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  List of Accepted Contributions - NH4.15 The role of plants on slope stability and the impacts of climate change and land-use change on landslides (co-listed in BG, CL & SSS)

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Winter, M G; Dent, J; Dempsey, P; Shackman, L; Macgregor, F
The Determination of Rainfall Conditions Leading to Debris Flow

Schwarz, M.; Lehmann, P.; Or, D.
Modelling of root reinforcement in steep and vegetated slopes

Cepeda, J.
Time-trend analyses of precipitation data using rainfall thresholds for landslide triggering

Guthrie, R.H.; Brown, K.J.
10,000 years of landslides and climate change in coastal western Canada

Acharya, M.S.
An approach to dimension the vegetative crib walls

Dani, A.; Giadrossich, F.; Preti, F.; Schwarz, M.
Hydrological, mechanical and spatial characterisation of root reinforcement in Mediterranean shrub vegetated slopes

Stangl, RS; Florineth, FF; Loiskandl, WL
Soil bioengineering Contribution of Alnus ssp. to Landslide Stabilisation in terms of Biomass Productivity and Evapotranspiration

Bischetti, G.B.; Epis, T.; Morlotti, E.
Slope stability change in forested areas after a wildfire

Petrucci, O.; Polemio, M.
Occurrence of landslide events and the role of climate during the twentieth century (Calabria, Southern Italy)

Malet, J.-P.; Remaître, A.; Maquaire, O.; Durand, Y.; Etchevers, P.; Guyomarc’h, G.; Déqué, M.; van Beek, R.
Effects of climate change on the activity of shallow slides in the Ubaye Valley, South French Alps.

Anderschitz, M.; Lammeranner, W.; Rauch, H.P.; Stangl, R.
Specific addressed issues of soil bioengineering implementation work - a practical approach

Sutili, F.J.; Rauch, H.P.
Pull-out resistance investigations as a criteria for the selection of plants for soil bioengineering measures in South Brazil

Katuwal, S.; Vermang, J.; Cornelis, W.M.; Gabriels, D.
Effect of root density and vegetable garden compost mulch on erodibility of a loamy soil under simulated rain

Lammeranner, W.; Meixner, H.; Florineth, F.
Soil bioengineering techniques on heavily compacted soils: Experiences from a test site

Wasowski, J.; Lamanna, C.; Casarano, D.
The influence of land use changes and precipitation pattern on shallow landslide activity in the Rocchetta S. Antonio area (Daunia Apennines, S. Italy)

Pohl, P; Alig, A; Körner, C; Rixen, C
Higher plant diversity enhances soil stability in alpine ecosystems

Acharya, M.S.; Rauch, H.P.
The use of soil bioengineering techniques in roadside slope stabilisation- a practical approach at the landslide of Pokhara–Sarangkot in Nepal

Tiwald, W.
Restoration of extremely steep ski-slopes in high alpine altitudes

Katzenbach, R.; Werner, A.
Laboratory and in-situ shear tests to study soil-root interaction

Dixon, N.; Dijkstra, T.
Climate change and slope instability - networking in the UK

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