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  Poster Programme - SM3 Controlled and natural source seismic investigations of crust and upper mantle

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Convener: Rümpker, G.

Author in Attendance:

Thursday, 6 April 2006 17:30 - 19:00
Display Time: Thursday, 6 April 2006 08:00 -
Thursday, 6 April 2006 19:30
Poster Area: Hall A

Chairperson: RÜMPKER, G.

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EGU06-A-00396;  SM3-1TH5P-0316
Seleznev, V.; Soloviev, V.; Emanov, A.
Deep structure of the Earth’s lithosphere in Siberia on data of earthquakes, industrial explosions and high-power vibration sources

EGU06-A-01059;  SM3-1TH5P-0317
Tikhotsky, S.; Achauer, U.
3D velocity and interface reconstruction by joint inversion of refracted and reflected waves traveltimes and gravity data

EGU06-A-01861;  SM3-1TH5P-0318
Li, X.
Lithospheric structure beneath western United States

EGU06-A-01955;  SM3-1TH5P-0319
Guinto, E.R.; Martinez, M.D.; Lana, X.
Objective regionalization of the Mediterranean basin from Rayleigh wave anelastic attenuation coefficients

EGU06-A-02089;  SM3-1TH5P-0320
Jakovlev, A.; Koulakov, I.
Algorithm of local anisotropy tomography and its realization in the Baikal region and Middle East

EGU06-A-02687;  SM3-1TH5P-0321
Gervasi, A.; Guerra, I.; Neri, G.; Orecchio, B.; Presti, D.
Crustal seismotomography and shallow earthquake locations in south Italy

EGU06-A-02725;  SM3-1TH5P-0322
Rodriguez, I.; Sallares, V.; Simon, C.; Carlosena, A.; Manuel, A.; Dańobeitia, J. J.
A new software tool for wide-angle reflection/refraction seismic data processing and representation (WASPAR)

EGU06-A-02959;  SM3-1TH5P-0323
Sodoudi, F.; Yuan, X.; Kind, R.
Lithospheric thickness beneath the Dabie Shan, central eastern China from S receiver functions

EGU06-A-03202;  SM3-1TH5P-0324
Abdulah, A.; Kennett, B.L.N
Seismic Attenuation Tomography of the Australian Continent

EGU06-A-03253;  SM3-1TH5P-0325
sharma, Kamal
Intraplate Seismicity of the northwestern Indian shield: Implication for the reactivation of palaeo-tectonic elements

EGU06-A-03299;  SM3-1TH5P-0326
Dubos-Sallée, N.; Bardainne, T.; Sénéchal, G.
Lacq gas field seismicity: spatio-temporal evolution over 30 years

EGU06-A-03673;  SM3-1TH5P-0327
Nita, B.; Perchuc, E.; Maguire, P.; Thybo, H.
Upper mantle structure beneath the Alps and the Variscides from waveform analysis of north African earthquakes recorded at European seismic stations

EGU06-A-03709;  SM3-1TH5P-0328
Woelbern, I.; Heit, B.; Yuan, X.; Asch, G.; Kind, R.
Crustal and upper mantle structures beneath the Central Andes at 21°S and 25.5°S derived from receiver functions

EGU06-A-03775;  SM3-1TH5P-0329
Perchuc, E.; Thybo, H.; Nita, B.; Maguire, P.
Differences in travel time curves for ‘cold’ and ‘hot’ models of the upper mantle

EGU06-A-03913;  SM3-1TH5P-0330
Knudsen, P. K.; Voss, P.; Gudmundsson, O.; Gregersen, S.; Dahl-Jensen, T.; Hanka, W.; Larsen, T. B.
Rayleigh wave group velocity tomography in southern Greenland from correlation of ambient seismic noise.

EGU06-A-04488;  SM3-1TH5P-0331
Capuano, P.; De Matteis, R.
3D velocity model of Ischia island from the inversion of active seismic data

EGU06-A-05172;  SM3-1TH5P-0332
Wilde-Piorko, M.; Swieczak, M.; Majdanski, M.; Grad, M.; POLONAISE'97, W. G.; SUDETES 2003, W. G.
Seismic model of the lithosphere in Trans-European Suture Zone in Poland

EGU06-A-05440;  SM3-1TH5P-0333
Galybin, K.A.; Dentith, M.
Velocity inversion of earthquake data in the southwest of Western Australia

EGU06-A-05584;  SM3-1TH5P-0334
Wilde-Piorko, M.; POLONAISE'97, W. G.; SUDETES 2003, W. G.
Crustal and upper mantle structure along the P4 profile in the TESZ based on receiver function analysis

EGU06-A-05599;  SM3-1TH5P-0335
Malinowski, M.; Operto, S.
Full-waveform modelling and inversion of wide-aperture seismic data from the Polish Basin

