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  Poster Programme - SM9/TS20 Physics and Mechanics of Earthquakes (co-organized by TS) (co-listed in GD) (co-sponsored by GD & TS)

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Convener: Schmittbuhl, J.
Co-Convener: Cochard, A., Nielsen, S.

Author in Attendance:

Wednesday, 27 April 2005 15:30 - 17:00
Display Time: Wednesday, 27 April 2005 08:00 -
Wednesday, 27 April 2005 19:00
Poster Area: Foyer A

Chairperson: SCHMITTBUHL, J.

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EGU05-A-00403;  SM9/TS20-1WE4P-0039
Aksenov, V; Stepanova, S; Parinova, O; Institute of Earth Physics
Rotation waves as rapture mechanism and transition of rock mass in fault zone

EGU05-A-01959;  SM9/TS20-1WE4P-0040
Plotnikova, A.
Magnetic field variations and earthquakes prediction

EGU05-A-03965;  SM9/TS20-1WE4P-0041
Wang, W.-H.; Huang, S.-M.
Stress and seismicity evolution on heterogeneous faults with various roughness

EGU05-A-00262;  SM9/TS20-1WE4P-0042
Tyupkin, Yu.S.
Potential earthquake source formation: an analogy with second-order phase transition

EGU05-A-01979;  SM9/TS20-1WE4P-0043
Haikun, Jiang; Shengli, Ma; Liu, Zhang
Spatio-temporal Characteristics of Acoustic Emission during the Deformation of Rock Samples with Typical Fault Pattern (cancelled)

EGU05-A-03882;  SM9/TS20-1WE4P-0044
Bragin, V; Avagimov, A; Alad’ev, A; Bogomolov, L; Zakupin, A; Sychev, V
Acoustic emission measurements to simulate seismicity triggering effect by impacts of physical fields

EGU05-A-09902;  SM9/TS20-1WE4P-0045
Voisin, C.; Renard, F.
Very Slow Friction Experiment (VSFE)

EGU05-A-05907;  SM9/TS20-1WE4P-0046
Lee, Y.H.; Lu, S.T.; Shih, T.S.; Rau, R.J.
How the 1999 Chi-Chi Earthquake terminated at southern end?

EGU05-A-00987;  SM9/TS20-1WE4P-0047
Sadeghi, H.; Suzuki, S.; Fatemi Aghda, S. M.; Nakamura, T.; Matsushima, T.; Ito, Y.; Hosseini, S. K.; Gandomi, A. J.; Maleki, M.
Three-dimensional velocity structure and orientation of the causative fault for the 2003 Bam earthquake, Iran (cancelled)

EGU05-A-01533;  SM9/TS20-1WE4P-0048
Benetatos, C.; Dreger, D.; Kiratzi, A.
Complex and segmented rupture of the 14 August 2003 (Mw 6.2) Lefkada (Ionian Islands) earthquake

EGU05-A-00925;  SM9/TS20-1WE4P-0049
Kwiatek, G.
Source Time Function of mining-induced seismic events at Rudna Copper Mine, Poland: an accuracy analysis

EGU05-A-03609;  SM9/TS20-1WE4P-0050
Jechumtalova, Z.; Sileny, J.
Amplitude ratios for complete moment tensor retrieval: FOCMEC upgraded.

EGU05-A-04802;  SM9/TS20-1WE4P-0051
Hagos, L.; Shomali, H.; Roberts, R.
Re-evaluation of focal depths and source mechanisms of selected earthquakes in the Afar depression

EGU05-A-05417;  SM9/TS20-1WE4P-0052
Francois-Holden, C.; Berrill, J. B.
Direct measurement of fault rupture from seismic dense arrays: method and application to the Alpine Fault, New Zealand

EGU05-A-06611;  SM9/TS20-1WE4P-0053
Milano, G.; Di Giovambattista, R.; Ventura, G.
Seismicity of the Gargano area (Italy)

EGU05-A-06716;  SM9/TS20-1WE4P-0054
Filippucci, M.; de Lorenzo, S.; Boschi, E.
Orientation of seismic ruptures from P polarities and P pulse widths inversions: the Sellano (Umbria-Marche) case study

EGU05-A-06245;  SM9/TS20-1WE4P-0055
Dost, B; Hellweg, M
characteristic earthquakes at Parkfield; comparing recent and old seismograms

EGU05-A-07293;  SM9/TS20-1WE4P-0056
Rößler, D.; Rümpker, G.; Krüger, F.; Psencik, I.
Retrieval of Source Parameters in anisotropic Media

EGU05-A-07632;  SM9/TS20-1WE4P-0057
Fedotova, Iou.
Comparative analysis of mining-induced earthquakes focal mechanisms in the Khibiny massif

EGU05-A-08347;  SM9/TS20-1WE4P-0058
Roumelioti, Z.; Theodulidis, N.; Kiratzi, A.
Slip distribution and forward modeling of geodetic and seismological data of the 20 June 1978 Thessaloniki (northern Greece) earthquake

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