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  Poster Programme - SSP14/CL042 Lake systems: sedimentary archives of climate change and tectonics (co-organized by CL)

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Convener: De Batist, M.
Co-Convener: Chapron, E., Loutre, M., Fagel, N.
Co-Sponsorship: Belgian Science Policy through the BELLA cluster project

Author in Attendance:

Thursday, 6 April 2006 17:30 - 19:00
Display Time: Thursday, 6 April 2006 08:00 -
Thursday, 6 April 2006 19:30
Poster Area: Hall A

Chairperson: DE BATIST, M. / CHAPRON, E. / FAGEL, N. / LOUTRE, M.F.

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EGU06-A-02960;  SSP14/CL042-1TH5P-0438
Juninger, A.; Mingram, J.; Bergner, A.; Trauth, M.
High-resolution analysis of 16 kyr old laminated sediments from Lake Nakuru, Kenya

EGU06-A-02976;  SSP14/CL042-1TH5P-0439
Knieß, U.; Trauth, M. H.
Combined hydrological model of adjacent holocene lakes in Central Kenya Rift

EGU06-A-09254;  SSP14/CL042-1TH5P-0440
Cárdenas, M.L.; Moreno, P.I.; Villa- Martínez, R.
Vegetation, fire, and climate during the Pleistocene-Holocene transition in SW Patagonia (51şS) (cancelled)

EGU06-A-01158;  SSP14/CL042-1TH5P-0441
Bertrand, S.; Sterken, M.; Lepoint, G.; Vyverman, W.; Fagel, N.
Paleoclimate variability of Southern Chile during the last 17,900 years reconstructed by organic geochemical properties (C/N, d13C) of Lago Puyehue sediments (40°S)

EGU06-A-03881;  SSP14/CL042-1TH5P-0442
Loutre, M.F.; Boës, X.; Fagel, N.; De Batist, M.
Climate control of varve thickness in Chilean lacustrine sediments during the last centuries: ENSO oscillations and solar activity

EGU06-A-06329;  SSP14/CL042-1TH5P-0443
Janssen, S.; Fey, M.; Haberzettl, T.; Lücke, A.; Mayr, C.; Ohlendorf, C.; Schäbitz, F.; Wille, M.; Wulf, S.; Zolitschka, B.
Holocene vegetation and climate changes reconstructed from lake sediments of the Laguna Azul (Santa Cruz Province, Southern Patagonia, Argentina)

EGU06-A-00790;  SSP14/CL042-1TH5P-0444
Daga, R.; Ribeiro Guevara, S.; Sánchez, M.; Arribére, M.
Geochemical analysis of recent tephra layers from a lacustrine sequence in Northern Patagonia Andean Range

EGU06-A-01052;  SSP14/CL042-1TH5P-0445
Fedorin, M. ; Goldberg, E.
Comparison of 400-kyr paleoclimatic record from Lake Baikal with records from Atlantics and Antarctica using new unified timescales

EGU06-A-03518;  SSP14/CL042-1TH5P-0446
Grygar, T.; Bezdička, P.; Bláhová, A.; Hradil, D.; Kadlec, J.; Pruner, P.; Schnabl, P.; Oberhänsli, H.
Clay minerals and iron oxides in Lake Baikal sediments: The last three glacial cycles in E Eurasia

EGU06-A-02795;  SSP14/CL042-1TH5P-0447
Fagel, N.; Boës, X.; Mackay, A.
Holocene and Eemian clay records in Lake Baikal: weathering condition recovery during Interglacials

EGU06-A-02479;  SSP14/CL042-1TH5P-0448
Chebykin, E.P.; Goldberg, Ye.L.; Zhuchenko, N.A.; Grachev, M.A.
High-resolution record of uranium and thorium isotopes in Lake Baikal bottom sediments

EGU06-A-05626;  SSP14/CL042-1TH5P-0449
Cardinal, D.; Alleman, L.Y.; Mackay, A.W.; Leng, M.J.; Morley, D.W.; André, L.
Covariation of diatoms' oxygen and silicon isotopic signatures in a Holocene Lake Baikal sedimentary record

EGU06-A-05719;  SSP14/CL042-1TH5P-0450
Khlystov, O.M.; Osipov, E.Y.; De Batist, M.; Hus, R.
New evidence for important lake-level changes in Lake Baikal during the Last Glaciation

EGU06-A-01053;  SSP14/CL042-1TH5P-0451
Fedorin, M. ; Vologina, E. ; Tolomeev, A.
Sediment accumulation rate, annual rhythms and geochemistry of bottom sediments from Lake Shira (Khakas) as a tool for paleoecological reconstructions

