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  List of Accepted Contributions - NH9.10 Mountain Risks: integration of predictions, management and governance

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Geertsema, M; Safford, K; Gawalko, L; Dobson, D
Prescribed burning in British Columbian parks - balancing biodiversity, habitat, forest health, and fuel management issues with terrain hazards.

Pradzynska, D.M.; Bogaard, T.A.; Westhoff, M.C.
Spatial and temporal variability of soil moisture patterns related to preferential flow measured using distributed temperature sensing in large scale infiltration experiment

Angignard, M.; Greiving, S.
A new risk governance approach - more inclusiveness in assessment and management of mountain risks

Shieh, C.L.; Lee, S.P.; Tseng, W.H.; Tsai, Y.J.
Watershed integrated regulation plan after earthquake affects

Bogaard, Th.A; Van Asch, Th.W.; Malet , J-P
Decisive factors for risk management of slow moving landslides in varved clays

Sudmeier-Rieux, K; Qureshi, R. ; Peduzzi, P. ; Jaboyedoff, M.; Dubois, J; Breguet, A. ; Jaubert, R.
Land use and landslides in Azad Kashmir and Jammu, Pakistan:

Lu, P; Falorni, G; Casagli, N; Catani, F
Landslides Investigation using Statistical Analysis of Permanent Scatterers: Case Study in the Arno River Basin

Blahut, J.; Brambilla, M.; De Amicis, M.; Frigerio, S.; Giacomelli, P.; Poretti, I.; Sironi, S.; Sterlacchini, S.
Hydrogeological risks: hazard and vulnerability assessment for economic evaluation of consequences and real-time management of emergency situations

Bièvre, G.; Kniess, U.; Jongmans, D.; Schwartz, S.; Zumbo, V.
Influence of the geological structure on the geometry and dynamics of two large landslides within glaciolacustrine clays (Trièves area, french Alps)

Mavrouli, O.
Structural response and vulnerability assessment of buildings in front of the rockfall impact

Malet, J.-P.; Maquaire, O.; van Asch, Th.; Giacomelli, P.; Sterlacchini, S.; Corominas, J.; Glade, T; Greiving, S.; Remaître, A.
The ‘Mountain Risks’ research project: challenges in risk prediction, management and governance.

Remaître, A.; Malet, J.-P.; Maquaire, O.
Considerations on debris-flow hazard analysis, risk assessment and management.

Thiery , Y. ; Malet , J.-P; Maquaire, O.
Landslide susceptibility assessment at the 1:10,000 scale: methods to implement expert knowledge in the statistical models

Mavrouli, O.
Rockfall risk mitigation measures in the principality of Andorra

Chapa-Guerrero, J. R.; Ibarra-Martínez, S. E.
Geological risks in urban areas in the south of the metropolitan area of Monterrey, Nuevo León, México

'Mountain-Risks' Young Researchers Team, MRT; The 'Mountain-Risks' Young Researchers Team
Analyses of ‘Mountain-Risks’: doctoral and post-doctoral research projects in risk prediction, management and governance.

Seliverstov, Yu.; Glazovskaya, T.; Shnyparkov, A.; Vilchek, Ya.; Sergeeva, K.
Estimation of avalanche risk

Abbruzzese, J.M.; Sauthier, C. ; Labiouse, V.
Considerations on rockfall hazard mapping based on trajectory modelling

Fuchs, S.
Mountain risks – assessment and management, myth and reality

LUEHR, B.-G.; Walter, Th.; Wassermann, J.; Wang, R.; Wagner, D.; Anggraini, A.; Parolai, S.; Zschau, J.; Harjadi, P.; Brotopuspito, K. S.
The surprising Mw 6.5 Bantul Earthquake 2006

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