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  Poster Programme - CL35 Subsurface temperature signals of climate change, processes involved, and importance to climate modeling (co-listed in CR, GI, HS, & SSS)

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Convener: Rath, V.
Co-Convener: Gonzalez-Rouco, J., Safanda, J.

Author in Attendance:

Thursday, 17 April 2008 17:30 - 19:00
Display Time: Thursday, 17 April 2008 08:00 -
Thursday, 17 April 2008 19:30
Poster Area: Halls X/Y

Chairperson: N.N.

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EGU2008-A-09753;  CL35-1TH5P-0231
González-Rouco, J. F.; Beltrami, H.; Goosse, H. ; Rath, V.; Stevens, M. B.
Uncertainty in simulated borehole temperature profiles: relevance for comparison with observational evidence.

EGU2008-A-01316;  CL35-1TH5P-0232
Rath, V.
On the role of the Holocene warming for the interpretation of borehole temperatures

EGU2008-A-05264;  CL35-1TH5P-0233
MacDougall, A.; González-Rouco, J.F.; Stevens, M.B.; Beltrami, H.
Quantification of subsurface heat storage in GCM simulations: the case of ECHO-g

EGU2008-A-05267;  CL35-1TH5P-0234
Stevens, M.B.; Gonz\'alez-Rouco, J.F.; Beltrami, H.
Global variability of heat storage sensitivity to bottom boundary placement in climate models

EGU2008-A-04428;  CL35-1TH5P-0235
Majorowicz, J.; Skinner, W.; Gosnold, W.; Safanda, J.
Heat energy gain for the last two decades from Canadian Prairies from repeated borehole temperature logs

EGU2008-A-08964;  CL35-1TH5P-0236
Beltrami, H.; Nitoiu, D.; Bense, V.; Kellman, L ; Gonz\'alez-Rouco , J.F.; Kooi, H.; Montoya, M.; Diochon, A.; Ferguson, G.; Stevens, M.B.
Borehole climatology: In search of the long-term subsurface thermal signature of deforestation events

EGU2008-A-09976;  CL35-1TH5P-0237
González-Rouco, J. F.; Beltrami, H. ; Stevens, M. B.; Zorita, E.
Borehole temperatures and ECHO-g paleoclimatic simulations: steps towards comparison over Europe.

EGU2008-A-09478;  CL35-1TH5P-0238
Smerdon, J.E.; Gonzalez-Rouco, J.F.; Stieglitz, M.; Stevens, M. B.; Beltrami, H.; Zorita, E.
The lower-boundary effect on simulated temperature signals in the terrestrial subsurface: An example from the ECHO-g GCM

EGU2008-A-02137;  CL35-1TH5P-0239
Safanda, J; Wilhelm, H; Heidinger, P; Cermak, V
Numerical simulation of transient temperature logs of borehole Yaxcopoil-1, Chicxulub impact structure, Mexico

EGU2008-A-07718;  CL35-1TH5P-0240
Ferguson, G.; Woodbury, A.D.
The Subsurface Urban Heat Island Effect

EGU2008-A-03371;  CL35-1TH5P-0241
Bodri, L.; Cermak, V.; Safanda, J.
Thermal instability of the fluid column in a borehole, application to the Yaxcopoil hole

EGU2008-A-03287;  CL35-1TH5P-0242
Rath, V. ; Henninges, J.
Paleoclimate inversions at the Mallik 3L-38 borehole, including latent heat effects

EGU2008-A-05427;  CL35-1TH5P-0243
Mottaghy, D.; Majorowicz, J.; Rath, V.
Ground surface temperature histories reconstructed from boreholes in Poland: implications for spatial variability?

EGU2008-A-10713;  CL35-1TH5P-0244
Dijkshoorn, L.; Mottaghy, D.; Rath, V.
Paleoclimate near the Kola deep drilling site: a detailed 3-D inverse modeling study

EGU2008-A-07127;  CL35-1TH5P-0245
Buecker, M.; Rath, V. ; Vehreschild, A.
Automatic differentiation - can it help with GSTH inversions?

EGU2008-A-07663;  CL35-1TH5P-0246
Correia, A; Safanda, J; Dedecek, P
Results from repeated temperature measurements and from long-term temperature monitoring in borehole TGQC-1, south-central Portugal

EGU2008-A-01218;  CL35-1TH5P-0247
Demezhko, D.; Yurkov, A.; Ryvkin, D.; Zharkov, R.
Geothermal investigations in Kun-1 borehole (Kunashir island)

EGU2008-A-09987;  CL35-1TH5P-0248
Noetzli, J.; Hilbich, C.; Hauck, C.; Hoelzle, M.; Gruber, S.
Validation of a modeled 3D temperature field below the Schilthorn Crest, Switzerland, using borehole measurements and time-lapse electrical resistivity data

EGU2008-A-10431;  CL35-1TH5P-0249
Isaksen, K.; Farbrot, H.; Etzelmüller, B.; Christiansen, H.H.; Blikra, L.H.; Elvebakk, H.; Midttřmme, K.; Rřnning, J.S.
Permafrost Monitoring in northern Norway: Initial Results from the IPY-project TSP NORWAY

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