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  Poster Programme - AS3.04 Vertical and long-range transport of trace gases and aerosols

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Convener: Lawrence, M.
Co-Convener: Yin, Y., Stohl, A.

Author in Attendance:

Thursday, 28 April 2005 08:30 - 10:00
Display Time: Thursday, 28 April 2005 08:00 -
Thursday, 28 April 2005 19:00
Poster Area: Hall X


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EGU05-A-00952;  AS3.04-1TH1P-0106
Zdunek, M.; Kaminski, J. W.; Struzewska, J.; Lobocki, L.
MC2-AQ simulations of ground level ozone during cold front passage over Europe - a case study

EGU05-A-00901;  AS3.04-1TH1P-0107
Nho-Kim, E.-Y.; Peuch, V.-H.; Oh, S. N.
Parameterization of size-dependent particle gravitational settling for global atmospheric transport modeling

EGU05-A-02031;  AS3.04-1TH1P-0108
Speidel, M.; Nau, R.; Arnold, F.; Schlager, H.
Improved SO2 measurements in the troposphere and lower stratosphere: deployment of a novel aircraft-based ion trap CIMS-instrument

EGU05-A-02148;  AS3.04-1TH1P-0109
Reddy , M. S.; Boucher, O.; Bond, T
Atmospheric Absorption by Regional Black Carbon Emissions

EGU05-A-02531;  AS3.04-1TH1P-0110
Scheele, M.P.; Siegmund, P.C.; van Velthoven, P.J.F
Stratospheric age of air computed with trajectories based on various 3D-Var and 4D-Var data sets sets

EGU05-A-03308;  AS3.04-1TH1P-0111
Wotawa, G.; Becker, A.; De Geer, L.-E.
Near-real-time computation and post-processing of source-receptor sensitivity information for a global monitoring network of airborne radioactivity

EGU05-A-03464;  AS3.04-1TH1P-0112
Reddy, M. S.; Ginoux, P.; Ramaswamy, V.
Global simulation of multi-component aerosol transport in the GFDL-GCM

EGU05-A-03793;  AS3.04-1TH1P-0113
Lupu, A.; O'Neill, N.T.; Neary, L.; Kaminski, J.W.; McConnell, J.C.
Long-range transport of emissions from the July 2002 Québec forest fires

EGU05-A-03941;  AS3.04-1TH1P-0114
Furger, M.; Mitev, V.; Matthey, R. ; Collaud-Coen, M.; Weingartner, E.
Long-range transport of aerosols to Switzerland in August 2003

EGU05-A-04358;  AS3.04-1TH1P-0115
Helmert, J.; Heinold, B.; Tegen, I.; Hellmuth, O.; Wolke, R.
Modelling Saharan dust events within SAMUM: Investigations on regional radiative forcing using LM-MUSCAT

EGU05-A-05075;  AS3.04-1TH1P-0116
Schlaf, G.; Slemr, F.; Brenninkmeijer, C.; Wernli, H.; Lelieveld, J.
Long-range transport of air pollutants in the upper troposphere observed during CARIBIC flights over Atlantic Ocean

EGU05-A-05308;  AS3.04-1TH1P-0117
Roustan, Y.
Modeling atmospheric mercury dispersion at european scale

EGU05-A-05632;  AS3.04-1TH1P-0118
Buontempo, C.; McConnell, J.; Kaminski, J.; Neary, L.; Jones, D.; Jiang, J.; Li, Q.; Lupu, A.; Filipiak, M.
CO concentration in the upper troposphere: a comparison between satellite measurements and GEM-AQ simulations

EGU05-A-05881;  AS3.04-1TH1P-0119
Chou, C.K.; Huang, S.H.; Chen, T.K.; Lin, C.Y.; Wang, L.C.
Size distribution of functional groups in Asian outflow aerosols

