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  Poster Programme - G4/GD14 What constraints do earth rotation variations put on the dynamical processes of the solid earth? (co-organized by GD)

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Convener: Gross, R.
Co-Convener: Dehant, V., Gegout, P.

Author in Attendance:

Wednesday, 27 April 2005 17:30 - 19:00
Display Time: Wednesday, 27 April 2005 08:00 -
Wednesday, 27 April 2005 19:00
Poster Area: Hall Z

Chairperson: GROSS, R.

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EGU05-A-07206;  G4/GD14-1WE5P-0030
Sato, T.; Imanishi, Y.; Fukuda, Y.; Ikeda, H.; Tamura, Y.; Rosat, S.; Ohashi, M.
Cooperative observation of superconducting gravimeters at Kamioka and Matsushiro in Japan

EGU05-A-01753;  G4/GD14-1WE5P-0031
Kalarus, M.; Schuh, H.; Kosek, W.; Popinski, W.
The application of artificial neural networks and autoregressive techniques for Earth Orientation Parameters prediction

EGU05-A-04075;  G4/GD14-1WE5P-0032
Dill, R.; Rothacher, M.
Combination and analysis of subdaily ERPs from GPS and VLBI

EGU05-A-02441;  G4/GD14-1WE5P-0033
Varga, P.; Groten, E.; Satori, G.; Zavoti, J.
The rotation vector of the Earth and the global temperature

EGU05-A-03113;  G4/GD14-1WE5P-0034
Greiner-Mai, H.; Wardinski, I.; Ballani, L.; Stromeyer, D.
Approximating $\Delta$LOD by CMB fluid velocities - case studies and sensitivities

EGU05-A-05481;  G4/GD14-1WE5P-0035
Bourda, G.
Length of day and polar motion, with respect to temporal variations of the Earth gravity field

EGU05-A-01791;  G4/GD14-1WE5P-0036
Fernández, L.; Schuh, H.
Low degree gravitational effects of water storage variations on polar motion

EGU05-A-04827;  G4/GD14-1WE5P-0037
Gegout, P.
Effective Atmospheric Angular Momentum Functions derived from ECMWF Re-Analysis ERA-40

EGU05-A-09173;  G4/GD14-1WE5P-0038
Nastula, J.; Salstein, D.; Kolaczek, B.
Regional atmospheric pressure excitation functions for polar motion

EGU05-A-09346;  G4/GD14-1WE5P-0039
Gambis, D.; Salstein, D.; Sillard, P.
A possible relationship between Chandler Wobble modulation and El Nino/ Southern oscillation phenomena

EGU05-A-04122;  G4/GD14-1WE5P-0040
Seitz, F.; Schmidt, M.
Atmospheric and oceanic contributions to Chandler wobble excitation determined by wavelet filtering

EGU05-A-04555;  G4/GD14-1WE5P-0041
Schmidt, M.; Tesmer, V.; Schuh, H.
Wavelet analysis of VLBI nutation series with respect to FCN

EGU05-A-02593;  G4/GD14-1WE5P-0042
Vondrák, J.
Free Core Nutation: Direct Observations and Resonance Effects

EGU05-A-03454;  G4/GD14-1WE5P-0043
Avsjuk, Yu.; Genshaft, Yu.; Saltykovsky, A.; Svetlosanova, Z.
Latitude dependence of sedimentation basins as a result of tidal evolution and change of rotation's velocity of the Earth

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