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  Poster Programme - AS2.04 Biosphere-atmosphere exchange of reactive trace gases (co-listed in BG) (co-sponsored by iLEAPS)

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Convener: Rinne, J.
Co-Convener: Koppmann, R., Karl, T.

Author in Attendance:

Friday, 29 April 2005 08:30 - 10:00
Display Time: Friday, 29 April 2005 08:00 -
Friday, 29 April 2005 19:00
Poster Area: Hall X

Chairperson: KOPPMANN, R.

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EGU05-A-03390;  AS2.04-1FR1P-0094
Aghedo, A. M.; Schultz, M. G.; Rast, S.; Guenther, A.; Wiedinmyer, C.
Climate impact on biogenic VOC emissions

EGU05-A-05880;  AS2.04-1FR1P-0095
Potosnak, M.; Rinne, J.; Guenther, A.; Harley, P.; Greenberg, J.; Karl, T.; Gatti, L.V.; Avione, S.; Munger, J.W.; Wofsy, S.
Seasonal cycle of isoprene fluxes from a tropical ecosystem

EGU05-A-10166;  AS2.04-1FR1P-0096
Holzinger, R.; Lee, A.; Misson, L.; McKay, M.; Goldstein, A.H.
Seasonal variation of total monoterpene emissions from a Ponderosa pine plantation in Central California

EGU05-A-08263;  AS2.04-1FR1P-0097
Plaza, J.; Núñez, L.; Pujadas, M.; Pérez-Pastor, R.; Bermejo, V.
Observation of drought effect on monoterpene Mediterranean oak canopy fluxes (cancelled)

EGU05-A-06774;  AS2.04-1FR1P-0098
Ruuskanen, T.M.; Kolari, P.; Bäck, J.; Kulmala, M.; Rinne, J.; Hakola, H.; Taipale, R.; Raivonen, M.; Altimir, N.; Hari, P.
Measurements of exchange of reactive trace gases between atmosphere and Scots pine shoots

EGU05-A-04411;  AS2.04-1FR1P-0099
Hakola, H; Bäck, J; Hellén, H; Hari, P; Kulmala, M
Seasonal variation of the VOC emission from Scots pine

EGU05-A-10150;  AS2.04-1FR1P-0100
Katrynski, K. S.; Chilmonczyk, Z.; Kesselmeier, J.; Schebeske, G.; Heimann, M.; Ulman, M.; Bielawska, K.
Atmospheric volatile organic compounds (VOC) over a central Siberian forest in Russia.

EGU05-A-02300;  AS2.04-1FR1P-0101
Hellén, H.; Hakola, H.; Pystynen, K.-H.
C2-C10 hydrocarbon emissions from a boreal wetland and forest floor in Finland

EGU05-A-02206;  AS2.04-1FR1P-0102
Haapanala, S.; Rinne, J.; Pystynen, K.-H.; Hellén, H.; Hakola, H.
Measurements of VOC Emissions from a Boreal Fen with a REA System

EGU05-A-06956;  AS2.04-1FR1P-0103
van Huissteden, J.; Maximov, T.C.; Dolman, A.J.
High methane flux from an arctic floodplain (Indigirka lowlands, Eastern Siberia).

EGU05-A-03301;  AS2.04-1FR1P-0104
Dlugi, R.; Berger, M.; Zelger, M.; Kramm, G.; Rube, S.; Koppmann, R.
Studies on Mass Transfer and Chemical Reactions of VOCs Inside and Above Tall Vegetation

EGU05-A-06986;  AS2.04-1FR1P-0105
Schaub, A.; Klemp, D. ; Mittermaier, B.; Rohrer, F.; Hansel, A. ; Koppmann, R.
Approaches to estimate Isoprene's Reactivtity from VOC measurements in a mixed deciduous Forest - Application of the ECHO data

EGU05-A-02173;  AS2.04-1FR1P-0106
Isidorov, V.; Purzynska-Pugacewic, A.; Vinogorova, V.
Leaves Litter as an Important VOC Source in the Atmosphere

EGU05-A-07509;  AS2.04-1FR1P-0107
Nolasco, D.; Coello, C.; Pérez, V.; Hernández, P.A.; Pérez, N.M.
Non-controlled biogas and VOCs emission to the atmosphere from Arico’s landfill at Tenerife, Canary Island, Spain

EGU05-A-03360;  AS2.04-1FR1P-0108
Cieslik, S; Derghi, F; Gerosa, G
the relationship between ozone uptake by crops and water supply (cancelled)

EGU05-A-11022;  AS2.04-1FR1P-0109
Altimir, N.; Kolari, P.; Tuovinen, J.P.; Vesala, T.; Kulmala, M.; Hari, P.
Ozone interactions at the foliage surface

EGU05-A-04650;  AS2.04-1FR1P-0110
Simon, E.; Kortner, M.; Thielmann, A.; Dindorf, T.; Kesselmeier, J.; Meixner, F.X.
Eddy covariance flux measurements of energy, CO2, and O3 over a mixed deciduous forest in a moderately polluted environment - comparison with a detailed multilayer canopy model

EGU05-A-03329;  AS2.04-1FR1P-0111
Whitehead, J.; Allan, J.; Coe, H.; Zahniser, M.; Gallagher, M.; Longley, I.; Bower, K.; Flynn, M.; Fowler, D.; McFiggans, G.
Ammonia Eddy Flux Measurements by QC-TDLAS & Impacts on Aerosol Characteristics in Pollutant Plumes during TORCH-1

EGU05-A-00825;  AS2.04-1FR1P-0112
Solomon, S.J.; Custer, T.G.; Schade, G.W.; Dias Soares, A.P.
A new method for semi-continuous atmospheric methanol measurements and its application to measure soil-atmosphere methanol exchange

EGU05-A-04777;  AS2.04-1FR1P-0113
Amelynck, C; Schoon, N; Arijs, E
Selected ion flow tube studies of the reactions of H3O+, NO+ and O2+ ions with a series of oxygenated biogenic volatile organic compounds in support of their detection by SIFT-MS

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