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  List of Accepted Contributions - NH1.2 Extreme Events Induced by Weather and Climate Change: Evaluation, Forecasting and Proactive Planning (co-listed in AS, CL & GM)

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Benestad, R.E.
Complementary to dynamical downscaling: empirical-statistical downscaling

Vautard, R.; Yiou, P.; Naveau, P.; Cassou, C.
Climate extremes and weather regimes

Quénol, H.; Planchon, O.; Corgne, S.
Interest of the Hess-Brezowsky classification of circulation patterns in the analysis of rainy winters in Brittany (France)

Livina, V.; Lenton, T.
Modified degenerate fingerprinting for detecting incipient climate bifurcations

Santos, J.A.; Andrade, C.; Corte-Real, J.
North Atlantic transient eddies and winter precipitation extremes in Portugal

Kaspar, M.; Müller, M.
Synoptic-scale predictors of summer heavy large-scale precipitation

Müller, M.; Kaspar, M.; Matschullat, J.
Central-European extreme precipitation and discharge events

Garcies, L.; Homar, V.
Ensemble sensitivities of the real atmosphere: Application to Mediterranean intense cyclones

Garcies, L.; Homar, V.
An alternative approach to sensitivity analysis: Ensemble sensitivities of the real atmosphere

Sillmann, J.; Croci-Maspoli, M.
Atmospheric blockings as extreme events in a future climate

Mestre, O.; Hallegatte, S.
Data mining techniques applied to the forecast of hurricane landfalls on North Atlantic US coasts

Donat, M.; Leckebusch, G.C.; Pinto, J.; Ulbrich, U.
Analysis of the atmospheric circulation and cyclone tracks concerning the occurrence of wind storm events in Central Europe

Dankers, R.; Feyen, L.
Climate change impact on flood hazard in Europe: An assessment based on regional climate scenarios

Georgescu, F.; Tascu, S.; Banciu, D.; Stefan, S.
Atmospheric instability features associated to the dislocation of tropical air mass over Romania – a case study

Petrucci, O.; Polemio, M.
The role of on meteorological and climatic conditions on the occurrence of damaging hydro-geologic events (Southern Italy)

Panagoulia, D.; Fotopoulos, F.
On fitting distribution functions in maximum monthly precipitation under global warming

LLasat, M.C.; LLasat-Botija, M.; López, L.
An analysis of the evolution of hydrometeorological extremes in newspapers

Funatsu, B. M.; Claud, C.; Chaboureau, J.-P.
A 6-year climatology of upper-tropospheric troughs and associated precipitation in the Mediterranean region based on AMSU observations

Beaulant, A. L.; Nuissier, O.; Joly, B. ; Ducrocq, V. ; Joly, A.; Somot, S.; Sevault, F.
High precipitating events in Mediterranean regions : a climate downscaling approach

Loukas, A.; Vasiliades, L.; Patsonas, G.
Evaluation of statistical downscaling procedures for the estimation of climate change impacts on droughts

Tascu, S.; Caian, M.; Georgescu, F.; Banciu, D.
A severe weather event in Romania during winter – a case study

Lux, R.; Kunz, M.
Winter Storms with high loss potential in changing climate conditions: a regional view

Kaltenböck, R.; Diendorfer, G.; Dotzek, N.
Proximity sounding parameters obtained from ECMWF Analyses as predictor for local severe storm types in Europe.

Pongracz, R.; Bartholy, J.; Szabo, P.; Gelybo, GY.
Analysis of past and future trends of extreme precipitation indices for the Carpathian basin

Dubrovsky, M.; Hayes, M.; Svoboda, M.; Trnka, M.; Wilhite, D.; Zalud, Z.
Future global drought conditions in terms of the Palmer drought indices

Seidel, J.; Imbery, F.; Dostal, P.; Sudhaus, D.; Buerger, K.
Potential of historical meteorological and hydrological data for the reconstruction of flood events - the example of the 1882 flood in SW-Germany

Hoffman, R.; Henderson, J.
Exigent forecasting of extreme weather

Planchon, O.; Dupont, N.
Identification of spring weather patterns causing floods in the East of Brittany (France)

Maraun, D. ; Osborn, T.J.; Gillett, N.P.
UK daily precipitation intensity: extremes, trends and decadal variability

Warner, K.
The attribution problem and risk transfer: Emerging approaches to facilitate climate risk insurance solutions

Gouveia, C.; DaCamara, C. C.; Trigo, R. M.
Droughts monitoring in Portugal using satellite data

Brücher, T.; Fink, A.H.; Ermert, V.; Krüger, A.; Pinto, J.G.
The European Storm Kyrill in January 2007

Cole, S.J.; Moore, R.J.; Roberts, N.; Boswell, D.
Using high-resolution numerical weather prediction models in flood forecasting: an extreme event case study

Bliefernicht, J.; Bárdossy, A.; Ebert, C.
Probabilistic forecast of daily areal precipitation by an analogue method using large-scale weather patterns as additional information

Schlüter, I.; Schädler, G.
Simulation of extreme precipitation and evaluation of its variability for the flood risk management using the COSMO model

Colfescu, I.; Boroneant, C.; Esteban, P. ; Martin-Vide, J.
Classification of atmospheric circulation patterns associated to heavy precipitation in Romania

Kravik, R.; Ólafsson, H.; Sorteberg, A.
Avalanches in Scandinavia in a future climate

Ólafsson, H.; Kravik, R. ; Sorteberg, A.
Avalanches in past and future climate in Iceland

Bell, A.; Martin Leon, F
Tropical characteristics of severe storms in Romania

Matthies, A.; Schartner, Th.; Leckebusch, G.C.; Rohlfing, G.; Névir, P.; Ulbrich, U.
Extreme weather events in southern Germany – Climatological risk and development of a nowcasting procedure

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