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  Poster Programme - AS3.07 Upper troposphere and lower stratosphere: dynamics and chemistry

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Convener: Pommereau, J.
Co-Convener: Schumann, U., BEKKI, s.

Author in Attendance:

Monday, 25 April 2005 15:30 - 17:00
Display Time: Monday, 25 April 2005 08:00 -
Monday, 25 April 2005 19:00
Poster Area: Hall X

Chairperson: CAIRO, F., BORCHI, F.

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EGU05-A-04631;  AS3.07-1MO4P-0056
Pirre, M.; Huret, N.
A tropically controlled transition layer above the lowermost stratosphere as derived from in situ measurements of the SPIRALE balloon borne instrument

EGU05-A-05014;  AS3.07-1MO4P-0057
Levine, J.; Savage, N.; Pyle, J.; Harris, N.; Braesicke, P.
CTM and Trajectory Studies of Transport to the Stratosphere from the TTL

EGU05-A-03426;  AS3.07-1MO4P-0058
Cairo, F.; Di Donfrancesco, G.; Viterbini, M.; Morbidini, R.; Buontempo, C.; Fierli, F.; Cardillo, F.; Snels, M. ; D'Aulerio, P.
Aerosol and cirrus in the tropical UTLS: first results from the backscattersonde MAS on board of the M55 Geophysica during the TROCCINOX campaign

EGU05-A-05710;  AS3.07-1MO4P-0059
Buontempo, C.; Jiang, J.; McConnell, J.; Kaminski, J.; Neary, L.; Lupu, A.
Clouds and water in the tropical tropopause layer: a comparison between satellite data and GEM-AQ simulations

EGU05-A-08324;  AS3.07-1MO4P-0060
Grosvenor, D. P.; Choularton, T. W.; Coe, H.; Held, G.; Hansford, G. M.
Cloud Resolving Model studies of tropical deep convection observed during HIBISCUS 2004.

EGU05-A-04685;  AS3.07-1MO4P-0061
Durry, G.; Huret, N.; Freitas, S.; Pirre, M.; Hauchecorne, A.
In situ measurement of H2O by the micro-SDLA balloon borne diode laser spectrometer in the tropical UT-LS : modelling interpretation.

EGU05-A-07136;  AS3.07-1MO4P-0062
Sembhi, H; Remedios, J.J; Waterfall, A.M
Tropical UTLS water vapour and ozone as observed by the MIPAS instrument

EGU05-A-00789;  AS3.07-1MO4P-0063
Pouvesle, N.; Butkovskaya, N.; Le Bras, G.
Laborarory Study of the OH-Initiated Oxidation of Hydroxyacetone and Glycolaldehyde at Low Temperatures of the Upper Troposphere

EGU05-A-01493;  AS3.07-1MO4P-0064
Picaud, S.; Hoang, P.N.M
Molecular dynamics simulations of acetic acid adsorbed on ice at tropospheric temperatures..

EGU05-A-02723;  AS3.07-1MO4P-0065
von Hessberg, P.; Schuster, G.; Crowley, J. N.
Interaction of formic acid with ice surfaces

EGU05-A-06682;  AS3.07-1MO4P-0066
Grothe, H.; Tizek, H.; Loewenschuss, A.
The crystallization kinetics of metastable HNO3 Hydrates

EGU05-A-07857;  AS3.07-1MO4P-0067
Christensen, T.; Knudsen, B. M.; Pommereau, J.-P.; Letrenne, G. ; Vial, F.; Hertzog, A.
ECMWF re-analyses of UTLS temperatures in the tropics evaluated against two decades of balloon observations

EGU05-A-00994;  AS3.07-1MO4P-0068
Sivakumar, V.; Portafaix, T.; Bencherif, H.; Godin, S.; Baldy, S.
Stratospheric ozone climatology and its variability over Reunion Island (21 S; 55 E)

EGU05-A-01230;  AS3.07-1MO4P-0069
Carbone, S.; Manfro, R. L.; Schuch , A. P.; Rosa , M. B.; Pinheiro, D. K.; Kayano, M.; Schuch, N. J.
Correlation between Southern Oscillation Index and total ozone column using Brewer and TOMS at southern Brazil (29.4°S, 53.8°W) from 1997 to 2003

