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  Poster Programme - HS25 Effective processes and parameter identification in the unsaturated zone

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Convener: Vrugt, J.
Co-Convener: Cislerova, M., Romano, N., de Rooij, G., Klik, A.

Author in Attendance:

Monday, 25 April 2005 17:30 - 19:00
Display Time: Monday, 25 April 2005 08:00 -
Monday, 25 April 2005 19:00
Poster Area: Hall Z

Chairperson: N.N.

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EGU05-A-00502;  HS25-1MO5P-0114
Ren, L.; Mao, M.
Evaluation of a power averaging technique of effective parameters on simulation of atrazine transport at agricultural field scale

EGU05-A-04380;  HS25-1MO5P-0115
Bayer, A.; Vogel, H.-J.; Roth, K.
Do effective properties for unsaturated weakly heterogenous media exist? An experimental study.

EGU05-A-06188;  HS25-1MO5P-0116
Wehrer, M.; Totsche, K.U.
Optimized column outflow experiments for the assessment of effective release rates of contaminants from porous media

EGU05-A-06645;  HS25-1MO5P-0117
Samouelian, A.; Vogel, H.-J.; Ippisch, O.; Roth, K.
Influence of microscopic heterogeneities on static and dynamic hydraulic properies

EGU05-A-06651;  HS25-1MO5P-0118
Kodesova, R.; Kocarek, M.; Kozak, J.; Simunek, J.; Drabek, O.; Vacek, O.
Experimental and numerical study of chlortoluron transport affected by preferential flow

EGU05-A-07087;  HS25-1MO5P-0119
Dohnal, M.; Dusek, J.; Vogel, T.; Cislerova, M.; Dolezal, F.
Inverse Modelling of Soil Water Dynamics in Heterogeneous Soil with Macropores

EGU05-A-07542;  HS25-1MO5P-0120
Romano, N.; Castiglione, P.; Chirico, G.B.
Identification of the Hydraulic Response of Layered Soils by Inverse Analysis of Laboratory Evaporation Experiments

EGU05-A-03272;  HS25-1MO5P-0121
Ventrella, D.; Iovino, M.; Castellini, M.
Using tension infiltrometry and reflectometry to determine soil hydraulic properties

EGU05-A-03156;  HS25-1MO5P-0122
Knabner, P.; Bitterlich, S.
Adaptive and formfree Identification of Material Laws and experimental Design in porous Medium Flow

EGU05-A-09325;  HS25-1MO5P-0123
Himmelbauer, M.; Loiskandl, W.; Klepsch, S.; Schnepf, A.
Application of TDR - Technique in Pot Experiments

EGU05-A-07483;  HS25-1MO5P-0124
Dusek, J.; Dohnal, M.; Brezina, J.; Snehota, M.; Vogel, T.; Cislerova, M.
Using CT Determined Heterogeneity for 3D Modeling of Soil Water Flow

EGU05-A-00116;  HS25-1MO5P-0125
Stenitzer, E.; Gassner, L.
In situ estimation of deep percolation in a dry area by concurrent measurements of soil water content and soil water potential

EGU05-A-06394;  HS25-1MO5P-0126
Sanda, M; Cislerova, M; Picek, T
Ponded infiltration test in field using fluorescent dye

EGU05-A-07601;  HS25-1MO5P-0127
Snehota, M.; Cislerova, M.; Gao Amin, M. H.; Hall, L. D.
Ponded and tension infiltration visualized by CT, MR imaging and dye tracing

EGU05-A-08492;  HS25-1MO5P-0128
Caputo, M. C.; De Benedictis, F.; Vurro, M.
Measurement of wet-range water retention on porous rock

EGU05-A-09098;  HS25-1MO5P-0129
Kammerer, G.; Zupanc, V.; Pintar, M.; Glavan, M.; Cepuder, P.
Soil Water Content Monitoring with Capacitance Probes operating in access-tubes: Laboratory Calibration and Type Comparison

EGU05-A-01085;  HS25-1MO5P-0130
Klump, S.; Tomonaga, Y.; Amaral, H.; Brennwald, M.S.; Hofer, M.; Holzner, C.P.; Kipfer, R.
Field experiment to trace gas exchange and excess air formation in the quasi-saturated zone under natural conditions

EGU05-A-07684;  HS25-1MO5P-0131
Vogel, T.
Simplified Dual Continuum Approach to Modeling Subsurface Runoff from a Hillslope Segment

EGU05-A-08825;  HS25-1MO5P-0132
Rubio, C.; Llorens, P.; van Genuchten, M.Th.
Modelling transient variably saturated flow under natural conditions using Hydrus-1D

EGU05-A-07701;  HS25-1MO5P-0133
Ippisch, O.; Vogel, H.-J.; Bastian, P.
On the Necessity of an Entry Pressure in the Mualem Model

EGU05-A-02982;  HS25-1MO5P-0134
Katsura, S.; Kosugi, K.; Yamamoto, N.; Mizuyama, T.
Saturated and unsaturated hydraulic conductivity and water retention of weathered granitic bedrock

EGU05-A-05882;  HS25-1MO5P-0135
Stoffregen, H.; Šimůnek, J.; Wessolek, G.
A concept for water and solute flow in repellent soil– experiments and numerical modelling

EGU05-A-05103;  HS25-1MO5P-0136
Jackson, B; Butler, A; Wheater, H
Quantification of uncertainty within predictions of water transport in vegetated lysimeters

EGU05-A-07145;  HS25-1MO5P-0137
Selle, B.; Huwe, B.; Lischeid, G.
Improving soil-hydrological predictions using effective models

EGU05-A-10724;  HS25-1MO5P-0138
van Schaik, N.L.M; Jetten, V.G.; de Jong, S.M.; Ritsema, C.; van Dam, J.C.
The Influence of Preferential flow at Catchment Scale

EGU05-A-10656;  HS25-1MO5P-0139
Kastanek, F.J.
An Approach to Estimate Hysteresis Using Similarity

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