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  Poster Programme - AS0 Open Session on the lower, middle, and upper atmosphere

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Convener: Juckes, M.

Author in Attendance:

Thursday, 28 April 2005 08:30 - 10:00
Display Time: Thursday, 28 April 2005 08:00 -
Thursday, 28 April 2005 19:00
Poster Area: Hall X

Chairperson: N.N.

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EGU05-A-00476;  AS0-1TH1P-0001
Vargas, F. A.; Gobbi, D.; Takahashi, H.; Brum, C. G.
A study of the gravity wave horizontal wavenumber spectra and the spectral slope variation inferred from airglow image data at Cahoeira Paulista (22.7ºS) and São João do Cariri (7.4ºS), Brazil

EGU05-A-01244;  AS0-1TH1P-0002
Manfro, R. L.; Carbone, S.; Schuch, A. P.; Rosa, M. B.; Pinheiro, D. K.; Ferreira, N. J.; Schuch, N. J.
Total ozone column: Brewer and TOMS correlation from 1996 to 2004 at southern Brazil

EGU05-A-04022;  AS0-1TH1P-0003
Namboothiri, S.P.; Kishore, P.; Igarashi, K.; Oikawa, H.; Utome, M.
An investigation on trapped humidity layer and Kelvin-Helmholtz instability using the VHF radar and GPS sonde observations at Taikicho (42.5ºN, 143.4ºE), Japan

EGU05-A-04004;  AS0-1TH1P-0004
Kishore, P.; Namboothiri, S.P.; Igarashi, K.; Oikawa, H.; Utome, M.
VHF radar observations at Taikicho (42.5 N, 143.4 E), Japan: wind comparison and investigations on small scale waves in the lower troposphere

EGU05-A-09987;  AS0-1TH1P-0005
Latteck, R.; Singer, W.; Hocking, W. K.
Turbulent kinetic energy dissipation rates in the mesosphere measured by a 3 MHz Doppler radar

EGU05-A-02139;  AS0-1TH1P-0006
Luebken, F.-J.; Berger, U.; Gerding, M.; Hoeffner, J.; Rauthe, M.
Gravity wave characteristics from the troposphere to the lower thermosphere at 54$^\circ$N

EGU05-A-02682;  AS0-1TH1P-0007
Fiedler, J.; Baumgarten, G.; von Cossart, G.
Diurnal variations of noctilucent clouds above ALOMAR as observed by lidar since 1997

EGU05-A-03544;  AS0-1TH1P-0008
Gruzdev, A.; Schmidt, H.; Brasseur, G. P.
Effect of the 27-day solar cycle on the Earth atmosphere calculated with the 3-D model HAMMONIA

EGU05-A-05833;  AS0-1TH1P-0009
Ólafsson, H.
Estimating the source of the heat surplus of downslope winds from observations

EGU05-A-10446;  AS0-1TH1P-0010
Jónsson, T.; Ólafsson, H.
Seasonal pressure and temperature oscillations and their connection with the upper and lower atmospheric flows

EGU05-A-10381;  AS0-1TH1P-0011
Ólafsson, H.
The concept of airmasses and its use for navigation across the N-Atlantic in the middle ages

EGU05-A-09888;  AS0-1TH1P-0012
Chazallon, B.; Ciobanu, G.; Guinet, Y.; Paccou, L.; Toubin, C.; Focsa, C.
Temperature dependency of ice mixtures formed by co-condensation of gaseous formaldehyde and H2O: a micro-Raman spectroscopic study

EGU05-A-02793;  AS0-1TH1P-0013
Semenov, A.; Shefov, N.; Granberg, I.; Artamonova, M.
Model of Vertical Distribution of Atomic Oxygen Concentration Region of the Mesopause and LowerThermosphere

EGU05-A-05227;  AS0-1TH1P-0014
Di Battista, T.; Visini, G.; Gargano, R.; Mondello, M.
Stationary block bootstrap for Sulphur dioxide

EGU05-A-02889;  AS0-1TH1P-0015
Latif, M. T.; Brimblecombe, P.
Surfactants in atmospheric aerosols: Concentration and characteristic

EGU05-A-03188;  AS0-1TH1P-0016
Carpenter, L.J.; Hopkins, J.R.; Jones, C.E.; Lewis, A.C.; Parthipan, R.; Wevill, D.J.; Poissant, L.
Abiotic sources of reactive organic halogens in the Arctic atmosphere

EGU05-A-00292;  AS0-1TH1P-0017
Tomé, A. R.
Global and regional entropy budgets of the Atmosphere

EGU05-A-05598;  AS0-1TH1P-0018
Owen, R.C.; Cooper, O.R.; Stohl, A.; Honrath, R.E.
Mechanisms of North American export and transport to the central North Atlantic lower free troposphere during the summers of 2003 and 2004

EGU05-A-05388;  AS0-1TH1P-0019
Lott, F; Fairhead, L; Levan, P; Hourdin, F
The stratospheric version of LMDz: Dynamical Climatologies, Arctic Oscillation, and Impact on the Surface Climate

EGU05-A-03235;  AS0-1TH1P-0020
Brzoska, B.; Litynska, Z.
Variation of humidity in the atmosphere over Poland from Humicap sensor.

EGU05-A-09295;  AS0-1TH1P-0021
Cermak, J.; Bendix, J.; Thies, B.; Nauss, T.
Operational daytime fog/low stratus discrimination using SEVIRI and MODIS data

EGU05-A-08340;  AS0-1TH1P-0022
Harfoot, M; Pyle, J; Beerling, D
Permo-Triassic oxygen peak, its implications for ozone and surface UV flux

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