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  Poster Programme - US1 Neutrons at the Frontier of Earth Sciences & Environment

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Convener: Schober, H.
Co-Convener: Parise, J., Kagi, H.

Author in Attendance:

Tuesday, 26 April 2005 17:30 - 19:00
Display Time: Tuesday, 26 April 2005 08:00 -
Tuesday, 26 April 2005 19:00
Poster Area: Hall A

Chairperson: N.N.

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EGU05-A-11066;  US1-1TU5P-0001
Barnett, H.A.; Ham, K.; Simeral, L.S.; Rivers, M.L.; Butler, L.G.
Three-Dimensional Chemical Analysis with Synchrotron X-ray Tomography and Prospects with Neutron Tomography

EGU05-A-04286;  US1-1TU5P-0002
Kargl, F.; Meyer, A.; Koza, M. M.; Schober, H.
The impact of Al2O3 and Fe2O3 on relaxation and structure in sodium silicates disclosed by inelastic neutron scattering.

EGU05-A-08011;  US1-1TU5P-0003
Jurányi , F.
Dynamics of water in compacted clay systems

EGU05-A-10812;  US1-1TU5P-0004
Falenty, A.; Genov, G.; Kuhs, W.F.
Kinetics of the CO2 hydrate formation and decomposition at Martian conditions – in-situ neutron diffraction and shrinking core modeling

EGU05-A-08527;  US1-1TU5P-0005
Fernández-Martínez, A. ; Cuello , G. J.; Román-Ross, G. ; Turrillas , X.; Charlet , L.
Arsenate uptake by gypsum: a neutron diffraction study

EGU05-A-10768;  US1-1TU5P-0006
Gatta, G.D.; Rinaldi, R.; Knight, K.
Thermoelastic and Structural Response of CoMgSiO4 Olivine to High Temperature Treatment by in situ Neutron Powder Diffraction

EGU05-A-10957;  US1-1TU5P-0007
Tait, K.
High pressure powder neutron diffraction of thorite (ThSi04)

EGU05-A-10955;  US1-1TU5P-0008
Lezzi, G.; Gatta, G.D.; Kokelmann, W. ; Della Ventura, G.; Rinaldi, R.; Schäfer, W.; Piccinini, M.; Gaillard, M.
Low-T neutron powder diffraction and synchrotron-radiation IR study of synthetic amphibole Na(NAMG)Mg5Si8O22(OH)2

EGU05-A-08485;  US1-1TU5P-0009
Cuello , G. J.; Fernández-Perea, R. ; Bermejo , F. J; Román-Ross, G.; Campo , J.
Structure of Fe-Ni and Fe-Ni-S molten alloys by neutron diffraction

EGU05-A-02614;  US1-1TU5P-0010
Guezou, J-C.; Ceretti, M.; Baudin, T.
Residual Stress/Strain in Rocks determined by Neutrons Diffusion

EGU05-A-07555;  US1-1TU5P-0011
Scheffzük, C.; Siegesmund, S.; Hoffmann, A.; Nikolayev, D.I.
Residual strain and texture analysis on bowed marble building stones by neutron time-of-flight diffraction

EGU05-A-08430;  US1-1TU5P-0012
Sitepu , H.
Quantitative texture analysis of isostatically-pressed molybdite powders by means of neutron diffraction

EGU05-A-06121;  US1-1TU5P-0013
Ullemeyer, K.; Behrmann, J. H.
Texture-controlled elastic Anisotropy of Rocks from the TRANSALP seismic Traverse, Eastern Alps

EGU05-A-11028;  US1-1TU5P-0014
Zucali, M.; Chateigner, D.
Neutron Texture Investigations of Minerals, natural Ice and Fossils

EGU05-A-08462;  US1-1TU5P-0015
Böhm , A. ; Böhm , M. ; Cheptiakov , D. ; Kogelbauer , A.; Steiner , H.J.
In-situ Neutron Diffraction Studies on Thermally Treated Carbonacious Iron Ore Materials

EGU05-A-11029;  US1-1TU5P-0016
Hart, R.T.; Mei, Q.; Benmore, C.J.; Weber, J.K.R; Tulk, C.A.
Neutron Diffraction of Materials at Extreme Conditions on GLAD: Applications to Geophysics

EGU05-A-06705;  US1-1TU5P-0017
Sigaeva, E.A.; Kuzhevskij, B.M.; Nechaev, O.Yu.
Obseravation of thermal neutrons near the Earth's crust

EGU05-A-11030;  US1-1TU5P-0018
Tumlinson, L.G.; Hopmans, J.W.
Thermal Neutron Radiography of Soils

EGU05-A-10954;  US1-1TU5P-0019
Claver, A.
NMI3 The Integrated Infrastructure Initiative for Neutron Scattering and Muon Spectroscopy

EGU05-A-06005;  US1-1TU5P-0020
Smith, G.; Teller, R.; McIvor, A.; Hurd, A.; Gallagher, P.; Anderson, I.
The North American neutron scattering centers

EGU05-A-10364;  US1-1TU5P-0021
Zhao, Y.; Daemen, L.; Zhang, J.; Lokshin, K.; Qian, J.; Pantea, C.; Williams, D.; Tait, K.; Xu, H.; Vogel, S.
Scientific Advancements and Technological Developments of High P-T Neutron Diffraction at LANSCE

EGU05-A-06979;  US1-1TU5P-0022
Kagi, H; Nagai, T; Komatsu, K; Utsumi, W; Arai, M
High-Pressure beam line at the new neutron source, J-PARC, in Japan (solicited)

EGU05-A-05788;  US1-1TU5P-0023
Ten Cate, J.; Darling, T.; Vogel, S.; Brown, D.; Clausen, B.; Proffen, T.; Page, K.
Exploring nonlinear mechanical behaviour in rocks at LANSCE

EGU05-A-10405;  US1-1TU5P-0024
LAPTRON : Los Alamos Pressure-Temperature Researches Online Neutron

EGU05-A-03365;  US1-1TU5P-0025
Walther, K.; Frischbutter, A.; Scheffzük, C.
EPSILON-MDS - a Neutron Time-Of-Flight Diffractometer for Strain Measurements

EGU05-A-04880;  US1-1TU5P-0026
Rogante, M.
Industrial applications of neutron techniques: a recent overview related to materials and components of technological interest

EGU05-A-05720;  US1-1TU5P-0027
Locke, D.; Tulk, C.; Parise, J.; Xu, J.; Hemley, R.; Mao, D.; Swainson, I.; Rogge, R.; Cranswick, L.; Ice, G.
Effectiveness of K-B mirrors on neutron micro-focusing for single crystal diffraction studies

EGU05-A-05208;  US1-1TU5P-0028
Stephens, R. S.; Francis, J. E.; Crame, J. A.; Haywood, A.
A new Eocene conifer flora from Seymour Island, Antarctica

EGU05-A-05977;  US1-1TU5P-0029
Tulk, C. A.; Guthrie, M.; Benmore, C. J.; Xu, J. ; Yarger, J. L.; Klug, D. D.; Tse, J. S.; Mao, H. k.; Hemley, R. J.
The in-situ formation and structure of a dense glass and the prospects for high-pressure neutron micro diffraction

EGU05-A-10817;  US1-1TU5P-0030
Welcome to ''Neutrons at the Frontier of Earth Sciences and Environment - NESE' (cancelled)

EGU05-A-10818;  US1-1TU5P-0031
Schober, H.

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