chan, C.; Grünthal, G.
Hybrid zoneless probabilistic seismic hazard analysis: Test and first application to SW Germany

Ardeleanu, L.; Leydecker, G.; Schmitt, T.; Bonjer, K.-P.; Busche, H.; Kaiser, D.; Simeonova, S.D.; Solakov, D.E.
Probabilistic seismic hazard maps in terms of intensities for Bulgaria and Romania

Wave Forces Prediction on Vertical Walls by Hurricane

Pantea, A; Constantin, A
The new seismic macrozoning of the territory of Romania, based on revalued of the isoseismal maps, corroborated to complex geological and geophysical data.

Kovalevsky, V.; Tatkov, G.; Tubanov, S.; Bazarov, A.
Vibroseismic monitoring of the seismic active central part of Baikal rift zone

Wiemer, S.; Schorlemmer, D.; Marzocchi, W.; Woessner, J.
Prospective Testing of Earthquake Forecast Models in Europe: The CSEP Euro-Med Testing Center

Telesca, L.; Lovallo, M.
Non-uniform scaling behaviour in seismic temporal fluctuations of central Italy and signatures of possible precursory patterns

Mohamed, A.S.
Using GPS and seismic data for hazard estimation of Egypt

Poscolieri, M.; Gregori, G.P.; Lagios, E.; Marson, I.; Lupieri, M.; Paparo, G.; Parcharidis, I.; Sakkas, V.; Ventrice, G.
Crustal stress monitoring in the Cephallonia Island (Western Greece) on the basis of a multi-parametric approach

Cagatay, N.; Belucci, L.; Polonia, A.; Sancar, Ü.; Dikce, D.; Eris, K.; Damci, E.; Gasperini, L.; Görür, N.; Henry, P.; Marnaut Scientific Team
Sedimentary earthquake records in the Sea of Marmara

Wu, Z. L.; Jiang, C. S.
Retrospective forecasting test of a statistical physics model for earthquakes in Sichuan-Yunnan region of Southwest China

Minadakis, G.; Daskalaki, E.; Orfanogiannaki, K.; Papadopoulos, G.A.
An algorithm for the short-term prediction of the mainshock from foreshocks

Stejskal, V.; Skalsky, L.; Broz, M.; Strunc, J.
Analysis of seismic induced changes of groundwater level and carbon dioxide in the region of weak intraplate seismic activity, Bohemian Massif (Central Europe)

Im, C.B.; Noh, M.; Shim, T.M.; Lee, H.; Choi, H.S.; Hyun, S.G.; Park, K.S.
Review on the evaluating methods of paleo-earthquake magnitudes from fault parameters in Korea

Vallianatos, F.
Seismic Hazard estimation and non extensive thermodynamics

Kossobokov, V.; Romashkova, L.; Nekrasova, A.
Targeting the next mega-earthquake

Slunga, R.
Earthquake Forecasts (Warnings, Predictions) based on Rock Mechanics (Stresses).

Benito, B; Gaspar-Escribano, J. M.; García Rodríguez, M. J.; Rivas Medina, A.; Pérez Escalante, M.; Murphy, P.; Tsige, M.
Seismic hazard assessment of Navarre (Northern Spain)

Bulatova, N.
Some regularities of the migration of seismoactive zones

Bonfanti, P.; Ditta, M.; Italiano, F.; Maugeri, R.
Circulating fluids and tectonics: new data along the Southern Apennine chain

Bonfanti, P.; Bovini, S.; Italiano, F.; Lemmi, M.; Martinelli, G.
1997-2007: the first example of a long-term geochemical monitoring. results and perspectives from the Umbria region seismic area

Zoran, M.; Mateciuc, D.N.
Geospatial integrated system for seismic hazard assessment in Vrancea area, Romania

Flores-Marquez, E. L.; Marquez-Cruz, J.; Valdes, C.; Jimenez, C.; Angulo-Brown, F.
Statistical distribution of seismic event occurrences along five years at the Guerrero Pacific coast, Mexico.

Battiston, R.; Fidani, C.
Searching for correlation between NOAA particle data and seismic activity

Battiston, R.; Fidani, C.
Searching for correlation between NOAA particle data and seismic activity

Vallianatos, F.; Hloupis, G.
Rapid Earthquake Magnitude Estimation using Wavelets: Application for an Early Warning

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