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  Poster Programme - GD11 Kinematics and Geodynamics of the Central and Western Mediterranean (co-listed in TS, G & NH)

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Convener: Govers, R.
Co-Convener: Faccenna, C.

Author in Attendance:

Monday, 16 April 2007 13:30 - 15:00
Display Time: Monday, 16 April 2007 08:00 -
Monday, 16 April 2007 19:30
Poster Area: Hall A

Chairperson: N.N.

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EGU2007-A-01778;  GD11-1MO3P-0110
Martin-Rojas, I.; Delgado, F.; Di Bella, E.; Estevez, A.; Macaione, E.; Messina, A.; Somma, R.
Tectonometamorphic evolution of the westernmost segment of the Alpine peri-Mediterranean Chains. Evidences from the Sierra de Gador (Betic Internal Zone, Spain)

EGU2007-A-01781;  GD11-1MO3P-0111
Martin-Rojas, I.; Alfaro, P.; Estévez, A.; Martin-Martin, M.
Recent deformation in the basement of the Bajo Segura Basin

EGU2007-A-01782;  GD11-1MO3P-0112
Somma, R.; Martin-Rojas, I.; Messina, A.; Perrone, V.
The exhumed Mesozoic “Verrucano” redbeds of the Peloritani Alpine Belt (NE Sicily, southern Italy)

EGU2007-A-02093;  GD11-1MO3P-0113
Reeh, G; Abdunaser, K
Geophysical and remote sensing techniques as tools fro structural geological interpretation of Cyrenaica platform NE Libya

EGU2007-A-02642;  GD11-1MO3P-0114
Altiner, Y.; Bacic, Z.; Basic, T.; Coticchia, A.; Medved, M.; Mulic, M.; Nurce, B.
Motion of the Adria plate inferred from GPS observations

EGU2007-A-04309;  GD11-1MO3P-0115
Cheloni, D.; D'Agostino, N.; Hunstad, I.; Selvaggi, G.
An upper bound on the rate of strain across the Messina Straits, southern Italy, from triangulation measurements between 1971 and 2004

EGU2007-A-04770;  GD11-1MO3P-0116
Estevez, A.; Martin-Rojas, I.; Alfaro, P.; Martin-Martin, M.
The Vent—s-Maigmo Strike-Slip Fault Zone (Alicante province, SE Spain): evidences of Miocene tectonic control on sedimentation

EGU2007-A-05275;  GD11-1MO3P-0117
Billi, A.; Presti, D.; Faccenna, C.; Neri, G.; Orecchio, D.
Seismotectonics of southern Tyrrhenian area: a case of reorganization of a contractional margin

EGU2007-A-06064;  GD11-1MO3P-0118
Lustrino, M.; Morra, V.; Fedele, L.; Serracino, M.
The transition between orogenic and anorogenic magmatism in the western Mediterranean area. The Middle Miocene volcanic rocks of Isola del Toro (SW Sardinia, Italy)

EGU2007-A-06156;  GD11-1MO3P-0119
Ferrante, V.; Scrocca, D.; Doglioni, C.; Gasperini, L.; Recanati, R.; Chiarabba, C.; Guerrini, M.; Anastasio, M.
Crustal setting of the southern Tyrrhenian sea: new insight based on the reprocessed CROP M6A seismic profile (cancelled)

EGU2007-A-06652;  GD11-1MO3P-0120
Balanyá, J.C.; Crespo-Blanc, A.; Díaz-Azpiroz, M.; Expósito, I.; Luján, M.; Torcal, F.
Strain partitioning in the Western Gibraltar Arc: new clues on the Miocene kinematics of the westernmost Mediterranean

EGU2007-A-06673;  GD11-1MO3P-0121
Expósito, I.; Balanyá, J.C.; Crespo-Blanc, A.; Díaz-Azpiroz, M.; Luján, M.
Style decoupling within the Gibraltar Arc external wedge: a record of strain in a divergent thrusting setting

Author in Attendance:

Monday, 16 April 2007 15:30 - 17:00
Display Time: Monday, 16 April 2007 08:00 -
Monday, 16 April 2007 19:30
Poster Area: Hall A

Chairperson: N.N.

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EGU2007-A-06821;  GD11-1MO4P-0122
Mattia, M.; Bruno, V.; Palano, M.; Gresta, S.; Rossi, M.
Geodynamical aspects of the Eurasia-Nubia collision zone in Sicily (Italy): new data from a dense CGPS network

EGU2007-A-07304;  GD11-1MO4P-0123
Gutscher, M.-A.; Dominguez, S.; Westbrook, G.; Gente, P.; Babonneau, N.; Mulder, T.; Gonthier, E.; Bartolome, R.; Luis, J.; Rosas, F.
Tectonic shortening and gravitational spreading in the Gulf of Cadiz accretionary wedge: results from bathymetric swathmapping and seismic surveys

EGU2007-A-07332;  GD11-1MO4P-0124
Minelli, L.; Casero, P.; Faccenna, C.
Evolution of the Calabrian accretionary prism: preliminary results

EGU2007-A-07611;  GD11-1MO4P-0125
Garate, J.; Martin Davila, J.; Khazaradze, G.; Gil, A.; Jimenez-Munt, I.; Gallastegui, J.; Ayala, C.; Tellez, J.; Ayarza, P.
Topo-Iberia Project: GPS planned contribution

EGU2007-A-08771;  GD11-1MO4P-0126
Nigro, F.; Favara, R.; Renda, P.; Arisco, G.; Perricone, M.; Pisciotta, A.
Neotectonic uplift and crustal blocks tilting in Northern Sicily (Central Mediterranean)

EGU2007-A-08785;  GD11-1MO4P-0127
Galvani, A; Anzidei, M; Devoti, R; Dramis, F; Galadini, F; Pesci, A; Pietrantonio, G; Loddo, F
Active tectonics across the Central Apennines (Italy) from geodetic and geomorphologic investigations (cancelled)

EGU2007-A-08809;  GD11-1MO4P-0128
Nigro, F.; Favara, R.; Renda, P.
Contribution to constraints the structural model of Sicily

EGU2007-A-08984;  GD11-1MO4P-0129
Matonti, F.; Zerbini, S. ; De Simone, E.
Horizontal motion vectors from a network of permanent GPS stations in northeastern Italy

EGU2007-A-09712;  GD11-1MO4P-0130
Ruiz-Constán, A.; Galindo-Zaldívar, J.; Pedrera, A.
Deep resistivity image of the western transect of the Betic Cordilleras (Southern Spain) from MT soundings

EGU2007-A-10683;  GD11-1MO4P-0131
Soto, J.I.; Fernández-Ibáñez, F.
Active tectonics and deformation partitioning in the Gibraltar Arc

EGU2007-A-10708;  GD11-1MO4P-0132
Kherroubi, A.; Déverchère, J.; Yelles, A.K.; Mercier de Lépinay, B.; Domzig, A.; Cattaneo, A.; Bracène, R.; Graindorge, D.; Gaullier, V.
New evidences for recent uplift, thrusting and folding offshore easternmost Algeria

EGU2007-A-11179;  GD11-1MO4P-0133
Laurita, S.; Balestrieri, M.L.; Bigazzi, G.; Prosser, G.; Rizzo, G.
Zircon fission track data in the continental crust rocks of Southern Apennines

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