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  Poster Programme - SM5 Computational wave propagation

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Convener: Stupazzini, M.
Co-Convener: Festa, G.
Co-Sponsorship: Marie Curie Research and Training Network SPICE

Author in Attendance:

Monday, 3 April 2006 15:30 - 17:00
Display Time: Monday, 3 April 2006 08:00 -
Monday, 3 April 2006 19:30
Poster Area: Hall A

Chairperson: STUPAZZINI, M.

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EGU06-A-00107;  SM5-1MO4P-0323
Mikhailenko, B.; Reshetova, G.
Interaction of seismic and acoustic-gravity waves for the inhomogeneous model "Earth-Ocean-Atmosphere"

EGU06-A-00255;  SM5-1MO4P-0324
Ilyushin, Ya.A.
Wave propagation in multilayered media: the radiative transfer approach

EGU06-A-00945;  SM5-1MO4P-0325
Sengor, T.
The electromagnetic radiation mechanism in faults: aperture antenna array in fractal structure

EGU06-A-02396;  SM5-1MO4P-0326
Jousset, P.; Aochi, H.
Regional scale numerical simulation of wave propagation for seismic hazard evaluation study

EGU06-A-03336;  SM5-1MO4P-0327
Mai, PM; SPICE Local Scale Group
The resolving power of kinematic source inversions: a blind test

EGU06-A-03596;  SM5-1MO4P-0328
Cesca, S.; Dahm, T.; Battaglia, J.; Braun, T.
Estimation of long period volcanic sources by a frequency domain inversion approach

EGU06-A-03729;  SM5-1MO4P-0329
Glinsky-Olivier, N.; Ben Jemaa, M.; Piperno, S.; Virieux, J.
A finite-volume method for the 2D seismic wave propagation

EGU06-A-03988;  SM5-1MO4P-0330
Martin, R.; Komatitsch, D.
An optimized Convolution-Perfectly Matched Layer (C-PML) absorbing technique for 3D seismic wave simulation based on a finite-difference method

EGU06-A-05448;  SM5-1MO4P-0331
Park, M
Numerical modeling of abyssal T-wave excitation from mid-oceanic interplate tectonic/magmatic activities

EGU06-A-05760;  SM5-1MO4P-0332
Moczo, P.; Ampuero, J. P.; Kristek, J.; Galis, M.; Day, S. M.; Igel, H.
The European network SPICE code validation

EGU06-A-05873;  SM5-1MO4P-0333
Kristekova, M.; Kristek, J.; Moczo, P.; Day, S. M.
Quantitative misfit criteria for comparison of seismograms

EGU06-A-06114;  SM5-1MO4P-0334
Igel, H; Vilotte, JP; Moczo, P; Barsch, R; Stupazzini, M; Vye, E
The EU SPICE Project: a Digital Library with Codes and Training material in Computational Seismology

EGU06-A-07021;  SM5-1MO4P-0335
White, J.C.; Hobbs, R.W.
New approach to modelling the wavefield for A.V.O. analysis using the phase-screen method

EGU06-A-07547;  SM5-1MO4P-0336
Delavaud, E.; Cupillard, P.; Festa, G.; Vilotte, J.-P.
3D Spectral Element Method simulations of the seismic response in complex media

EGU06-A-08033;  SM5-1MO4P-0337
Marcovici, F.; Mercerat, E.D.; Vilotte, J.P.
Triangular spectral element method for elastic wave simulation using iterative solvers based on Schwarz overlapping methods

EGU06-A-08202;  SM5-1MO4P-0338
Danecek, P.; Seriani, G.
Verification of an Overlapping Multidomain Chebyshev Method for Seismic Wave Propagation

EGU06-A-08353;  SM5-1MO4P-0339
Apostolico, F.; Seriani, G.
SismoVi: a pre-/post-processing tool for seismic wave modelling analysis

EGU06-A-09041;  SM5-1MO4P-0340
Pérez-Ruiz, J.A.; Luzón, F.
Scattering of elastic waves in a cracked half-space with topographic features using a finite difference scheme

EGU06-A-09607;  SM5-1MO4P-0341
Engell-Soerensen, L.
Survey of fast asymptotic grid-based methods for forward seismic modelling (cancelled)

EGU06-A-09888;  SM5-1MO4P-0342
Massa, M.; Ferretti, G.; Stupazzini, M.; Cauzzi, C.
Evaluation of Site Amplification Effects in Ripabottini (Molise, Italy)

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