EGU05-A-05935;  AS3.04-1TH1P-0120
Chang, S.Y.; Lee, C.T.
The near real-time measurements of soluble ions for determining possible sources in Taipei during 2004 springtime

EGU05-A-06252;  AS3.04-1TH1P-0121
Kalabokas, P.D.; Kouvarakis, G.; Mihalopoulos, N.; Ellul, R.; Kleanthous, S.; Repapis, C.C.
Rural surface ozone levels in the Eastern Mediterranean (Malta, Greece, Cyprus)

EGU05-A-06482;  AS3.04-1TH1P-0122
Luderer, G.; Trentmann, J.; Winterrath, T.; Textor, C.; Andreae, M. O.
Modeling of a boreal pyro-cumulonimbus cloud: Sensitivity to background meteorology, cloud microphysics and fire energetics

EGU05-A-06555;  AS3.04-1TH1P-0123
Matyasovszky, I.; Weidinger, T.; Haszpra, L.
Relationship between local carbon-dioxide concentration and large-scale circulation

EGU05-A-06740;  AS3.04-1TH1P-0124
Pace, G.; di Sarra, A.; Meloni, D.; Piacentino, S.; Chamard, P.
Observations of column aerosol optical properties at the ENEA remote Station for Climate Observations at Lampedusa: influence of transport and classification of distinct aerosol types

EGU05-A-06799;  AS3.04-1TH1P-0125
Salzmann, M.; Lawrence, M. G.; Phillips, V. T.; Donner, L. J.
Mass flux diagnostics in CRM studies

EGU05-A-06834;  AS3.04-1TH1P-0126
Seibert, P.; Frank, A.
Inverse modelling for the Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty with consideration of model uncertainties -- first test

EGU05-A-06852;  AS3.04-1TH1P-0127
Chagnon, J. M.; Gray, S. L.
Stratosphere-troposphere mass exchange (STE) in midlatitude convection: A numerical study

EGU05-A-10401;  AS3.04-1TH1P-0128
Hayden, K.; Macdonald, A.-M.; Leaitch, R.; Toom-Sauntry, D.; Noone , K.; Anlauf, K.; Leithead, A.; Li, S.-M.; Staebler, R.; Strapp, W.
Cloud chemistry measurements during ICARTT 2004

EGU05-A-07266;  AS3.04-1TH1P-0129
Cristofanelli, P.; Bonasoni, P.; Bonafe', U.; Calzolari, F.; Zauli Sajani, S.; Vannini, C.; Carboni, G.
Summer 2003: anomalous high ozone concentrations recorded at high mountain stations

EGU05-A-08144;  AS3.04-1TH1P-0130
di Sarra, A.; Pace, G.; Meloni, D.
Impact of forest fires on the Mediterranean aerosol burden in summer 2003

EGU05-A-08166;  AS3.04-1TH1P-0131
Colette, A.; Ancellet, G.; Ravetta, F.
Analysis of the tropospheric ozone layering observed by Lidar during the ESCOMPTE campaign.

EGU05-A-09009;  AS3.04-1TH1P-0132
Dombrowski-Etchevers, I.; Peuch, V.-H.; Wagenbach, D.; Legrand, M.
Validation of concentrations of lead-210 in high altitude simulated by MOCAGE

EGU05-A-09663;  AS3.04-1TH1P-0133
Guillaume, B.; Liousse, C.; Rosset, R.; Galy-Lacaux, C.; Gardrat, E.; Castera, P.; Legrand, M.; Cachier, H.; Dupré, B.
Abnormally high carbonaceous aerosol loading at Pic du Midi during the August 2003 European heat wave

EGU05-A-09684;  AS3.04-1TH1P-0134
Kacenelenbogen, M.; Leon, JF.; Chiapello, I.
Characterisation of winter and summer aerosol pollution events in france using ground based and satellite data

EGU05-A-09734;  AS3.04-1TH1P-0135
Henne, S.; Dommen, J. ; Staehelin, J. ; Prevot, A.
European export of ozone due to mountain venting based on a lagrangian chemistry model analysis

EGU05-A-09849;  AS3.04-1TH1P-0136
Minikin, A.; Krejci, R.; Ström, J.; Jacobi, H.-W.; Dörnbrack, A.; Herber, A.
Aerosol number concentrations observed during clean conditions in the Arctic troposphere

EGU05-A-10123;  AS3.04-1TH1P-0137
Immler, F.; Schrems, O.
Fluorescing aerosol from Siberian forest fires in the lowermost stratosphere.

