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  Poster Programme - G8/GD10 Modelling and Monitoring the Deformation and State of Stress of the Lithosphere (co-organized by GD) (co-listed in TS)

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Convener: Fischer, K.
Co-Convener: Heidbach, O., Caporali, .

Author in Attendance:

Thursday, 28 April 2005 17:30 - 19:00
Display Time: Thursday, 28 April 2005 08:00 -
Thursday, 28 April 2005 19:00
Poster Area: Hall Z

Chairperson: CAPORALI, A.

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EGU05-A-07643;  G8/GD10-1TH5P-0001
Wilken, V.; Jakowski, N.; Saito, A.
Ionospheric wave like perturbations related to Rayleigh surface waves measured by GPS

EGU05-A-03474;  G8/GD10-1TH5P-0002
Crespon, F.; Occhipinti, G.; Garcia, R.; Lognoné, P.; Murakami, M.
Ionospheric post-seismic perturbations following the Tokachi-Oki earthquake from high rate GPS japanese data : wave source and propagation

EGU05-A-01069;  G8/GD10-1TH5P-0003
Motagh, M.; Tavakoli, F.; Djamour, Y.; Arabi, S.; Zschau, J.
Coseismic deformation from the 2003 Mw=6.5 BAM earthquake as constrained by the InSAR and precise leveling data

EGU05-A-07340;  G8/GD10-1TH5P-0004
Golubinka , J.I.; Babiy , L.V.; Litvinov , V.A.; Minilevskiy, G.P.; Tretyak , K.R.
Horisontal deformations the of earth surface of Antarctic peninsula using results of GPS-observations

EGU05-A-09141;  G8/GD10-1TH5P-0005
Koivula, H.; Mäkinen, J.; Ahola, J.; Poutanen, M.
Geodetic monitoring of crustal deformation in Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica

EGU05-A-03906;  G8/GD10-1TH5P-0006
Galybin, A.N.
A Model Of Elastic Stress Field In Antarctica

EGU05-A-09545;  G8/GD10-1TH5P-0007
González, P.; Prieto, J.F.; Fernández, J.; Sagiya, T.; Fujii, N.; Hernández, P.A.; Pérez, N.M.
Permanent GPS observation in Tenerife Island for volcano monitoring. Results obtained from May 2004 to present

EGU05-A-07299;  G8/GD10-1TH5P-0008
Fernandes, R.M.S; Lourenço, N.; Miranda, J.M.; Bastos, L.; Ambrosius, B.A.C; Noomen, R.; Spakman, W.
Present-day Azores Triple Junction configuration based on geodetic measurements and elastic dislocation models

EGU05-A-01039;  G8/GD10-1TH5P-0009
Baes, M.; Klotz, J.; Abolghasem, A.; Bolte, J.; Zschau, J.
Three-dimensional interseismic deformation model for the Andean subduction zone

EGU05-A-03483;  G8/GD10-1TH5P-0010
Delacou, B.; Sue, C.; Champagnac, J. D.; Allanic, C.; Burkhard, M.; Béthoux, N.
2.5D numerical modelling and seismotectonics in the alpine arc: constrains on late-stage post-collisional evolution

EGU05-A-03919;  G8/GD10-1TH5P-0011
Mukhamediev, Sh.A.; Galybin, A.N.
Application of the stress orientation concept to some problems of geodynamics and palaeogeodynamics

EGU05-A-04383;  G8/GD10-1TH5P-0012
Naujoks, M.; Jahr, T.; Jentzsch, G.
Comparative geodynamic modelling concerning physical mechanisms of earthquake swarms worldwide

EGU05-A-09765;  G8/GD10-1TH5P-0013
Tesauro, M. T.; Hardebol, N. H.; Beekman, F.B; Cloetingh, S.C.
3D strength distribution in the European lithosphere

EGU05-A-05429;  G8/GD10-1TH5P-0014
Pondrelli, S.; Salimbeni, S. ; Margheriti, L.; Piana Agostinetti, N.; Piccinnini, D.; Plomerova, J.; Amato, A.; Park, J.; Brandon, M.; RETREAT Seismology team
Lateral changes of seismic anisotropy in the upper mantle around the Northern Apennines

EGU05-A-03875;  G8/GD10-1TH5P-0015
Chang, T.Y.; Tsai, Y.B.
Systematic study of shallow crustal anisotropy for west Taiwan: a case study in the proximity of convergent deformation front

EGU05-A-06725;  G8/GD10-1TH5P-0016
Walther, M; Plenefisch, T
Analysis of SKS shear-wave splitting to infer mantle anisotropy below Germany using GRSN and GRF data

EGU05-A-08707;  G8/GD10-1TH5P-0017
Pergler, T.; Matyska, C.
Hybrid finite element-spectral method for coseismic and postseismic modelling (cancelled)

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