EGU06-A-05620;  SM3-1TH5P-0336
Malinowski, M.
Integrated wide-angle and near-vertical incidence seismic investigations in the Polish Basin

EGU06-A-05629;  SM3-1TH5P-0337
Malinowski, M.
First-arrival vs joint refraction/reflection tomography - a comparative study from SE Poland

EGU06-A-05652;  SM3-1TH5P-0338
Zandomeneghi, D.; Almendros, J.; Barclay, A.; Ibáńez, J. M.
A preliminary seismic tomographic image of Deception Island Volcano (cancelled)

EGU06-A-05675;  SM3-1TH5P-0339
Maggi, A.; Cara, M.; Debayle, E.; Barruol, G.
Two station phase velocity measurements under French Polynesia (cancelled)

EGU06-A-06159;  SM3-1TH5P-0340
Bleibinhaus, F.; ALP 2002 Working Group, .
A 3D anisotropic seismic velocity model of the Eastern Alps from reflection and refraction traveltime tomography

EGU06-A-06305;  SM3-1TH5P-0341
Dinc-Akdogan, N.; Dzierma, Y.; Thorwart, M.; Rabbel, W.; Arroyo, I.; Gossler, J.; Fluh, E.; Alvarado, G.; Mora, M.
Ongoing Seismological Investigations in Central America

EGU06-A-06341;  SM3-1TH5P-0342
Sroda, P.; CELEBRATION 2000 Working Group
Discriminating between crustal anisotropy and inhomogeneity based on seismic wide-angle data from SE Poland (CELEBRATION 2000 Experiment)

EGU06-A-06385;  SM3-1TH5P-0343
ALPASS – Passive seismic monitoring in the Eastern Alps

EGU06-A-06587;  SM3-1TH5P-0344
Bondo, A.; Balling, N.; Jacobsen, B.H.; Kind, R.; England, R.W.; Gregersen, S.
Deep structural differences beneath Southern Norway and Northern Jutland from teleseismic P-wave residuals - Preliminary results

EGU06-A-06678;  SM3-1TH5P-0345
Hock, S.; ALP 2002 Working Group
Crustal structure in eastern Austria from ALP 2002 in-line data - preliminary results (cancelled)

EGU06-A-06893;  SM3-1TH5P-0346
Tiira, T.; Hyvonen, T.; Komminaho, K.; Korja, A.; Heikkinen, P.
3-D inversion of Moho discontinuity using wide-angle reflections in the Baltic Shield

EGU06-A-07077;  SM3-1TH5P-0347
Deshayes, P; Monfret, T; Pardo, M; Sichien, E; Vera, E
Seismic wave attenuation tomography in Central Chile – Western Argentina (30°-34°S)

EGU06-A-07342;  SM3-1TH5P-0348
Corela, C.; Veludo, I.; Matias, L.; Gaspar, J.; Miranda, M.; Lourenço, N.
Seismic monitoring in the Azores using obs’s and land stations: preliminary results from the Stamina mission, September 2004

EGU06-A-07692;  SM3-1TH5P-0349
Carcolé, E.; Ugalde, A.; Vargas, C. A.; Tripathi, J. N.
Spatial distribution of scatterers in the crust by inversion analysis of seismic coda envelopes: a case study of Gauribidanur seismic array site (southern India) and Galeras volcano (Colombia)

EGU06-A-07959;  SM3-1TH5P-0350
Malehmir, A.; Tryggvason, A.; Juhlin, C.; Thunehed, H.; Weihed, P.
3-D geological modelling using integration of geophysical data and verified geology in the Skellefte Ore District, northern Sweden

EGU06-A-07994;  SM3-1TH5P-0351
Endrun, B. ; Meier, T. ; Bohnhoff, M. ; Harjes, H.-P.
Joint inversion of receiver functions and surface wave dispersion with the Neighbourhood Algorithm

EGU06-A-08425;  SM3-1TH5P-0352
Romeo, A.; De Matteis, R.; Pasquale, G.; Iannaccone, G.; Zollo, A.
Three-dimensional seismic tomography of the Campania-Lucania Apennines (Southern Italy)

EGU06-A-09020;  SM3-1TH5P-0353
Ashtari Jafari, M.
Persian Gulf seismicity

EGU06-A-09034;  SM3-1TH5P-0354
Olsson, S; Roberts, R; Shomali, H
Analysis of waves converted from S to P in the uppermost mantle of the Baltic shield

EGU06-A-09583;  SM3-1TH5P-0355
Erduran, M.; Tezel, T.; Cakir, O.
1-D crustal structure in western and southwestern Turkey using surface wave dispersion

EGU06-A-09714;  SM3-1TH5P-0356
Ashtari Jafari, M.
Seismic energy distribution map of Iran

EGU06-A-10085;  SM3-1TH5P-0357
Ashtari Jafari, M.
Minimum 1D velocity model in Central Alborz from local earthquake data

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