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  Poster Programme - HS39 Dryland hydrology (co-listed in GM)

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Convener: Kirkby, M.
Co-Convener: Gallart, F., Esteves, M.

Author in Attendance:

Monday, 25 April 2005 17:30 - 19:00
Display Time: Monday, 25 April 2005 08:00 -
Monday, 25 April 2005 19:00
Poster Area: Hall Z

Chairperson: N.N.

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EGU05-A-02564;  HS39-1MO5P-0196
Mueller, E. N.; Wainwright, J.; Parsons, A. J.
The role of stable and unstable vegetation boundaries in the propagation of desertification in the American southwest: A modelling approach

EGU05-A-02832;  HS39-1MO5P-0197
Martinez-Mena, M.; García, A.J.; Barberá, G.G.; Albaladejo, J; Castillo, V.M.
Effects of flush floods on nutrient loads to a semiarid coastal lagoon: Mar Menor (Murcia, Spain)

EGU05-A-02426;  HS39-1MO5P-0198
Lo Porto, A.; De Girolamo, A.M.; De Luca, F.; Pappagallo, G.
Climate change scenario and water/nutrient balance response of two river basins in the Mediterranean

EGU05-A-01597;  HS39-1MO5P-0199
Irvine, B.J.; Kirkby, M.J.; Chapman, P.J.; Cooper, D.M.
Modelling water quality of temporary waters at large temporal and spatial scales

EGU05-A-04810;  HS39-1MO5P-0200
Cooper, DM; Loporto, A; The tempQsim team
Modelling requirements for the simulation of first flush processes in temporary rivers.

EGU05-A-02256;  HS39-1MO5P-0201
Tzoraki, O.; Nikolaidis, N.; Skoulikidis, N.
Evaluation of In-Stream Processes of Four Temporary Rivers

EGU05-A-06105;  HS39-1MO5P-0202
Tournoud, M.G.; Perrin, J.L.; Chu, Y.; Salles, C.; Rodier, C.; Picot, B.
Nutrient loads during first autumn floods in an intermittent river

EGU05-A-06285;  HS39-1MO5P-0203
Lemoalle, J.; Favreau, G.; Seidel, J.-L.; Zairi, R.
Changes in Lake Chad water chemistry during a drought period

EGU05-A-07247;  HS39-1MO5P-0204
Amaxidis, Y.; Skoulikidis, N.
Nutrient dynamics in a Greek temporary river

EGU05-A-11054;  HS39-1MO5P-0205
Diliberto, L.; Botti, P.; Loporto, A.; Amalfitano, S.; Cane, G.; De Girolamo, A.; DeLuca, F.; Grenni, P.; Pillosu, S.; Froebrich, J.
Impact of flood events on stream water quality dynamics and water supply management strategies in Sardinia

EGU05-A-07484;  HS39-1MO5P-0206
Kukurin, K.; Ribarova, I.; Kalinkov, P.; Ninov, P.; Topalova, J.; Dimova, G.; Froebrich, J.
Introduction of the inundated area as a paramter for evaluation of river dryness

EGU05-A-06135;  HS39-1MO5P-0207
Perrin, J.L.; Grillot, C.; Tournoud, M.G.
Hydrological behaviour of a karstic temporary river

EGU05-A-08325;  HS39-1MO5P-0208
Galvão, P.; Braunschweig, F.; Trancoso, R.; Neves, R.; Cooper, D.
Modularity in integrated catchment modeling covering different time-scales

EGU05-A-07665;  HS39-1MO5P-0209
Rosser, N.J.; Allison, R.J.; Higgitt, D.L.
Spatial variations in the surface hydrology of boulder mantled arid slopes; evidence of a self-regulating earth surface system?

EGU05-A-08677;  HS39-1MO5P-0210
SOLER, M.; Latron, J.; Gallart, F.
Analysing flow and suspended sediment dynamics at the event scale in a small Mediterranean mountain basin (Vallcebre, Eastern Pyrenees).

EGU05-A-07582;  HS39-1MO5P-0211
Obermann, M.; Froebrich, J.; Cooper, D.M.; Perrin, J.L.; Tournoud, M.G.
Concept for improving water quality models to account for mass accumulation in Mediterranean streams

EGU05-A-07416;  HS39-1MO5P-0212
Maneta, M; Schnabel, S; Lavado, F
Influence of event characteristics on the dynamics and on the identifiability of parameters in an overland flow model

EGU05-A-09585;  HS39-1MO5P-0213
Nicolau, J.M.; Moreno, M.; Espigares, T.
Ecohydrology of rilled slopes derived from opencast mining reclamation in a semiarid area

EGU05-A-02996;  HS39-1MO5P-0214
Kretschmer, S.
Retention and Mobilisation of Nutrients in two Mediterranean Temporary River Catchments – River La Vène in Languedoc-Roussillon/France and River El Albujón in Murcia/Spain –

EGU05-A-05502;  HS39-1MO5P-0215
Puddu, A.; Amalfitano, S.; Arnone, R.; Barra Caracciolo, A.; Fazi, S. ; Zoppini, A.
The effect of drying on bed-sediment microbial communities in Mediterranean temporary waters

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