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  Poster Programme - IS24 - HS2.4/NP3.10 Precipitation: from measurement to modelling and application in catchment hydrology (co-organised by HS & NP, co-listed in AS)

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Convener: Cârsteanu, A.
Co-Convener: Anagnostou, E., Uijlenhoet, R., Onof, C., Srikanthan, S., Burlando, P., Pegram, G., Berne, A., Troch, P., Krajewski, W., Levizzani, V.

Author in Attendance:

Thursday, 17 April 2008 17:30 - 19:00
Display Time: Thursday, 17 April 2008 08:00 -
Thursday, 17 April 2008 19:30
Poster Area: Hall A

Chairperson: CARSTEANU, A.

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EGU2008-A-00506;  IS24 - HS2.4/NP3.10-1TH5P-0221
a. Gamboa, a.G.; f. Gamboa, f. G.; d. Martinez, d. M.; c. Perez, c. P.; s. Novo, s. N.
New scheme result of adjustment the radar rainfall estimation in Cuba

EGU2008-A-01926;  IS24 - HS2.4/NP3.10-1TH5P-0222
Chebbi, A.; Da Cunha, M.; Kebaili Bargaoui, Z.
Optimal pluviograph network design using geostatistics and Simulated Annealing

EGU2008-A-03354;  IS24 - HS2.4/NP3.10-1TH5P-0223
Njuakom, F.; Achu, W.; Magha, N.; Kamdem, R
The use of rights based advocacy and community based volunteers’ approaches in managing and resolving water conflicts in Cameroon; ‘the case of the North West Province’

EGU2008-A-06020;  IS24 - HS2.4/NP3.10-1TH5P-0224
Hazenberg, P.; Uijlenhoet, R.; Leijnse, H. ; Delobbe, L.
Analyzing the spatial and temporal properties of precipitation above the Ourthe catchment and its influence on the flood response

EGU2008-A-08004;  IS24 - HS2.4/NP3.10-1TH5P-0225
Schulz, M.S.; Dr. Berger, F.B.
Determination of rainfall intensities and patterns from the MSG satellite

EGU2008-A-08522;  IS24 - HS2.4/NP3.10-1TH5P-0226
Vermeer, P.A.; Huber, M. ; Möllmann, A.
Case study about the reliability analysis of dike stability

EGU2008-A-09943;  IS24 - HS2.4/NP3.10-1TH5P-0227
Brommundt, J.; Bárdossy, A.
Application of correlation calculated from radar data in a time series generator for precipitation on the ground

EGU2008-A-10514;  IS24 - HS2.4/NP3.10-1TH5P-0228
Diederich, M.; Simmer, C.
A locally adapted multi-sensor precipitation estimate derived from satellite and ground observations for Benin

EGU2008-A-00859;  IS24 - HS2.4/NP3.10-1TH5P-0229
Bussi, G.; Grossi, G.
A stochastic approach to link predicted precipitation fields at different spatial scales

EGU2008-A-01648;  IS24 - HS2.4/NP3.10-1TH5P-0230
Grieser, J.; Jewson, S.
The RMS Hurricane-Rain Model

EGU2008-A-05498;  IS24 - HS2.4/NP3.10-1TH5P-0231
Barbulescu, A.
Modeling the evolution of precipitations in Dobrogea

EGU2008-A-01915;  IS24 - HS2.4/NP3.10-1TH5P-0232
Vandenberghe, S.; Verhoest, N.; De Baets, B.
Copula-based frequency analysis of 105-year 10-minute precipitation data observed at Uccle, Belgium

EGU2008-A-11338;  IS24 - HS2.4/NP3.10-1TH5P-0233
Fiser, O; Kvicera, V
Rain rate generator to study rain data processing techniques

