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  Poster Programme - AS2.03 Basic studies of the atmospheric and oceanic boundary layers

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Convener: Petrosyan, A.
Co-Convener: Belcher, S., Taylor, P.

Author in Attendance:

Monday, 25 April 2005 13:30 - 15:00
Display Time: Monday, 25 April 2005 08:00 -
Monday, 25 April 2005 19:00
Poster Area: Hall X

Chairperson: N.N.

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EGU05-A-00530;  AS2.03-1MO3P-0029
Berton, R.
Constrained water cloud generator

EGU05-A-02332;  AS2.03-1MO3P-0030
Hennemuth, B.; Bösenberg, J.; Jacob, D.; Lammert, A.
Comparisons of ABL height and surface fluxes during LITFASS-2003

EGU05-A-04715;  AS2.03-1MO3P-0031
Poggi, D.; Albertson, J.; Katul, G.; Ridolfi, L.
Turbulent Flows over a train of gentle Hills: An extended

EGU05-A-05067;  AS2.03-1MO3P-0032
Rio, C.; Hourdin, F.; Grandpeix, J-Y.; Mathieu, A.; Haeffelin, M.
Parametrization of Convective Processes in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer and Representation of the Diurnal Cycle of Clouds in Global Climate Models

EGU05-A-05641;  AS2.03-1MO3P-0033
Pérez, C.; Jorba, O.; Sicard, M.; Jiménez, P.; Rodríguez, A.; Baldasano, J.M.
Evaluation of MM5 PBL schemes in an urban coastal site over the western Mediterranean by LIDAR and meteorological data

EGU05-A-06743;  AS2.03-1MO3P-0034
Manev, A.; Palazov, K.; Jekov, J.; Gethov, P.; Maridosyan, G.; Stoianov, St.
Short-term Temperature Anomalies on the Black Sea Surface in 1998 and 1999Short-term Temperature Anomalies on the Black Sea Surface in 1998 and 1999

EGU05-A-07291;  AS2.03-1MO3P-0035
Syrakov, E.
Effects of baroclinicity, capping inversions and large-scale vertical motions over the a,b,c resistance law’s functions in neutral and stable pbl

EGU05-A-08126;  AS2.03-1MO3P-0036
Kurowski, M.J.; Haman, K.H.; Malinowski, S.P.; Gerber, H.
Mixing on the top of a marine stratocumulus at scales less than 1m

EGU05-A-08777;  AS2.03-1MO3P-0037
Karelsky, K.; Petrosyan, A.
Particulate plumes in boundary layer with obstacles

EGU05-A-09155;  AS2.03-1MO3P-0038
Giussani, S; Richner, H
Determination of mixing height in the city of Basel - first result

EGU05-A-09432;  AS2.03-1MO3P-0039
Carper, M.A.; Porté-Agel, F.
A-priori wind tunnel studies of subgrid-scale models for large-eddy simulations over rough-to-smooth surface transitions

EGU05-A-09704;  AS2.03-1MO3P-0040
Chemel, C.; Chollet, J.-P.
Evolution of the daytime atmospheric boundary layer in deep alpine valleys

EGU05-A-09780;  AS2.03-1MO3P-0041
Gryschka, M.; Raasch, S.; Etling, D.
Large eddy simulation of a cold air outbreak with stationary model domain

EGU05-A-09924;  AS2.03-1MO3P-0042
Soares, P. M.; Miranda, P. M.; Teixeira, J.; Siebesma, A. P.
Clear and cloudy boundary layer in Southern Portugal: EDMF results

EGU05-A-10214;  AS2.03-1MO3P-0043
Ramos, A. M.; Conde, F. C.; Corte-Real, J.
Numeric Simulation of the Planetary Boundary Layer around a Power Plant over Portugal

EGU05-A-10265;  AS2.03-1MO3P-0044
Conzemius, R.; Fedorovich, E.
Essential features of entrainment in the sheared atmospheric convective boundary layer as represented by first- and zero-order bulk models

EGU05-A-10371;  AS2.03-1MO3P-0045
Buenestado-Caballero, P.; Jarauta-Bragulat, E.; Hervada-Sala, C.
Weibull Distribution Relationships of Heights

EGU05-A-10391;  AS2.03-1MO3P-0046
Buenestado-Caballero, P.; Jarauta-Bragulat, E.; Hervada-Sala, C.
Wind compositional data

EGU05-A-11005;  AS2.03-1MO3P-0047
Soler, M.R.; Ferreres, E.; Terradellas, E.; Bravo, M.
Vertical structure and intermittent turbulent events in the stable boundary layer.

EGU05-A-09670;  AS2.03-1MO3P-0048
Chemel, C.; Staquet, C.; Chollet, J.-P.
Numerical investigations of mixing efficiency in mountainous terrain

EGU05-A-09674;  AS2.03-1MO3P-0049
Stoll, R.; Basu, S.; Porté-Agel, F.
Surface heterogeneity and atmospheric stability effects on land-atmosphere interactions from large-eddy simulations with dynamic subgrid models

EGU05-A-04547;  AS2.03-1MO3P-0050
Tomas, S.; Masson, V.
A parametrization of third order moments for the convective boundary layer

EGU05-A-09680;  AS2.03-1MO3P-0051
Basu, S.; Porté-Agel, F.; Foufoula-Georgiou, E.
Large-eddy simulation of stably stratified atmospheric boundary layer turbulence: a locally-averaged scale-dependent dynamic modeling approach

EGU05-A-06361;  AS2.03-1MO3P-0052
Jansen, H.; Schröter, M.; Raasch, S.; Kang, I.-S.
The influence of background wind on aspect ratios of convective cells during cold air outbreaks - Studies with a large eddy simulation model

EGU05-A-10103;  AS2.03-1MO3P-0053
Ágústsson, H.; Cuxart, J.; Mira, A.; Ólafsson, H.
Observations and Simulations of Katabatic Flows during a Heatwave in Iceland

EGU05-A-05123;  AS2.03-1MO3P-0054
Steinheimer, M.
On the vertical Bowen ratio profile in the PBL

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