EGU05-A-08327;  AS3.07-1MO4P-0070
Borchi, F.; Pommereau, J.P.; Hauchecorne, A.
Contribution of horizontal and vertical transport to the ozone zonal variability in the tropical UT/LS

EGU05-A-02405;  AS3.07-1MO4P-0071
Stratosphere-Troposhere Exchange during PICO3 campain

EGU05-A-05714;  AS3.07-1MO4P-0072
Lautié, N.; Murtagh, D.; Urban, J.; Kasai, Y.; The Odin/SMR Retrieval Group
Origin of air masses in the stratosphere deduced from Odin/SMR water isotopes measurements.

EGU05-A-06670;  AS3.07-1MO4P-0073
Brühl, C.; Giorgetta, M.A.; Jöckel, P.; Steil, B.
The chemical Circulation Model ECHAM5/MESSy with internally generated QBO

EGU05-A-07916;  AS3.07-1MO4P-0074
Spang, R.; Günther, G.; Trieu, B.; Riese, M.
High-resolution limb-observations of water vapour and clouds in the UT/LS region in comparison to the CLaMS model

EGU05-A-08611;  AS3.07-1MO4P-0075
Sausen, R.; Dotzek, N.
Some thoughts on effective emissions (cancelled)

EGU05-A-08995;  AS3.07-1MO4P-0076
d'Ovidio, F.; Legras, B.
Characterization of transport and mixing across the tropopause

EGU05-A-09247;  AS3.07-1MO4P-0077
Pisso, I.; Legras, B.
Turbulent diffusion and dispersion in the lower stratosphere

EGU05-A-03602;  AS3.07-1MO4P-0078
Jonas, M.; Wernli, H.
Comparison of Lagrangian estimates of cross-tropopause fluxes derived from different ECMWF data sets

EGU05-A-03606;  AS3.07-1MO4P-0079
Jonas, M.; Wernli, H.
Global climatologies of cross-tropopause fluxes of mass and ozone

EGU05-A-07783;  AS3.07-1MO4P-0080
Davies, H.; Kew, S.; Sprenger, M.
A distinctive dynamical feature of the extra-tropical lowermost stratosphere

EGU05-A-09115;  AS3.07-1MO4P-0081
Hoor, P.; Fischer, H.; Gurk, C.; Hegglin, M.; Brunner, D.; Wernli, H.; Wirth, V.; Krebsbach, M.; Schiller, C.
The extratropical tropopause during SPURT

EGU05-A-09683;  AS3.07-1MO4P-0082
Ajtic, J.; Law, K.
Properties of the Extratropical Tropopause Layer

EGU05-A-09414;  AS3.07-1MO4P-0083
Stroh, F.; von Hobe, M.; Hrechanyy, S.
ClO Observations in the Upper Troposhere and Lower Stratosphere

EGU05-A-05199;  AS3.07-1MO4P-0084
Sinnhuber, B.-M.; Sheode, N.; Sinnhuber, M.
The role of bromine in stratospheric ozone depletion and its relation to changes in stratospheric water vapour

EGU05-A-07097;  AS3.07-1MO4P-0085
Valev, D.; Werner, R.; Atanassov, A.; Kostadinov, I.; Giovanelli, G.; Petritoli , A.; Bortoli, D.; Ravegnani, F.; Markova, T.
Observations of episodic jumps of NO2 SCD above Stara Zagora (42N, 25E) connected with thunderstorms and lightning processes

EGU05-A-07183;  AS3.07-1MO4P-0086
Karpechko, A.; Lukyanov, A.; Kyro, E.; Vomel, H.; Paukkunen, A.; Khaikin, S.; Kivi, R.
Transport of the water vapour in the winter Arctic lowermost stratosphere during LAUTLOS campaign in Sodankyla, Finland

EGU05-A-03376;  AS3.07-1MO4P-0087
Kois, B.; Litynska, Z.; Jaczewski, A.
Cooling of the LS and ozone changes in long term radiosounding measurements from Poland