EGU05-A-00049;  AS3.04-1TH1P-0138
Watson, N. M; Lewis, A. C; Purvis, R. M ; Hopkins, J. R; Lee, J. D
Non-methane hydrocarbon (NMHC) and lightweight oxygenated volatile organic compound (o-VOC) concentrations measured on an airborne platform during ITOP

EGU05-A-00820;  AS3.04-1TH1P-0139
Williams, P I; Crosier, J; Bower, K N; Coe, H; Jayne, J T; Worsnop, D R; Alfarra, R; Jimenez, J L; Allan, J D
Submicron aerosol composition measurements over the mid Atlantic using an Aerodyne aerosol mass spectrometer on the UK facility for airborne atmospheric measurements (FAAM) during the ITOP (Intercontinental Transport of Ozone and Precursors) experiment.

EGU05-A-02168;  AS3.04-1TH1P-0140
Fialho, P.; Barata, F.; Honrath, R.E.; Hansen, A.D.A
Identification of black carbon and dust aerosol events at the Azores PICO-NARE station during the ICARTT experiment

EGU05-A-03559;  AS3.04-1TH1P-0141
Marenco, F.; the MTC2004 team
Aerosol characterization at the Mt. Cimone high mountain station during summer 2004

EGU05-A-03596;  AS3.04-1TH1P-0142
Stewart, D; Reeves, C; Penkett, S; Whalley, L; Purvis, R
Measurements of NO and NOy During ITOP 2004

EGU05-A-04201;  AS3.04-1TH1P-0143
Parker, A; Jacob, M; Monks, P; Green, T; Penkett, S
Deployment of a Dual-Channel Peroxy Radical Chemical Amplifier (PeRCA) on an airborne platform during ITOP

EGU05-A-04220;  AS3.04-1TH1P-0144
Whalley, L. K.; Pilling, M. J.; Lewis, A. C.; Hopkins, J. R.; Stewart, D. ; Purvis, R. M.
The role of peroxyacetyl nitrate (PAN) in North Atlantic intercontinental transport events

EGU05-A-04306;  AS3.04-1TH1P-0145
Parker, A; Monks, P; Jacob, M; Methven, J
Measurements of peroxy radicals in air masses undergoing long range transport during ITOP

EGU05-A-04311;  AS3.04-1TH1P-0146
Cook, P.; Savage, N.; Turquety, S.; Levine, J.; Carver, G.; Pyle, J.
Forest fire emissions over the North Atlantic in July 2004: p-TOMCAT model predictions with aircraft and satellite measurements

EGU05-A-05062;  AS3.04-1TH1P-0147
Papayannis, A.; Tsaknakis, G.
Long-range transport of ozone and smoke aerosol from N. American forest fires over Greece during ICARTT 2004 as observed by a ground-based UV ozone DIAL-Raman

EGU05-A-05540;  AS3.04-1TH1P-0148
Livingston, J.; Redemann, J.; Schmid, B.; Russell, P.; Eilers, J. ; Kahn, R.; Chu, A..
Coincident airborne sunphotometer and satellite aerosol optical depth measurements during INTEX/ITCT 2004

EGU05-A-05441;  AS3.04-1TH1P-0149
Slemr, J.; Oram, D.; Reeves, C.; Stewart, D.; Penkett, S.; Watson, N.; Hopkins, J.; Methven, J.; Purvis, R.; Whaley, L.
Measurements of C1 - C6 Alkyl Nitrates during ITOP 2004

