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  Poster Programme - NH8.02 Natural and anthropogenic hazards in karst areas

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Convener: Parise, M.
Co-Convener: Klimchouk, A., Gunn, J.
Co-Sponsorship: Commission of the International Union of Speleology, IGU Karst Commission, HS

Author in Attendance:

Monday, 25 April 2005 10:30 - 12:00
Display Time: Monday, 25 April 2005 08:00 -
Monday, 25 April 2005 19:00
Poster Area: Hall X

Chairperson: N.N.

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EGU05-A-00050;  NH8.02-1MO2P-0504
Parise, M.; Trocino, A.
Land use change and loss of karst landscape in the Murge Plateau of Apulia, southern Italy

EGU05-A-00256;  NH8.02-1MO2P-0505
Karimi, H.; Raeisi, E.; Zare, M.
Comparison of water pollution in two karst springs in the northwest of Zagros, Iran (cancelled)

EGU05-A-01608;  NH8.02-1MO2P-0506
Juznic, J.
Charles Babbage and the Proteus from Postojna Cave

EGU05-A-09713;  NH8.02-1MO2P-0507
Chalmin, E.; Reiche, I. ; d'Oryé, F.; Menu, M.; Charlet, L. ; Geremia, R.; Orial, G. ; Baffier, D.
Origin of the formation of calcite on rock art: abiotic or biotic process?

EGU05-A-08216;  NH8.02-1MO2P-0508
Andriani, G.F.; Walsh, N.
The role of natural and anthropogenic processes on the morphogenetic evolution of collapse sinkholes

EGU05-A-01993;  NH8.02-1MO2P-0509
Federico, A.; Delle Rose, M.; Marras, V.; Parise, M.
Hydrogeological vulnerability of karst areas: the collapse dolines at Mesagne (Brindisi province, Italy)

EGU05-A-03922;  NH8.02-1MO2P-0510
Nisio, s.; Caramanna, g.; Ciotoli, g.
Sinkholes hazard in Italy: first results on the inventury and analysis of some case studies

EGU05-A-02273;  NH8.02-1MO2P-0511
Cacciatore, G.; Cippone, G.; Delle Rose, M.; Giuliani, P.; Ricciato, U.
The Grave del Pompiere sinkhole (Apulia, southern Italy): an example of re-activation of water sink within a high vulnerable karst area.

EGU05-A-07655;  NH8.02-1MO2P-0512
Tyc, A.; Andrejchuk, V.; Liszkowski, J.
Remarks on collapse and subsidence formation in karst – hazards and risks

EGU05-A-06123;  NH8.02-1MO2P-0513
Mikoš, M.; Majes, B.; Brilly, M.; Ribičič, M.
Activity of the Slano Blato landslide as an example of a landslide behaviour in karstic hydrological conditions

EGU05-A-09952;  NH8.02-1MO2P-0514
Santo, A.; Del Prete, S.; Di Crescenzo, G.; Rotella, M.
Karst processes and stability: experiences in the carbonate Apennine of the Campania Region (Southern Italy)

EGU05-A-07424;  NH8.02-1MO2P-0515
Lollino, P.; Parise, M.
The process of upward loosening of the roof of a karst cavern in a stratified limestone mass

EGU05-A-10080;  NH8.02-1MO2P-0516
Andrejchuk, V.; Tyc, A.
Hazards and risks in karst terrains – definitions and classification

EGU05-A-08943;  NH8.02-1MO2P-0517
Benac, Č:; Jurak, V.; Oštrić, M:
Qualitative Assessment of Geohazard in Rječina Valley, Croatia

EGU05-A-03672;  NH8.02-1MO2P-0518
Day, M.J.
Natural and anthropogenic hazards in the karst of Jamaica.

