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  Poster Programme - NH3.02 Landslides, ground-failures and mass movements induced by earthquakes and volcanic activity (co-listed in GM)

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Convener: Keefer, D.
Co-Convener: Wasowski, J., Del Gaudio, V.

Author in Attendance:

Wednesday, 5 April 2006 17:30 - 19:00
Display Time: Wednesday, 5 April 2006 08:00 -
Wednesday, 5 April 2006 19:30
Poster Area: Halls X/Y

Chairperson: KEEFER, D.

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EGU06-A-04784;  NH3.02-1WE5P-0601
Schneider, J. F.
Mass Movements in Northern Pakistan triggered by the October 2005 Earthquake

EGU06-A-02811;  NH3.02-1WE5P-0602
Owen, L. A.; Kamp, U.; Khattak, G. A.; Keefer, D.; Harp, E. L.; Bauer, M.
Landslides triggered by the October 8, 2005, Kashmir Earthquake

EGU06-A-05614;  NH3.02-1WE5P-0603
hsieh, S.Y; lee, C.T
Updating Newmark Displacement Empirical Formula with Six Important Strong-Motion Data Set From Recent Major Earthquakes

EGU06-A-02469;  NH3.02-1WE5P-0604
Chang, K.J.; Taboada, A.; Estrada, N.
Numerical simulation of the earthquake-triggered Jiufengershan landslide

EGU06-A-04402;  NH3.02-1WE5P-0605
Papadopoulos, G.A.; Ganas, A.; Koukouvelas, I.
Landsliding phenomena in NW Peloponnese, Greece: a test-site of the EC LEWIS research project

EGU06-A-03622;  NH3.02-1WE5P-0606
Tsagaratos, P; Koumantakis, J
Estimation of the manifestation of landslide phenomena on granitic formations, induced by seismic activity. Case study of mountainous mass of Central Rhodope, Greece.

EGU06-A-06711;  NH3.02-1WE5P-0607
Lin, M. L.; Wang, K. L.
Observation of the seismic slope behaviors in large-scale shaking table test

EGU06-A-10031;  NH3.02-1WE5P-0608
Munachen, S. E.
Effects of void redistribution on liquefaction-induced landslides

EGU06-A-06851;  NH3.02-1WE5P-0609
Marques, R.; Zêzere, J.; Coutinho, R.
Landslide activity in Fogo Volcano (S. Miguel, Azores) resulting from the 2005 seismic crisis: susceptibility assessment based on statistical and deterministic models

EGU06-A-06925;  NH3.02-1WE5P-0610
Marques, R.; Coutinho, R.; Queiroz, G.
Landslides and erosion induced by the 2005 Fogo-Congro seismic crisis (S. Miguel, Azores)

EGU06-A-06618;  NH3.02-1WE5P-0611
Ventura, G; Favalli, M; Pareschi, M T; Karátson, D; Mazzuoli, R
Pleistocene sector collapses in the Aeolian Islands: tsunami hazard implications

EGU06-A-06585;  NH3.02-1WE5P-0612
del Potro, R; Hürlimann, M; Pinkerton, H
Sensitivity of the stability of stratovolcanoes to volcanic activity and ground acceleration: the Teide-Pico Viejo complex in Tenerife, Spain

EGU06-A-08103;  NH3.02-1WE5P-0613
Uttini, A.; Apuani, T.; Masetti, M.; Vezzoli, L.; Corazzato, C.
First contribution to debris slope stability analysis of the Sciara del Fuoco (Stromboli island, Italy) via particle numerical modeling

EGU06-A-00125;  NH3.02-1WE5P-0614
Havenith, HB; Torgoev, I; Alvarez, S; Danneels, G
Seismic microzonation of slopes susceptible to landsliding : use of ambient noise and earthquake ground motion measurements

EGU06-A-01803;  NH3.02-1WE5P-0615
Stanica, M.; Stanica, D.; Diacopolos, C.
Long term continuous monitoring of the landslides associated with seismic events

EGU06-A-09476;  NH3.02-1WE5P-0616
Wulf, H.; Schoenbohm, L. M.; Strecker, M. R.
Analysis of large-scale Quaternary landslide deposits: El Cajon basin, south-eastern Puna margin, NW Argentina

EGU06-A-04837;  NH3.02-1WE5P-0617
Mitchell, W. A.
Earthquake triggered rock avalanches in the western Himalaya

EGU06-A-08532;  NH3.02-1WE5P-0618
Martino, C.; Schiattarella, M.
The palaeo-landslides of the Melandro River basin, southern Apennines, Italy

EGU06-A-00193;  NH3.02-1WE5P-0619
Nepop, R.; Agatova, A.
Estimation of old earthquakes magnitudes in Gorny Altai region (Russia) on the basis of landslides analysis.

EGU06-A-05955;  NH3.02-1WE5P-0620
Gori, S.; Coltorti, M.; Dramis, F.; Galadini, F.; Galli, P.; Giaccio, B.; Messina, P.; Pizzi, A.; Sposato, A.
Large-scale gravitational deformations and quaternary faulting: the case of the south-western side of the Mt. Morrone (central Apennines, Italy)

EGU06-A-05569;  NH3.02-1WE5P-0621
Tatu, M.
Understanding mechanisms of the landslides related to the active faults in sub-Carpathian area (Romania).

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