EGU05-A-05759;  AS3.04-1TH1P-0150
Val Martin, M.; Honrath, R.; Owen, R. C.; Kleissl, J.; Lapina, K.
Transport of nitrogen oxides from anthropogenic emissions and boreal forest fires to the central North Atlantic lower free troposphere: Measurements at the PICO-NARE station during the ICARTT study

EGU05-A-08208;  AS3.04-1TH1P-0151
Pandolfi, M.; Amodeo, A.; Mona, L.; Pappalardo, G.
Intensive lidar measurement campaign in Potenza during ICARTT

EGU05-A-08468;  AS3.04-1TH1P-0152
Arnold, S.R.; Evans, M.J.; Methven, J.; Chipperfield, M.P.; UK ITOP Science Team, .; European ITOP Science Team, .; INTEX Science Team, .; ICARTT Science Teams, .
Sensitivities of trans-Atlantic photochemistry to uncertainties in the ICARTT Lagrangian experiment.

EGU05-A-08574;  AS3.04-1TH1P-0153
O'Sullivan, D.; Slemr, J.; Oram, D.; Penkett, S.; Purvis, R.; McQauid, J.; Hopkins, J.; Lewis, A.; Lee, J.
Halocarbon measurements in the North Atlantic from the FAAM BAe-146 Aircraft during the ITOP field campaign.

EGU05-A-08735;  AS3.04-1TH1P-0154
Sabatino, D.; Summa, D.; Marchese, R.; Di Girolamo, P.
Raman lidar measurements of long-range transported aerosol layers in Southern Italy

EGU05-A-09118;  AS3.04-1TH1P-0155
Heckel, A.; Richter, A.; Burrows, J. P.
Long-Range Transport of tropospheric NO2 as seen by GOME and SCIAMACHY

EGU05-A-09371;  AS3.04-1TH1P-0156
Tanner, D.; Helmig, D.; Honrath, R. E.
Non-methane hydrocarbon measurements for long-range transport studies at Pico mountain, Azores, Portugal

EGU05-A-09812;  AS3.04-1TH1P-0157
Hulse, A.; Oram, D.E.; Reeves, C.E.; Penkett, S.A.; Hopkins, J.R.; Watson, N.; Methven, J.; Purvis, R.
PTR-MS measurements from the UK BAe-146 research aircraft during the ICARTT campaign

EGU05-A-09875;  AS3.04-1TH1P-0158
Bousserez, N.; Attié, J. L.; Peuch, V. H.; Nédélec, P.; Edwards, D.; Emmons, L.; Pfister, G.; Ziskin, D.
First results from assimilation of MOPITT CO into MOCAGE CTM during ITOP experiment

EGU05-A-09914;  AS3.04-1TH1P-0159
Wollny, A. G.; Brock, C. A.; Cooper, O. R.; de Gouw, J. A.; Hudson, P. K.; Middlebrook, A. M.; Stohl, A.; Warneke, C.; Peltier, R. ; Weber, R.
Chemical and microphysical properties of particles in aged forest fire plumes from Alaska and western Canada observed in the summer 2004 over the Northeastern U.S.

EGU05-A-09951;  AS3.04-1TH1P-0160
Flynn, W; Cook, P; Arnold, S; Gardiner, T; Robinson, R; Methven, J; Garcelon, S; Hansford, G; Jones, R
Comparison between in-situ measured and modelled CH4 and CO2: Recent TDLAS CH4 and CO2 measurements from the ITOP campaign. (cancelled)

EGU05-A-10355;  AS3.04-1TH1P-0161
Rappenglück, B.; Bauerfeind, M.; Huntrieser, H.; Lichtenstern, M.; Roiger, A.; Schlager, H.
Preliminary results from CO and hydrocarbon canister samplings aboard the DLR Falcon during ICARTT-ITOP

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