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  Poster Programme - SSS19 Soil remediation processes: New insights into the role of mineral surfaces and bioaccessibility of residues( co-listed in BG) (including Philippe Duchafour Medal Lecture)

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Convener: Burauel, P.
Co-Convener: Bech, J., Terzano, R., Medici, L.

Author in Attendance:

Wednesday, 18 April 2007 17:30 - 19:00
Display Time: Wednesday, 18 April 2007 08:00 -
Wednesday, 18 April 2007 19:30
Poster Area: Hall A

Chairperson: BURAUEL, P. AND BECH, J.

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EGU2007-A-00347;  SSS19-1WE5P-0322
Fernández , J.D.; Burauel, P.; Schnitzler, F.; Romero, E.
Distribution and bioavailability of diuron residues in different fractions of soils amended with vermicomposts.

EGU2007-A-09763;  SSS19-1WE5P-0323
Andreou, K; Jones, K; Semple, K
Distribution of aged Pesticide Residues in Physical and Chemical fractions of two previously organically managed soils

EGU2007-A-11418;  SSS19-1WE5P-0324
Modler, J.; Jablonowski, N. D.; Burauel, P.
Bioaccessibility of naturally aged 14C-atrazine residues in different soil size fractions

EGU2007-A-00370;  SSS19-1WE5P-0325
Strijakova, E.R.; Vasilyeva, G.K.; Ivanova, E.G.
Influence of activated carbon on the behavior and bioavailability of PCB in soil

EGU2007-A-04871;  SSS19-1WE5P-0326
El-Aswad, A
Effect of organic amendments on aldicarb sorption-desorption and soil-bound residue

EGU2007-A-09264;  SSS19-1WE5P-0327
Fritzsche, A.; Totsche, K.U.; Kögel-Knabner, I.
The role of iron (hydr)oxides for arsenic fixation, mobilisation, and transport - an evaluation by soil column experiments

EGU2007-A-08403;  SSS19-1WE5P-0328
Matera, V.; Grisel, N.; Le Bayon, R.C.; Gobat, J.M.
Arsenic transfer in plants from naturally enriched soil

EGU2007-A-00333;  SSS19-1WE5P-0329
Mavlyanov, Gani
Agricultural pollution of underground waters

EGU2007-A-00462;  SSS19-1WE5P-0330
Terzano, R.; Spagnuolo, M.; Medici, L.; Dorriné, W.; Janssens, K.; Ruggiero, P.
Microscopic characterisation of zeolite particles synthesised in a soil polluted by Cu or Cd and stabilised with a coal fly ash-treatment

EGU2007-A-02143;  SSS19-1WE5P-0331
Rennert, T.; Kaufhold, S.; Mansfeldt, T.
Identification of Fe-CN containing compounds in contaminated soil and wastes by FTIR spectroscopy

EGU2007-A-03142;  SSS19-1WE5P-0332
Choi, J.; Shim, S.; Lee, W.
Enhanced reductive dechlorination of 1,1,1-trichloroethane by FeS with trace metals and sulfide

EGU2007-A-03348;  SSS19-1WE5P-0333
Kónya, J.; Nagy, N.M.
Metal Ion Decontamination of Soils by Complex Forming Agents

EGU2007-A-03611;  SSS19-1WE5P-0334
Pelfręne, A.; Gassama, N.; Grimaud, D.
Mobility of major- and minor- element and trace metals in soil solutions: distribution, speciation and controlling factors

EGU2007-A-04211;  SSS19-1WE5P-0335
Behnsen, J.; Riebe, B.; Bunnenberg, C.
Organoclays as Adsorbents for Anions: Selectivity and Ion-exchange Processes

EGU2007-A-06989;  SSS19-1WE5P-0336
Nemes, Z.; Kónya, J.; Nagy, M. N.
Strontium desorption from bentonite surface by complex forming agents

EGU2007-A-08869;  SSS19-1WE5P-0337
Rinaudo, C.; Cairo, S.; Gaino, M.; Cossa, G.
Mechanisms of interaction between heavy metals (Cu, Zn, Cd and Pb) and clay minerals

EGU2007-A-11720;  SSS19-1WE5P-0338
Bech, J.; Pérez-Sirvent, C.; Martínez-Sánchez , M.J.; Barba, A.; Oliva, J.; Vidal-Otón, J.
Fate and distribution of some persistent organochlorine compounds in horticultural soils located in Southeast of Spain

EGU2007-A-11721;  SSS19-1WE5P-0339
Bech, J.; Pérez-Sirvent, C.; Martínez-Sánchez, M.J.; Garcia-Lorenzo, M.L.
Mobilization of heavy metals in soils contaminated by wastes produced in an old fertilizer factory

EGU2007-A-11741;  SSS19-1WE5P-0387
Sebastian, B.; Gonzalez, D.; Obrador, A.; Novillo, J.; Alvarez, J.M.
Zinc bound to manganese oxides in soils in a greenhouse flax crop to which several zinc chelates were added

EGU2007-A-11742;  SSS19-1WE5P-0388
Gonzalez, D.; Sebastian, B.; Rico, M.I.; Lopez-Valdivia, L.M.; Alvarez, J.M.
Easily leachable zinc extracted with the BaCl2 reagent and correlation with more labile micronutrient fractions in an acidic soil

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