EGU05-A-09576;  NH8.02-1MO2P-0519
Caldara, M.; Mossa, G. S.; Pennetta, L..; Simone, O.
Flooding events in the town of Bari (Apulia, southern Italy)

EGU05-A-01568;  NH8.02-1MO2P-0520
Qiriazi, P.; Sala, S.; Cara, G.; Parise, M.; Trocino, A.
Environmental degradation of evaporite karst in Albania and Italy

EGU05-A-02182;  NH8.02-1MO2P-0521
Moretti, M.; Fiore, A.; Labriola, M.; Pieri, P.; Sabato, L.; Tropeano, M.; Valletta, S.
"Soil improvment" impacts on the karstic and coastal landscape of Murge Alte (Southern Italy).

EGU05-A-02662;  NH8.02-1MO2P-0522
Barbanente, A.; Calň, F.
Facing problems of ground water pollution in the post-conflict scenario of Mostar (Bosnia Herzegovina): guidelines for an integrated strategy

EGU05-A-03524;  NH8.02-1MO2P-0523
Fileccia, A.
Pollution and partial rehabilitation of a karst system

EGU05-A-02297;  NH8.02-1MO2P-0524
Knez, M.; Slabe, T.
Non-desctructive georadar researches in the area of road subsidence of motorway section Unec-Postojna, Classical Karst, Slovenia

EGU05-A-01995;  NH8.02-1MO2P-0525
Delle Rose, M.; Parise, M.; Andriani, G.F.
Assessment of the impact of human activities on karst aquifers in Salento (southern Italy)

EGU05-A-01503;  NH8.02-1MO2P-0526
Cataldo, R.; Margiotta, S.
Study and prevention of groundwater contamination in a sample coastal area

EGU05-A-10810;  NH8.02-1MO2P-0527
Margiotta, S.; Mazzone, F.; Negri, S.
Investigation of a Karstic area using stratigraphical data and

EGU05-A-10572;  NH8.02-1MO2P-0528
Filahi, M.; Najine, A.; Jaffal, M.; Badrane, S.; Arioua, A.; El Khammar, K.; Andrieux, P.; Himi, M.; Casas, A.
Detection and mapping of the underground cavities by seismic waves and electrical imagery –case of Béni-Mellal city (Morocco)

EGU05-A-07232;  NH8.02-1MO2P-0529
Leucci, G.
3-d resistivty survey in a complex karstic area

EGU05-A-06746;  NH8.02-1MO2P-0530
Kamshilin, A.; Volkova, E.; Kuzichkin, O.; Kalinkina, N.
The results of physical modeling experiments with the close dry suffosion.

EGU05-A-05740;  NH8.02-1MO2P-0531
Ragone, G.; Reina, A.; Savino, G.
Eliminating lampenflora along the tourist trail of “Grotte di Castellana”

EGU05-A-02311;  NH8.02-1MO2P-0532
Angelova, D.
Geoecological problems of the caves in the region Madara plateau (NE Bulgaria) et forms of protection

EGU05-A-10659;  NH8.02-1MO2P-0533
Curcic, B.P.M; Beron, P.; Dimitrjievic, R.N.; Makarov, S.E.; Lucic, L.R.; Tomic, V.T.; Curcic, S.B. ; Mitic, B.M.; Ilie, V.
Cave life in the Dinarid and Carpatho-Balkan Arc: genesis and diversification

EGU05-A-04063;  NH8.02-1MO2P-0534
Eftimi, R.
Use of hydrochemical studies to identify the recharge sources of karst springs; example of Poceme springs in Albania

EGU05-A-02316;  NH8.02-1MO2P-0535
Angelova, D.
“Srebarna" karst wetland (NE Bulgaria) – geoecological problems

EGU05-A-10660;  NH8.02-1MO2P-0536
Curcic, B.P.M; Decu, V.; Dimitrjievic, R.N.; Makarov, S.N.; Lucic, L.R.; Tomic, V.T. ; Curcic, S.B. ; Mitic, B.M.; Giurginca, A-; Ilie, V.
Cave-dwelling pseudoscorpions of Dobruja, Romania: origin, present, and perspectives

EGU05-A-01879;  NH8.02-1MO2P-0537
Shopov, Y; Afrasibian , A.
Anthropogenic Hazards in Karst of Sanandaj- Sirjan Zone, NW Iran. (cancelled)

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