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  List of Accepted Contributions - NH4.2 Remote sensing and geophysical techniques for investigating unstable slopes (co-listed in GI)

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Chwatal, W; Roch, K.H.; Kuschnig, G.; Hausmann, H.
Geophysical exploration of the Wildalpen rockslide in the area of Siebensee, Hochschwab region, Styria

Grandjean , G.; Pradzynska, D.M.; Bogaard, T.A.; Malet, J.-P.; Bitri , A.
Characterization of the fissure system of landslide. Integration of seismic azimuth tomography, geotechnical tests and geomorphological mapping.

Scheikl, M.
Challenges within Monitoring and Risk-Oriented Analysis of Precipitation- and Hydraulic- Coupled Slope-Collapses

Niesner, EN; Weidinger, JTW
Results of a continuous geoelectrical monitoring in the forefront of the large landslide event of 2007/2008 in the Gschliefgraben (Gmunden/Upper Austria)

Wang, K.-L.; Lin, M.-L.; Lo, W.; Wang, T.-T.; Lai, Y.-T.; Wang, Y.-T.
The detection of a deep seated rock slide using remote sensing techniques

Bianchi, M.; Tamburini, A.; Alberto, W.; Giardino, M.; Bellini, A.; Broccolato, M.; Ratto, S.
Combined geomorphological and PSInSAR approach to characterize the Croix Courma Deep-seated Gravitational Slope Deformation (Pont St. Martin, Aosta – Italy).

Grandjean, G.; Mathieu, F.; Travelletti, J.; Malet, J.-P.; Garel, E.
Hydrogeophysical monitoring of water flows in a shallow landslide: the Laval infiltration test experiment.

Casagli, N.; Pancioli, V.; Campolmi, T.; Raetzo, H.
InSAR techniques for supporting landslide investigations: a regional and a local case studies from ESA-Terrafirma project

Pancioli, V; Casagli, N
Updating of a landslide inventory map through InSAR techniques: outcomes from ESA - Terrafirma project.

Travelletti , J.; Sailhac, P.; Malet, J.-P.; Allčgre, V.; Bogaard, T.A.; Hocine-Debieche, T.; Grandjean, G.; Garambois, S.; Ponton, J.
Geophysical and hydrological monitoring of water flows on an active mudslide in nearly saturated conditions: the Super-Sauze hydrogeophysical experiment

Perrone, A.; Piscitelli, S.; Lapenna, V.; Loperte, A.; Di Maio, C. ; Vassallo, R.
Geotechnical techniques and electrical resistivity tomography for the stability analysis of a slope in lucanian Apennine (southern Italy).

Wasowski, J.; Bovenga, F.; Casarano, D.; Lamanna, C.
Earth Observation for the investigating of landslides and unstable slopes

Righini, G.; Del Ventisette, C.; Casagli, N.; Lombardi, L.
Case study on the updating of landslide inventory map with remote sensing data

Dehls, J. F.; Lauknes, T. R.; Larsen, Y.; Henderson, I. H.
Landslide mapping in northern Norway using SBAS InSAR

Capra, A.; Corsini, A.; Bertacchini, E.; Borgatti , L.; Castagnetti, C.; Cervi, F.; Dubbini, M.; Ronchetti, F.; Bonanno, C.; Piantelli, E.
Monitoring active earth-slides failure dynamics by means of an integrated

Crosta, G.B.; Allievi, J.; Frattini, P.; Giannico, C.; Lari, S.
Monitoring Deep-Seated Gravitational Slope Deformations in the Alps by PSInSAR™ techniques

Acar, MA; Ozlüdemir, MTO; Haberler-Weber, MHW; Ayan, TA
3D determination of landslide block movements

Pena-Rincon, G.I.; van Westen, C.; Malet, J.P.; Hantz, D.
Modeling shallow landslides. A case study from the Moulin catchment, Draix, South French Alps

Meisina, C.; Zucca, F.; Notti, D.; Colombo, A.; Cucchi, A.; Bianchi, M.; Colombo, D.; Giannico, C.
Potential and limitation of PSInSAR technique for landslide studies in the Piemonte Region (Northern Italy)

Dabbicco, G.; Florio, N.G.; Gallo, D.; Wasowski, J.
Results of the surface-based geophysical exploration of the Colletorto landslide, Italy

Pathe, C.; Wagner, W.; Hollaus, M.; Doubkova, M.; Naeimi, V.; Bartsch, A.; Székely, B.
The EO-NatHaz project – remotely sensed soil moisture for assessment of natural hazards in the Austrian Alps

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