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  Poster Programme - NH8.01 Natural and anthropogenic hazards in karst areas (co-listed in HS) (co-sponsered by Commission of the International Union of Speleology, IGU Karst Commission)

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Convener: Parise, M.
Co-Convener: De Waele, J., Gunn, J., Gutierrez, F.
Co-Sponsorship: Commission of the International Union of Speleology, IGU Karst Commission

Author in Attendance:

Monday, 3 April 2006 17:30 - 19:00
Display Time: Monday, 3 April 2006 08:00 -
Monday, 3 April 2006 19:30
Poster Area: Halls X/Y

Chairperson: PARISE, M.

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EGU06-A-00037;  NH8.01-1MO5P-0411
Urich, P.; Day, M.
Natural and anthropogenic hazards in the karst of Bohol, the Philippines

EGU06-A-05361;  NH8.01-1MO5P-0412
Brinkmann, R.; Chavez, T.; Hose, L.; Northup, D.
The karst information portal: an emerging on-line collaboratorium

EGU06-A-01365;  NH8.01-1MO5P-0413
Sala, S.; Parise, M.
Facing environmental problems in karst areas of developing countries: the case study of Dajti – Mali me Gropa (Albania)

EGU06-A-04473;  NH8.01-1MO5P-0414
Schyns, J.-C.; Ek, C.; Ozer, A.
Karst and regional planning and management in the Walloon Region (Belgium)

EGU06-A-08961;  NH8.01-1MO5P-0415
Andriani, G.F.; Walsh, N.
Human impact on karst in southern Italy: a case study from the Murge plateau (Apulia)

EGU06-A-10375;  NH8.01-1MO5P-0416
Canora, F.; Fidelibus, M.D.; Spilotro, G.
Hydrological and hydrogeological hazard coming from man-made agricultural transformations of the soils of the Murgia (Puglia, Southern Italy)

EGU06-A-06367;  NH8.01-1MO5P-0417
Angelova, D.
Natural and Anthropogenic charge on the karst ecosystems and problems in Golo Bardo thrust unit (Bulgaria)

EGU06-A-01778;  NH8.01-1MO5P-0418
Efe, R.
The causes of land degradation and distribution of natural vegetation in Yunt mountain, in the Western Turkey.

EGU06-A-01262;  NH8.01-1MO5P-0419
Bou kheir, R.; Abdallah, C.
Sensitivity of soils to water erosion with respect to morphometric characterization of karstic zones in Lebanon

EGU06-A-05788;  NH8.01-1MO5P-0420
Tanács, E; Szmorad, F
A history of forest management in a Hungarian karst area

EGU06-A-01361;  NH8.01-1MO5P-0421
Caramanna, G.; Nisio, S.; Polselli, P.
Correlation between sinkhole phenomena, mineralised fluids upwelling and deep buried structures is some karst areas of the central and southern Italy.

EGU06-A-01362;  NH8.01-1MO5P-0422
Caramanna, G; Ciotoli, G; Ludovico, D; Nisio, S
Deep piping phenomena in the Abruzzo region (Central Italy) and the related hazard

EGU06-A-06054;  NH8.01-1MO5P-0423
Laureti, L.
The mining and quarrying activity and the destruction of the karst landscape: some significant case studies in Italy

EGU06-A-05730;  NH8.01-1MO5P-0424
S X yin, S X
Mechanism and control of water inrush from Karstic paleo-sinkholes in northern China

EGU06-A-03996;  NH8.01-1MO5P-0425
Alberto, W.; Carraro, F.; Giardino, M.; Martinotti, G.; Tiranti, D.
The role of deep dissolution in slope deformations of the Western Alps

EGU06-A-10111;  NH8.01-1MO5P-0426
S. Bouzid , S.; Belfoul , M.A. ; Faďk , F.; Angelova, D.
Sismotectonic and! climate impacts on a landslide triggering into the western High-Atlas of Morocco

EGU06-A-04756;  NH8.01-1MO5P-0427
Polemio, M.
Flooding effects in a karstic environment: the anthropic amplification of damages (Southern Italy)

EGU06-A-03664;  NH8.01-1MO5P-0428
Ducci, D. ; De Masi , G.; Delli Priscoli, G.
Contamination risk of the Alburni karst system (Southern Italy)

EGU06-A-05840;  NH8.01-1MO5P-0429
Kürti, L
Hydrochemical attitudes of karst springs of the system Kács and Sály (Hungary)

EGU06-A-01023;  NH8.01-1MO5P-0430
Mobaraki, J.
Investigation of Iran karstic water resources vulnerability against natural

EGU06-A-08019;  NH8.01-1MO5P-0431
Baresic, J; Horvatincic, N; Obelic, B; Krajcar Bronic, I; Tikvic, I
Eutrophication process in the Plitvice Lakes water – anthropogenic pollution or natural process?

EGU06-A-09662;  NH8.01-1MO5P-0432
Brencic, M.
Risk Analyses to Groundwater Pollution on Karstic Drinking Water Protection Zones

EGU06-A-10379;  NH8.01-1MO5P-0433
Lopez, N.; Sciannamblo, D.; Spizzico, M.; Spizzico, V. ; Tinelli, R.
Alterations of the intrinsic vulnerability of the aquifers produced by an anthropic activity: the example of the Brindisi Plain (Italy)

EGU06-A-04700;  NH8.01-1MO5P-0434
Bruno, E.; Calcaterra, D.; Parise, M.
Coastline evolution controlled by development of sinkholes, and likely effects on the anthropogenic environment

EGU06-A-05366;  NH8.01-1MO5P-0435
Fleury, S.; Brinkmann, R.
Coastal karst in a portion of west-central Florida

EGU06-A-01465;  NH8.01-1MO5P-0436
Duane, MJ
Present and future hazards associated with Biokarst development on coastal sections of Morocco.

EGU06-A-10399;  NH8.01-1MO5P-0437
Leucci, G.; Selleri, G.; Sansň, P. ; De Giorgi, L.; Lupo, M.
Geomorphological and geophysical survey to define the sinkholes hazard in a covered karstic area

EGU06-A-00833;  NH8.01-1MO5P-0438
Filahi, M.; Najine, A.; Jaffal, M.; Andrieux, P.; Himi, M.; Casas, A.; Angelova, D.
Evaluation of geophysical methods for detection of the underground cavities and the karstic systems in the city of Beni Mellal (Morocco)

EGU06-A-06995;  NH8.01-1MO5P-0439
Kamshilin, A.; Volkova, E.; Leontiev, V.; Chetverikova, A.; Kuzichkin, O.; Kalinkina, N.
Physical modeling experiments with the close dry suffosion. (cancelled)

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