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  Poster Programme - SSP12 Environmental Micropalaeontology - Monitoring past and present environmental perturbations using micro-organisms/fossils (co-listed in BG & CL)

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Convener: Spezzaferri, S.
Co-Convener: Jorissen, F.

Author in Attendance:

Thursday, 6 April 2006 15:30 - 17:00
Display Time: Thursday, 6 April 2006 08:00 -
Thursday, 6 April 2006 19:30
Poster Area: Hall A

Chairperson: SIERRO, F.; HART, M.

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EGU06-A-04285;  SSP12-1TH4P-0419
Tamburini, F.; Coccioni, R.; Frontalini, F.; Marsili, A.
Benthic foraminifers and geochemistry of sediments from the central Adriatic coast, Italy: a multi-proxy environmental study

EGU06-A-08098;  SSP12-1TH4P-0420
Orsini, G.; Capotondi, L.; Colantoni, P.; Galeotti, S.; Mencucci, D.
Benthic Foraminifera as indicators of environmental changes in the central Adriatic Sea

EGU06-A-05339;  SSP12-1TH4P-0421
Perez, E.; Rathburn, A. E.; Henderson, A.; Kluesner, J.; Basak , C.; Gieskes, J. M.
Historical records of pollution in the Venice Lagoon using benthic foraminifera

EGU06-A-03681;  SSP12-1TH4P-0422
Olugbode, O.; Hart, M.; Stubbles, S.
Foraminifera from Restronguet Creek: monitoring recovery from the Wheal jane pollution incident (solicited)

EGU06-A-04960;  SSP12-1TH4P-0423
Robinson, M.; McBride, R.
Micropaleontological Evidence of a former tidal Inlet: Old Currituck Inlet, VA/NC, USA

EGU06-A-06244;  SSP12-1TH4P-0424
Bergami, C.; Capotondi, L.; Langone, L.; Giglio, F.; Ravaioli, M.
Living planktonic foraminifera as indicators of hydrologic conditions in the Ross Sea (Antarctica)

EGU06-A-07934;  SSP12-1TH4P-0425
Mertens, K.; Vanneste, H.; Foubert, A.; Louwye, S.; Hebbeln, D.
Biometry of late Quaternary coccoliths from the Southern Cadiz region

EGU06-A-01326;  SSP12-1TH4P-0426
Lignum, J.; Jarvis, I.; Pearce, M.
Dinoflagellate cysts as sea-level and water depth indicators: Upper Cretaceous of Culver Cliff, Isle of Wight, UK

EGU06-A-10118;  SSP12-1TH4P-0427
Basso, D.; Grobety, B.; Neururer, C.; Spezzaferri, S.
Unraveling the paleoenvironmental archive of coralline algae (calcareous Rhodophyta): which scale for which resolution? (solicited)

EGU06-A-00517;  SSP12-1TH4P-0428
Stepanova, A.Yu.; Taldenkova, E.E.; Simstich, J.; Bauch, H.A.
Distribution pattern of recent ostracods in surface sediments of the Kara and Laptev seas as a basis for paleoenvironmental reconstructions

EGU06-A-03964;  SSP12-1TH4P-0429
Erbacher, J.; Nelskamp, S.
Comparison of benthic foraminifera inside and outside a sulphur-oxidizing bacterial mat from the present oxygen-minimum zone off Pakistan (NE Arabian Sea)

EGU06-A-02858;  SSP12-1TH4P-0430
Mikhalevich, V.I.
On the taxonomic position of Fusulinoida (Foraminifera)

EGU06-A-10924;  SSP12-1TH4P-0431
Kabanov, P.B.; Alekseev, A.S.; Baranova, D.V.; Goreva, N.V.; Vachard, D.
Microfossil distribution in Upper Carboniferous cyclothems of central European Russia (solicited) (cancelled)

EGU06-A-08355;  SSP12-1TH4P-0432
Pirkenseer, C.; Spezzaferri, S.; Berger, J.-P.
Reworked microfossils as palaeoenvironmental tool: an example from the Southern Upper Rhine Graben (Central Europe)

EGU06-A-03891;  SSP12-1TH4P-0433
Cappellacci, S.; Tamburini, F.; Grobety, B. ; Coric, S. ; Spezzaferri, S.
Late Pleistocene glacial-interglacial dynamic along the Northeastern Australian margin. Micropaleontological and geochemical evidence from ODP Leg 194 (Site 1198, Marion Plateau) (solicited)

EGU06-A-08492;  SSP12-1TH4P-0434
Consolaro, C
First report of two Mid-Pliocene sapropels (i-cycle 276 and 272) on Italian land sections: a micropaleontological and O and C stable isotope study

EGU06-A-06748;  SSP12-1TH4P-0435
Gonzalez-Mora, B.; Sierro, F.J.; Flores, J.A.
Microfaunal and Climate Variability on a Millennial and Astronomical Time Scale in the Alboran Sea during MIS 7 and 6

EGU06-A-03290;  SSP12-1TH4P-0436
Romero, O.; Kim, J.; Donner, B.
Centennial-to-Millennial Micropaleontological and Geochemical Records of Rapid Climatic Events in the Low-Latitude NE Atlantic from MIS3 through Early Holocene (solicited)

EGU06-A-04376;  SSP12-1TH4P-0437
Mejía Molina, A.; Flores, J.A.; Sierro, F.J.; Bárcena, M.A.; Grousset, F.
Coccolithophore response to oceanographic changes during the Holocene African Humid Period off Mauritania-Senegal, Northwest Africa

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