EGU05-A-03565;  AS3.07-1MO4P-0088
The Scenic Project: Overview

EGU05-A-03630;  AS3.07-1MO4P-0089
Dessens, O. ; Pyle, J. A.; Rogers, H. L.; Grewe, V.; Stenke, A.; Ramaroson, R.; Caro, D.; Marizy, C.
Future Supersonic Aircraft Emissions and Impact Studies on Chemistry and Climate

EGU05-A-03355;  AS3.07-1MO4P-0090
Di Donfrancesco, G.; Cairo, F.; Viterbini, M.; Morbidini, R. ; Buontempo, C.; Fierli, F. ; Cardillo, F. ; Snels, M.; Liberti, G.L.; Di Paola, F.
Cloud and aerosol detection by a balloonborne lidars and backscattersondes in the UTLS during the HIBISCUS campaign: optical and dynamical properties (solicited)

EGU05-A-04040;  AS3.07-1MO4P-0091
Brioude, J.; Cammas, J.-P.; Cooper, O.; Duron, J.; Mascart, P.
Analysis of convective mixing between a tropopause fold and a warm conveyor belt

EGU05-A-05133;  AS3.07-1MO4P-0092
Krueger, K.; Tegtmeier, S.; Immler, F.; Rex, M.; Schrems, O.; Morcrette, J.-J.
Transport processes calculated in the TTL by a newly developed trajectory model coupled with a radiative transfer model

EGU05-A-07572;  AS3.07-1MO4P-0093
Curtius, J.; Weigel, R.; Voessing, H.-J.; Wernli, H.; Werner, A. ; Volk, C.-M.; Schlager, H.; Schiller, C.; Konopka, P.; Borrmann, S.
In situ particle measurements in the winter Arctic lower stratosphere: Implications for particle nucleation, volatility and the meteoritic aerosol component

EGU05-A-08236;  AS3.07-1MO4P-0094
Ziereis, H.; Stock, P.; Schlager, H.; Schumann, U. ; Brenninkmeijer, C.A.M; Slemr, F.; Zahn, A.; Hermann, M.
NO- and NOy measurements during CARIBIC

EGU05-A-08537;  AS3.07-1MO4P-0095
Verver, G.
STAR - An EU program for support of tropical atmospheric research

EGU05-A-08950;  AS3.07-1MO4P-0096
Verver, G.; Fujiwara, M.; Becker, C.R.; Dolmans, P.; Fortuin, P.
Performance of water vapor sensors in the tropical upper troposphere (Surinam; 5.8ºN, 55.2ºW)

EGU05-A-09271;  AS3.07-1MO4P-0097
Pisso, I.; Legras, B.
Sensitivity of Lagrangian reconstruction to the temporal resolution of analysed winds

EGU05-A-09275;  AS3.07-1MO4P-0098
Chaboureau, J.-P.; Cammas, J.-P.; Duron, J.; Fehr, T.; Gheusi, F.; Mascart, P.; Pinty, J.-P.
Meso-NH regional simulations for the TROCCINOX campaigns: cloud model evaluation against satellite observations and lightning NOx production

EGU05-A-09626;  AS3.07-1MO4P-0099
Huthwelker, T; Ammann, M
New insights into the microphysics and kinetics of trace gas uptake on ice by using radioactively marked HONO

EGU05-A-09757;  AS3.07-1MO4P-0100
Kivi, R.; Kyrö, E.; Dörnbrack , A.; Vömel, H.; Paukkunen, A.; Yushkov, V.; Lukyanov, A.; Khaykin, S.; Neuber, R.; Müller, M.
Stratospheric and Upper Tropospheric Water Vapor Observations in Sodankylä

EGU05-A-10143;  AS3.07-1MO4P-0101
Immler, F.; Kaiser, D.; Schrems, O.; Krueger, K.; Fortuin, P. ; Verver, G.
Thin ice clouds at the tropical tropopause; observations by a mobile lidar system during the STAR-project 2004 in Paramaribo/Suriname.

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