EGU2008-A-11531;  IS24 - HS2.4/NP3.10-1TH5P-0234
Guerra-Cobian, V.H.; Ba, K.M.; Diaz-Delgado, C.; Quentin, E.; Carsteanu, A.A.
Conceptual hydrological modeling: evaluating discretization effects from the parameters of a stochastic model

EGU2008-A-00702;  IS24 - HS2.4/NP3.10-1TH5P-0235
Papalexiou, S.M.; Koutsoyiannis, D.
Ombrian curves in a maximum entropy framework

EGU2008-A-03293;  IS24 - HS2.4/NP3.10-1TH5P-0236
Ebner von Eschenbach, A.-D.; Buchwald, I.; Haberlandt, U.
Modelling of hourly Point Rainfall using an Alternating Renewal Model with 2-Copulas for derived Flood Frequency Analysis (cancelled)

EGU2008-A-07491;  IS24 - HS2.4/NP3.10-1TH5P-0237
Aslan Belli, AB; Hans-Reinhard Verworn, HRV; Henrieke Pampel, HP; Uwe Haberlandt, UH
Disaggregation of continuous Rainfall Time Series for Applications in Urban Hydrology – a Case Study

EGU2008-A-09185;  IS24 - HS2.4/NP3.10-1TH5P-0238
Hundecha, Y.; Pahlow, M.; Schumann, A.
Modelling of daily rainfall for flood risk assessment using a mixed distribution

EGU2008-A-10751;  IS24 - HS2.4/NP3.10-1TH5P-0239
Koutsoyiannis, D.
Long tails of marginal distribution and autocorrelation function of rainfall produced by the maximum entropy principle

EGU2008-A-11799;  IS24 - HS2.4/NP3.10-1TH5P-0240
Campo, M.A.; Cirauqui, J.C.; López, J.J.
Application of a stochastic rainfall model for disaggregation

EGU2008-A-02843;  IS24 - HS2.4/NP3.10-1TH5P-0241
Verworn, A.; Haberlandt, U.
Effect of different Approaches for Estimating Semivariograms on the spatial Interpolation Performance of Precipitation

EGU2008-A-03390;  IS24 - HS2.4/NP3.10-1TH5P-0242
López-Vicente, M.; Navas, A.
Monthly variations in rainfall and time to ponding in Mediterranean soils: implications on effective runoff generation

EGU2008-A-05610;  IS24 - HS2.4/NP3.10-1TH5P-0243
Evin, G.; Favre, A.-C.
A non-stationary Neyman-Scott model for rainfall (cancelled)

EGU2008-A-05766;  IS24 - HS2.4/NP3.10-1TH5P-0244
Dunkerley, D.L.
Rainfall events: importance of the criteria used for their identification in pluviograph records.

EGU2008-A-08142;  IS24 - HS2.4/NP3.10-1TH5P-0245
Mouri, G.; Kanae, S.; Oki, T.
Long-term change of rainfall-runoff response

EGU2008-A-09043;  IS24 - HS2.4/NP3.10-1TH5P-0246
Anquetin, S.; Manus, C.; Braud, I.; Vandervaere, J.P.; Viallet, P.
Hydrological response with respect to soil characteristics in a context of Mediterranean extreme events

EGU2008-A-10386;  IS24 - HS2.4/NP3.10-1TH5P-0247
Nord, G.; Cerdan, O.; Bonté, P.; Souchčre, V.
Temporal dynamics of runoff and erosion risk in a cultivated catchment of the loess belt: temporal patterns of rainfall and evolution of soil surface state

EGU2008-A-02026;  IS24 - HS2.4/NP3.10-1TH5P-0248
Nieto, R.; Trigo, R.; Gallego, D.; Ribera, P.; Gimeno, L.
Dynamic identification of moisture sources in the Orinoco Basin in Equatorial South America

EGU2008-A-11207;  IS24 - HS2.4/NP3.10-1TH5P-0249
Grossi, G.; Balistrocchi, M.
Rainfall input spatial characterisation for hydrologic simulation

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