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  Poster Programme - NH1.02 Radar and Satellite for monitoring and forecasting floods and droughts.

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Convener: Dietrich, S.
Co-Convener: Chandrasekar, V., Wagner, W.
Co-Sponsorship: AS, HS

Author in Attendance:

Wednesday, 27 April 2005 15:30 - 17:00
Display Time: Wednesday, 27 April 2005 08:00 -
Wednesday, 27 April 2005 19:00
Poster Area: Hall Y

Chairperson: N.N.

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EGU05-A-11007;  NH1.02-1WE4P-0012
Chandrasekar, V.
The Collaborative Adaptive Sensing of the Atmosphere (CASA) US project (solicited)

EGU05-A-01398;  NH1.02-1WE4P-0013
Cardoso, M.; Sismanoglu, R.; Lagden, P.
Using satellite-based dry conditions monitoring to estimate fire risk in Brazil

EGU05-A-01496;  NH1.02-1WE4P-0014
Savin, E.; Dietrich, S.; Satoreli, E.
Drought monitoring and early warning operational system based on MODIS images

EGU05-A-02829;  NH1.02-1WE4P-0015
Papa, F.; Prigent, C.; Legrésy, B.; Rémy, F.
Wetlands and floods dynamics using the Topex-Poseidon dual-frequency radar altimeter: an application over the Boreal Regions.

EGU05-A-04511;  NH1.02-1WE4P-0016
Bartalis, Z.; Wagner, W.
Monitoring seasonal standing water over Central Siberia using Ku-band scatterometer data

EGU05-A-04665;  NH1.02-1WE4P-0017
Schneider, W.; Eitzinger, J. ; Haumann, J.; Huber, K.; Kaiser, G.; Linke, R.; Postl, W.; Weihs, P.
Crop drought stress monitoring by remote sensing

EGU05-A-04975;  NH1.02-1WE4P-0018
Skomorowski, P.; Kottek, M.; Brugger, K.; Rubel, F.
Precipitation fields for soil-moisture determination in ELDAS

EGU05-A-05040;  NH1.02-1WE4P-0019
Brugger, K.; Skomorowski, P.; Kottek, M.; Rubel, F.
Areal precipitation over Central and Northern Europe estimated from weather radar data

EGU05-A-05157;  NH1.02-1WE4P-0020
Bechini, R.; Cremonini, R.; Bernardi, A.
Early stages development of convective cells over Northern Italy observed by polarimetric C-band radar and satellite

EGU05-A-05306;  NH1.02-1WE4P-0021
Coppola, E.; Tomassetti, B.; Verdecchia, M.; Marzano, F.S.; Visconti, G.
A rainfall estimation algorithm for hydrological purpose using satellite and radar data

EGU05-A-07184;  NH1.02-1WE4P-0022
Ivanyi, D.; Kanak, J.; Kyselova, D.
Use of Radar Rainfall Measurement to Increase Quality of Runoff Hydrological modeling in Slovakia

EGU05-A-07782;  NH1.02-1WE4P-0023
Pulliainen, J; Takala, M; Hallikainen, M; Koskinen, J
Retrieval of snow depth in boreal forests using microwave radiometer data

EGU05-A-07685;  NH1.02-1WE4P-0024
Berne, A.; Uijlenhoet, R.
A stochastic simulator of range profiles of raindrop size distributions

EGU05-A-08606;  NH1.02-1WE4P-0025
Klepp, C.; Fennig, F.; Bakan, S.; Grassl, H.
High Impact Weather Recognition through HOAPS-II

EGU05-A-08800;  NH1.02-1WE4P-0026
Hostache, R.; Puech, C.; Raclot, D. ; Roux, H.
Flood Analysis using SAR imagery :uncertainties and enhancement of mapping using data fusion between images and high resolution Digital Elevation Model

EGU05-A-08821;  NH1.02-1WE4P-0027
Thompson, R.; Illingworth, A.
Estimating light to moderate rainfall rates with polarisation radar.

EGU05-A-08886;  NH1.02-1WE4P-0028
Bellerby, T; Horsfield, N
Use of Cloud-Structure, Advection and Storm Development Information in High Resolution Satellite Precipitation Monitoring

EGU05-A-09832;  NH1.02-1WE4P-0029
Antonini, A.; Ortolani, A.; Melani, S.; Giuliani, G.; Orlandi, A.
LaMMA operational chain for MSG-based rainfall estimations for the Mediterranean area: implementation and present applications

EGU05-A-09966;  NH1.02-1WE4P-0030
Orlandi, A.; Antonini, A.; Bertini, C.; Crisci, A.; Melani, S.; Ortolani, A.
Validation of a rapid update IR/MW satellite rainfall estimation procedure

EGU05-A-10316;  NH1.02-1WE4P-0031
Tanelli, S.; Durden, S. L.; Im, E.
Observations of precipitation and ocean surface from dual-frequency airborne precipitation radar (APR-2)

EGU05-A-10636;  NH1.02-1WE4P-0032
Toulios, L.; Prietzsch, C.
Land use and soil moisture mapping using SIR-C/X-SAR data

EGU05-A-10637;  NH1.02-1WE4P-0033
Chiou, T.K.; Chen, C.R.; Chang, P.L.
Status and outlook of a quantitative rainfall estimation technique in Central Weather Bureau, Taiwan

EGU05-A-10658;  NH1.02-1WE4P-0034
Deshapnde, S.M.; Kulkarni, J.R.; Joshi, R.R.; Singh, N.; Damle, S.H.; Pant, G.B.
Atmospheric subsidence and the surface temperature variability in the pre-monsoon month over a semi arid north peninsular Indian station: a case study

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