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  Poster Programme - GI3 Space Instrumentation (co-listed in AS, G, OS, PS & ST)

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Convener: Svedhem, H.
Co-Convener: Zarnecki, J.

Author in Attendance:

Thursday, 28 April 2005 17:30 - 19:00
Display Time: Thursday, 28 April 2005 08:00 -
Thursday, 28 April 2005 19:00
Poster Area: Hall Y

Chairperson: N.N.

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EGU05-A-00521;  GI3-1TH5P-0053
Vovchyk, Ye.; Blagodyr, Ya.; Logvynenko, A.; Kraynyuk, G.; Bilinsky, A.; Ternavska, S.
Equipment for observing the artificail satellites.

EGU05-A-02078;  GI3-1TH5P-0054
Brown, P; O'Brien, H; Austin, P; Beek, T; Ludlam, M ; Carr, C; Oddy, T; Balogh, A
Analogue and digital detection of a tuned fluxgate magnetometer for space applications

EGU05-A-02137;  GI3-1TH5P-0055
Sorokin, V.
Electrodynamic mechanism for deployment and stabilization of thin film structures in space

EGU05-A-10121;  GI3-1TH5P-0056
Zent, A; Quinn, R; Grunthaner, F; Towner, M; Ringrose, T; Garry, R
Using in-situ deposition of metallic thin films on Mars to monitor atmospheric H2O

EGU05-A-09982;  GI3-1TH5P-0057
Ichikawa, R.; Sekido, M.; Takeuchi, H.; Kimura, M.; Koyama, Y.; Kondo, T.; Mochiduki, N.; Murata, Y.; Yoshikawa, M.; Ohnishi, T.; Spacecraft DVLBI group
A preliminary result of precise positioning of the interplanetary spacecraft using differential VLBI measurements

EGU05-A-03146;  GI3-1TH5P-0058
Palazov, K.; Manev, A.; Spasov, S.; Stoeva, P.; Tashev, V.; Getsov, P.; Jekov, J.; Mardirosyan, G.; Kuzmin, A.; Prokhorenko, V.
Interball Projects , Vaccuum UV Experiment UVSIPS-some Scientific , Hardware , Software Aspects and Results

EGU05-A-02184;  GI3-1TH5P-0059
Grün, E.; Srama, R.; Rachev, M.; Srowig, A.; Harris, D. ; Auer, S.; Horanyi, M.; Sternovsky, Z. ; Amyx, K.
Development and tests of elements of a Dust Telescope

EGU05-A-03821;  GI3-1TH5P-0060
Coillot, C.; Moutoussamy, J.; Ruocco, S.; Chanteur, G.
Measuring high frequency plasma wave with a wide band search coil magnetometer : an instrument dedicated to BEPICOLOMBO mission

EGU05-A-03984;  GI3-1TH5P-0061
Chela Flores, J.; Del Negro, P.; Predonzani, S.; Fonda Umani, S.; McKay, C. P.
Instrumentation for the Detection of Biosignatures on Europa

EGU05-A-08725;  GI3-1TH5P-0062
Pirard, B.; d'Uston, C.; Gasnault, O.; Leleux, P.; Cabrera, J.; Brückner, J.
Solar Proton Damage in Germanium Detectors

EGU05-A-10099;  GI3-1TH5P-0063
Perosanz, F.; Bruinsma, S. ; Biancale, R. ; Loyer, S.
Evaluation of GRACE and CHAMP satellites accelerometers calibration

EGU05-A-09260;  GI3-1TH5P-0064
Féménias, P.; Pierdicca, N. ; Bignami, C.; Martini, A. ; Roca, M.
RA-2 Sigma-0 absolute calibration, Phase E results

EGU05-A-08591;  GI3-1TH5P-0065
Calibration of the PLAsma and SupraThermal Ion Composition Instrument for STEREO

EGU05-A-05059;  GI3-1TH5P-0066
Oswald, T.; Macher, W.; Fischer, G.; Rucker, H.O.; Bougeret, J.L.; Kaiser, M.L.; Goetz, K.
Analysis of the STEREO/WAVES antenna system: First results

EGU05-A-06621;  GI3-1TH5P-0067
Schwarzl, H. K.; Khurana, K. K.; Kivelson, M. G.
Resolving Short Term Variations in the Calibration Parameters for Accurate Determination of Vector Measurements from a Single Spinning Spacecraft.

EGU05-A-07732;  GI3-1TH5P-0068
Trautner, R.; Simoes, F.; Jernej, I.; Hamelin, M.; Grard, R.; Schwingenschuh, K.; Falkner, P.; Colombatti, G.; Lion-Stoppato, P.; J. G. Brown, V.
Calibration of the Huygens HASI-PWA AC field measurement data

EGU05-A-01411;  GI3-1TH5P-0069
Rahnama, P.; McDade, I.; Scott, A.; Rochon, Y.
Simulations of on-board calibration procedures for the SWIFT instrument

EGU05-A-08334;  GI3-1TH5P-0070
Plettemeier, D.; Trautner, R.; Svedhem, H.; Lebreton, J.-P.; Jernej, I.; Falkner, P.
Huygens proximity sensor. Data evaluation of terrestrial tests performed aboard the Comas Sola balloon.

EGU05-A-10723;  GI3-1TH5P-0071
Shelus, P. J.; Schutz, B. E.; Webb, C. E.; Ricklefs, R. L.; Rim, H. J.; Yoon, S. P.; Ries, J. G.
Safe Laser Ranging to Downward Looking Satellites: An Application to ICESat

EGU05-A-04652;  GI3-1TH5P-0072
Rothkaehl, H. ; Juchniewicz, J. ; Stasiewicz, K.; Morawski, M. ; Bergman, J. ; Klimov, S.I.
New HF wave diagnostic designed for ISS.

EGU05-A-09291;  GI3-1TH5P-0073
Nadalini, R.; Knapmeyer, M.; Schroeer, K.
Inversion of thermal layering data through genetic algorithms-assisted numerical modelling

EGU05-A-09716;  GI3-1TH5P-0074
Di Girolamo, P. ; Behrendt, A.; Wulfmeyer , V.
Rotational Raman lidar measurements of atmospheric temperature from space: results from a simulation study

EGU05-A-10991;  GI3-1TH5P-0075
Kunimori, H.; Yoshino, T.; Nagano, S.; Hosokawa, M.; Kawamura, S.; Sato, T.; Ohkawa, M.
Ground simulator for future satellite gravity mission by inter-satellite laser interferometer II

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