EGU06-A-04060;  SSP14/CL042-1TH5P-0452
De Grave, J.; Buslov, M.; Zykin, V.; Van den haute, P.; Dehandschutter, B.; Delvaux, D.; De Batist, M.; Selegei, V.
Intramontane lacustrine basins in the Siberian Altai: recorders of Cenozoic intracontinental tectonic and climatic events

EGU06-A-01084;  SSP14/CL042-1TH5P-0453
Buslov, M.; De Grave, J.; Zykin, V.
Cenozoic tectonics and climate of Central Asia

EGU06-A-04354;  SSP14/CL042-1TH5P-0454
Gier , S.; Draganits , E.; Hofmann, C.-C.; Grasemann , B. ; Schmid , H.P.
Clay mineralogy of rock-avalanche-dammed lake sediments near Sangla (Baspa Valley) and Chango (Spiti Valley) in the Higher Himalaya, NW India

EGU06-A-03847;  SSP14/CL042-1TH5P-0455
Demirel-Schlueter, F.; Krastel, S.; Demirbag, E.; Imren, C.; Toker, M.; Niessen, F.; Litt, T.; Sturm, M.
Determination of potential ICDP Sites and Reconstruction of Lake Level Changes at Lake Van, Turkey, based on high resolution seismic Surveying

EGU06-A-04942;  SSP14/CL042-1TH5P-0456
Debret, M.; Arnaud, F.; Desmet, M.; Chapron, E.; Trentesaux, A.; Magand, O.; Revel-Rolland, M.; Bout-Roumazeilles, V.
Holocene paleo-hydrology of North western Alps during the last 10 000 years

EGU06-A-07789;  SSP14/CL042-1TH5P-0457
Monecke, K.; Sturm, M.
Late Glacial to Holocene climate variability and anthropogenic impact as reflected in a high-resolution sedimentary record from Baldeggersee, Central Switzerland

EGU06-A-10229;  SSP14/CL042-1TH5P-0458
Capelletti, S.; Michetti, A.M.; Vezzoli, L.; Como Drilling Project Team
Study of Recent Sediments in the City of Como (Northern Italy): a new perspective from the Como Drilling Project

EGU06-A-05568;  SSP14/CL042-1TH5P-0459
Moretti, M.; Sabato, L.
The record of seismic events in lacustrine deposits: the recognition of seismites in the Pleistocene lacustrine deposits of the Sant'Arcangelo Basin (Southern Italy)

EGU06-A-07785;  SSP14/CL042-1TH5P-0460
Aiello, G.; Ascione, A. ; Barra, D.; Munno, R.; Petrosino, P.; Russo Ermolli, E.; Villani, F.
Evolution of the late Quaternary San Gregorio Magno tectono-karstic basin (southern Italy) inferred from geomorphological, tephrostratigraphical and paleoecological analyses: tectonic implications

EGU06-A-06140;  SSP14/CL042-1TH5P-0461
González-Sampériz, P.; Valero-Garcés, B.; Moreno, A.; Jalut, G.; García-Ruiz, J.M.; Martí-Bono, C.; Delgado-Huertas, A.; Navas, A.
Climate variability and paleoenvironmental reconstruction in the Central-Western Spanish Pyrenees during the last 30,000 yr: El Portalet lacustrine sequence

EGU06-A-06223;  SSP14/CL042-1TH5P-0462
Morellón, M.; Valero-Garcés, B.; Moreno, A.; González-Sampériz, P.; Mata, P.; Delgado-Huertas, A.; Romero, O.
Palaeohydrology and environmental changes during the Holocene in northern Spain: The sedimentary record of Lake Estanya.

EGU06-A-01255;  SSP14/CL042-1TH5P-0463
Melnick, D.; Charlet, F.; Echtler, H.; De Batist, M.
Holocene tectonic, sedimentary, and erosive processes in a volcanic-dammed intramontane lacustrine basin: Lago Laja, Chile

EGU06-A-06045;  SSP14/CL042-1TH5P-0464
Parplies, J.; Lücke, A.; Brauer, A.; Radtke, U.
Rapid hydrological and environmental changes during the Late Glacial - diatomaceous silica oxygen isotopes derived from varved sediments of Meerfelder Maar, Germany

EGU06-A-04904;  SSP14/CL042-1TH5P-0465
Müller, A. B.; Strauss, H.; Hartkopf-Fröder, Ch.; Littke, R.
Geochemical and palynological investigations on early Permian lake sediments – Saar-Nahe Basin, western Germany

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